Aldo Moro

Mais Forte que o Mundo A Hist  ria de José Aldo / Mais Forte que o Mundo: A História de José Aldo (2016)

Mais Forte que o Mundo A Hist ria de José Aldo / Mais Forte que o Mundo: A História de José Aldo (2016)
WEBRip | AVI | 2h 4mn | 720x408 | XVID@1438 Kbps | French | MP3@128 Kpbs | 2 channels | Subtitles: None | 1.37 GB
Genre: Action, Biography, Drama

Dans ce film biographique, José Aldo, élevé à la dure et né pour se battre, fait face à ses propres démons alors qu'il se hisse au rang de champion des arts martiaux.

Channel 5 - Conspiracy: Cold War Files (2015)  Video

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Channel 5 - Conspiracy: Cold War Files (2015)

Channel 5 - Conspiracy: Cold War Files (2015)
HDTV | 1280x720 | .MKV/AVC @ 3121 Kbps | 45mn 7s | 1.03 GiB
Audio: English AAC 158 kbps, 2 channels | Subs: English
Genre: Documentary

Documentary series reviewing major events in history through the perspective of conspiracy theories. Did German spymaster Reinhard Gehlen cause the Cold War and nuclear arms race? Did the KGB hijack a submarine to trick the USA into believing that the Chinese were attacking Hawaii in 1968? Was Italy's former PM Aldo Moro assassinated by a NATO-backed network of armed soldiers known as the Gladio?

Aldo (2014)  Video

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Aldo (2014)

Aldo (2014)
WEB-Rip | MKV / AVC@871 Kbps | 720x404 | 01:05:43 | 469 MB
English: AAC, 125 Kbps (2 channels)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Thriller

Aldo is an independent hair stylist living in Echo Park, who, after placing a do or die bet on a basketball playoff series, finds himself in deep trouble with an underground loan shark.

Buongiorno, notte / Good Morning, Night (2003)  Video

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Buongiorno, notte / Good Morning, Night (2003)

Buongiorno, notte / Good Morning, Night (2003)
Italian | DVDRip | AVI | XviD, 1503 Kbps | 720x480 | 24.000 fps | 1.18 GB
Audio: MP3, 128 Kbps | 2 channels | 44.1 KHz | Runtime: 01:42:19 minutes | Subtitles: English, Spanish (srt)
Genre: Drama

The movie is based on a true story. On 16 March 1978 Aldo Moro, the former Italian Prime Minister was kidnapped in Via Fani by the Brigate Rosse (Red Brigades), a militant Communist Italian group. He was the main supporter of the Compromesso Storico (Hystorical Compromise), which had to lead to the first Italian government supported by both the Christian Democrats and the Communists, in a period of social, economic and political crises.

BBC - International Terrorism (2008)  Video

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BBC - International Terrorism (2008)

BBC - International Terrorism (2008)
DVDRip | English | MP4 | 832x468 | AVC 1203 Kbps 29.970 fps | AAC 128 Kbps 48.0 khz | 26x28mn | 26x249 MB
Genre: Documentary

The terrorist is by no means a new actor on the world stage. However, thanks to startling developments in military and communications technology, this perennial threat to freedom and security has taken a quantum leap forward during the past thirty years. In many cases, these vicious and determined men and women have supplanted nation states on the globe's "most wanted" list!

Todo Modo (1976)  Video

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Todo Modo (1976)

Todo Modo (1976)
Italian | DVDRip | XviD 1422 kbps | 688x368 | 25 fps | 1.37 GB
Audio: MP3, 128 kbps | Stereo | 48000 Hz | Runtime: 02:05:29 minutes | Subtitle: English
Genre: Drama | Thriller

1970's Italy. While an unnamed epidemic is killing the nation's citizens, Italian politicians enter a secret underground religious retreat, under the guidance of maverick priest Don Gaetano. Amongst vicious infighting, one by one, the politicians begin dying.

Discovery Channel - The Age of Terror (2002)  Video

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Discovery Channel - The Age of Terror (2002)

Discovery Channel - The Age of Terror (2002)
DVDrip | 716x544 | AVI/XviD @ 2030 Kbps | 4x50mn | Audio: English AC3 192 kbps, 2 channels | Subs: None | 4x802 MB
Genre: Documentary

Who are the men and women who bring bloody death to innocent civilians? Why do they do it? What are their methods? And how do they justify it? This emotionally charged four-part series provides unprecedented interviews with dozens of bombers, gunmen, hijackers, kidnappers, and radical leaders as it scrutinizes key terror campaigns that changed the course of modern history, right up to the destruction of the World Trade Center. These powerful interviews, intercut with grim newsreel film and video footage and peppered with photos from police and news archives, make this series an unforgettable viewing experience.

Il divo (2008)  Video

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Il divo (2008)

Il divo (2008)
A Film by Paolo Sorrentino
DVD9 + DVD5 | ISO | PAL 16:9 | Booklet (Italian) -> 28 Mb | 01:52:24 | 7,74 Gb + 3,51 Gb
Audio: Italian DTS @ 755 Kbps and AC3 5.1 @ 384 Kbps | Subtitles: English, Italian, French
Genre: Drama, Art-house | Nominated for Oscar + 17 wins | Italy, France

Award-winning filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino (The Family Friend) writes and directs this cinematic portrait of seven-time Italian prime minister Giulio Andreotti, whose controversial legacy peaked when he was tried for Mafia ties and subsequently acquitted. A leader with close ties to the Vatican, Andreotti was also tried and acquitted for the murder of an Italian journalist, and remains a senator for life.

(Arte) Ils étaient les Brigades rouges (2011){Re-UP}  Video

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(Arte) Ils étaient les Brigades rouges (2011){Re-UP}

(Arte) Ils étaient les Brigades rouges (2011)
TNT-Rip by Clo2 | French | 2h06min | 608 x 344 | 25.000 fps | Avi | MPEG-4 XviD @ 795 Kbps | MP3 @ 112 Kbps | 823 MB
Genre : Documentaire

À partir du témoignage de quatre membres du commando qui a enlevé et exécuté le dirigeant italien Aldo Moro en 1978, ce film retrace l’histoire des Brigades rouges. Un voyage historique pour comprendre la genèse d'un groupe politique et son passage à la lutte armée.

Ladri di barzelette (2004)  Video

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Ladri di barzelette (2004)

Ladri di barzelette (2004)
DivX 5 640x336 25.00fps 1086Kbps | Italian MP3 stereo 128Kbps | no subs | 01:18:38 | 690 MB
Comedy | Directors: Bruno Colella, Leonardo Giuliano | Starring: Bruno Colella, Aurelio Grimaldi and Maurizio Antonini

Aurelio Grimaldi interpreta se stesso e nella storia è costretto da un produttore cinematografico a dirigere il sequel di "Barzellette", film di grande successo, per il quale è stato trovato un finanziatore rozzo e totalmente estraneo al cinema. Ma Grimaldi è un regista che vuole affrontare temi drammatici e vuole girare una trilogia su Aldo Moro, per questo gli viene promesso che sarebbe stato prodotto con un budget più alto del previsto se prima avesse girato il film comico. Allora Aurelio cerca, con scarsi risultati, di inserire citazioni importanti anche nel film comico e spiazzato cerca ispirazione trovando situazioni paradossali.
A film director wants to shoot a drama about Aldo Moro but is forced by his producer to shoot an episodic comedy in order to get budgeted for the drama. Nevertheless the director tries to make some serious points in the comedy which becomes a self-mocking parody. The title is a pun on "Bicycle Thieves".