Al Basile Mid Century Modern

Al Basile - Mid-Century Modern (2016)  Music

Posted by Pisulik at Aug. 20, 2016
Al Basile - Mid-Century Modern (2016)

Al Basile - Mid-Century Modern (2016)
Memphis Blues, RnB, Blues Soul | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 00:50:37 | 119 MB
Label: Sweetspot Records | Release Year: 2016

Al Basile's 13th CD is a collection of new songs based on mid-century blues and classic R&B musical style, with Al's heralded lyric writing. Produced by Duke Robillard, it has Duke's rhythm section joined by 'Monster' Mike Welch on guitar, and Roomful of Blues alumni horns. Familiar musical influences include Louis Jordan, Buddy Johnson, Richard Berry, Albert King, Lee Dorsey, Slim Harpo, and mid-period Miles Davis. Radio promotion by Todd Glazer Promotions, a four month publicity campaign by Mark Pucci Media, print ads, etc. Basile has been nominated five times since 2010 for a Blues Music Award as Best Horn player and his cornet solos and soulful, perfectly suited vocals are featured throughout.

Al Basile With Duke Robillard - Groovin' In The Mood (2006)  Music

Posted by Designol at April 20, 2017
Al Basile With Duke Robillard - Groovin' In The Mood (2006)

Al Basile With Duke Robillard - Groovin' In The Mood (2006)
EAC | FLAC | Image (Cue&Log) ~ 354 Mb | Mp3 (CBR320) ~ 144 Mb | Scans included | 00:50:09
Modern Electric Blues, Jump Blues, East Coast Blues | Label: Sweetspot | # 6602

Vocalist/cornet player Al Basile's longtime friend Duke Robillard gets front cover billing, as well he should, as co-producer and guitarist on this impressive outing. The album, Basile's fifth, was even recorded at the guitarist's Pawtucket, RI studio called the Mood Room, hence the album's title. Musically, it's a combination of old-school R&B ("Baby Sister," "Be a Woman"), swamp-tinged rock & roll ("I'm in a Mood"), mid-tempo, Chuck Berry styled groovers ("Coffee and Cadillacs"), grinding blues ("Picked to Click") and even a jump blues throwback to the duo's Roomful of Blues days ("She's on the Mainline"). Robillard keeps the sound full yet stripped down – most of the tracks feature a standard three-piece – bass/drums/guitar setup – which leaves space for Basile's sly vocals and snappy lyrics. Basile, a teacher and fiction author who also has a Master's degree in creative writing, not surprisingly crafts lyrics that are far more imaginative and original than most blues artists'. But they never detract from these melodies that glide along sparked by Robillard's tasty licks.

Al Basile - B's Expression (2015)  Music

Posted by Pisulik at Sept. 29, 2015
Al Basile - B's Expression (2015)

Al Basile - B's Expression (2015)
Blues | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 00:51:26 | 120 MB
Label: Sweetspot Records | Release Year: 2015

B's Expression is Al Basile's twelfth solo CD release on Sweetspot. Like his others, it's produced by Duke Robillard and uses the Duke Robillard Band to back up Al on this newest collection of his songs. It also uses Roomful of Blues alumni horn players Doug James and Carl Querfurth. Al's been nominated for a Blues Music Award four times in the last five years, and his discs routinely place in the top 15 on the Living Blues charts. Often referred to as the Bard of the Blues, Al writes some of the best songs in the genre; his singing and cornet playing stand out with world class backup and production from Duke and his band. Publicity by Mark Pucci Media, radio promotion by Todd Glazer Promotions.
Gary Lucas - The Edge Of Heaven: Gary Lucas Plays Mid-Century Chinese Pop (2001)

Gary Lucas - The Edge Of Heaven: Gary Lucas Plays Mid-Century Chinese Pop (2001)
EAC | APE | Image (Cue&Log) ~ 228 Mb (incl 5%) | Mp3 (CBR320) ~ 102 Mb (incl 5%) | Scans included
Genre: Experimental Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock | Label: Label Bleu | # LBLC 2582 HM 83 | Time: 00:38:46

Gary Lucas – charmingly oddball pop songwriter, musical world traveler, utterly hellacious guitarist – is perhaps at his most hellaciously, charmingly cosmopolitan on this frankly amazing album, which finds him adapting popular Chinese songs that were originally recorded in the 1960s and which he heard and fell in love with during a sojourn in Taiwan in the mid-'70s. His girlfriend at the time had a cassette tape of such local superstars as Chow Hsuan and Bai Kwong, and it was, he says in his liner notes, "like almost no other music I had ever heard before." Twenty-five years later he put together this quirkily gorgeous tribute, which includes jaw-droppingly virtuosic fingerstyle guitar arrangements ("Mad World," "Wall") and song settings using guest vocalists. Among the best of the latter are the limpidly beautiful "Night in Shanghai" (again, note the guitar playing) and the country-flavored "I Wait for Your Return," which is simply a hoot. He's not playing this stuff for laughs, though; his genuine affection for the music comes through loud and clear, and even when he has fun with it he is obviously trying to do so in a way that brings its haunting loveliness to the fore. Very highly recommended.

