The Imperial Guard of Russia 1900-1914 (Uniformology Book Series No. 2)

Philip Cranz - The Imperial Guard of Russia 1900-1914
Uniformology | 2007 | ISBN: 1935344005 | 58 pages | PDF | 18.94 MB
Uniformology Book Series No. 2

This collection of 51 schematic plates covers each regiment of the Imperial Guard of Czar Nicholas I - the last Russian Czar. After the disastrous war with Japan in 1904-5, Czar Nicholas II ordered sweeping reforms for the Russian Army. Among these, in an attempt to restore pride and confidence was a change in dress uniforms. This change reversed the draconian reforms of Alexander III in 1881 when simple peasant style uniforms were adopted and all cavalry became dragoons. Now the hussars, lancers and cuirassiers returned (the latter converted to dragoons) with distinctive and attractive uniforms. Not least of these affected the Imperial Guard where uniforms reached their apogee in terms of magnificence.