Al Basile - At Home Next Door (2012) 2CD  Music

Posted by Designol at June 24, 2015
Al Basile - At Home Next Door (2012) 2CD

Al Basile - At Home Next Door (2012) 2CD
EAC | FLAC | Image (Cue&Log) ~ 902 Mb (incl 5%) | Mp3 (CBR320) ~ 347 Mb (incl 5%) | Scans included
Genre: Blues | Label: Sweetspot Records | # 9222 | Time: 02:03:22

At Home Next Door is a double CD set: the first CD, At Home With the Blues, looks back over Al Basile's 14 year catalogue with Sweetspot and focuses on his blues songs; the second, Next Door to the Blues, is a brand new collection of songs that use the blues as a foundation but build into other forms, with a focus on a 60s Memphis soul and gospel sound. The common denominator through both discs is Duke Robillard as producer and guitarist, and Al Basile as singer, songwriter, and cornetist, but former Roomful of Blues bandmates abound, along with guests ranging from harmonica aces Jerry Portnoy and Sugar Ray Norcia to jazz great Scott Hamilton. Produced by Duke Robillard, administered by BUG.

Al Basile - The Goods (2010)  Music

Posted by popsakov at May 17, 2011
Al Basile - The Goods (2010)

Al Basile - The Goods (2010)
EAC Rip | APE, Img+Cue, Log+Checker ~ 463 Mb | MP3 CBR320 ~ 182 Mb
Scans Included (JPG, 400 dpi) | FileSonic, FileServe | 3% Recovery
Blues, Soul-Blues, R&B | Label: Sweetspot | Catalog#: 9142

2010 Blues Music Award nominee Al Basile's 8th solo CD finds him backed up by the Duke Robillard band with a guest appearance by the Blind Boys of Alabama. Al's last three CDs placed at #14 or higher on the Living Blues airplay chart; this disc has 13 more of Al's songs which fuse his acclaimed lyrics and diverse roots musical styles with Duke Robillard's production, Al's increasingly ambitious vocals, and the cornet soloing which was recognized by the Blues Music Foundation in 2010 in the best instrumentalist - horn category. From 60's soul ballads to New Orleans R&B to gospel to blues, The Goods delivers.

Steelism - ism (2017)  Music

Posted by Pisulik at June 29, 2017
Steelism - ism (2017)

Steelism - ism (2017)
Indie Rock, Brit Pop | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 00:37:47 | 87 MB
Label: Intoxicating Sounds

In September 2014, Nashville-based instrumental outfit, Steelism, were introduced to a national audience with the release of their debut full-length album, 615 to FAME. The record, featuring ten original instrumentals and one cover, became a calling card for the band's versatile yet distinct sound, drawing influence from film score composers like Ennio Morricone and '60s instrumental acts like Booker T. & the M.G.s, The Ventures and Pete Drake. With their latest effort, ism, Steelism offers a more holistic listening experience, inspired by mid-century modern design, early Brian Eno productions and '70s film scores. They also introduce featured vocalists into their instrumental canon for the first time. The result is a refreshing sonic palette with an invigorating twist on the Intoxicating Sounds of Steelism.

Ghostinthehills - A Haunting Desire for What Is Gone (2017)  Music

Posted by aasana at June 9, 2017
Ghostinthehills - A Haunting Desire for What Is Gone (2017)

Ghostinthehills - A Haunting Desire for What Is Gone (2017)
Ambient | 45:21 | MP3, 320 kbps | 105 mb
Label: Noremixes

Today we’re excited to announce the release of the new album from ghostinthehills, A Haunting Desire What Is Gone, on Friday, June 9th. The album is the Philadelphia-based producer’s third NOREMIXES release, and his most developed sonically to date.

Nick Waterhouse - Never Twice (2016)  Music

Posted by Pisulik at Jan. 7, 2017
Nick Waterhouse - Never Twice (2016)

Nick Waterhouse - Never Twice (2016)
EAC Rip | FLAC (Tracks) +cue, log, artworks - 321 MB | 00:38:40
Soul, RnB, Funk | Label: Innovative Leisure | Release Year: 2016

Many moons ago Primo Pitino, the DJ of San Francisco’s legendary Oldies Night, passed me a copy of his friend Nick Waterhouse’s “Some Place.” Nick was a local vinyl DJ and the kid working at our Shangri-la, Rooky Ricardo’s Records. Though he didn’t have a band at the time, Waterhouse assembled some local musicians to cut a one-off 45 in the vein of the electrifying mid-century modern rhythm and blues he loved. I threw “Some Place” on the Technics during sound check a few cities down the line and was blown away from the howling falsetto all the way to the end! I gave it a whirl every night from Texas to Tennessee and all the way back home to New York. Not only were the dancers’ feet responding, but they were also asking about the track on a nightly basis.

Marianne Faithfull - 20th Century Blues (1996)  Music

Posted by v3122 at June 27, 2016
Marianne Faithfull - 20th Century Blues (1996)

Marianne Faithfull - 20th Century Blues (1996)
EAC | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & MP3 CBR 320Kbps
RCA Victor, 74321 386562 | ~ 329 or 141 Mb | Scans Included
Chanson / Ballad / Musical

As the liner notes to this intriguing release tell, Faithfull had a long-simmering interest in German cabaret, particularly the work of Kurt Weill. It came fully to life via her role as Pirate Jenny in a staging of The Threepenny Opera in Dublin as translated by Frank McGuinness and her attendance at a workshop organized by Allen Ginsburg. After a series of initial performances with pianist Paul Trueblood, Faithfull took her revue of many classic songs from the mid-century, titled "An Evening in the Weimar Republic," to the road…