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Barrelhouse Chuck - Remembering The Masters (2016)  Music

Posted by Pisulik at Aug. 8, 2016
Barrelhouse Chuck - Remembering The Masters (2016)

Barrelhouse Chuck - Remembering The Masters (2016)
Blues, Chicago Blues, Piano Blues | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 00:42:41 | 101 MB
Label: The Sirens Records | Release Year: 2016

Forty years ago, Barrelhouse Chuck was a student of Chicago blues piano. But today Barrelhouse Chuck is a master in his own right, and he is carrying on the tradition that he learned directly from Little Brother Montgomery, Pinetop Perkins, Sunnyland Slim, Detroit Junior, and others. Barrelhouse Chuck melds these disparate styles into his own and no other Chicago piano player has been able to do this and have the same pedigree. On this disc Barrelhouse Chuck is joined by his long-time collaborator Billy Flynn, who is one of the best blues guitarists practicing his craft today, Lluis Coloma, who is Europe’s leading exponent of blues and boogie woogie piano, and Scott Grube, who plays traditional pre-war blues piano in Chicago.

Barrelhouse Chuck - Slowdown Sundown (2006)  Music

Posted by countryfreak at Oct. 19, 2010
Barrelhouse Chuck - Slowdown Sundown (2006)

Barrelhouse Chuck - Slowdown Sundown (2006)
EAC Rip | FLAC (Image) + CUE + LOG | 338 MB | + Covers
Genre: Blues/Chicago Blues | Label: Viola | Catalog Number: VR-05236 | Release Date: Aug 8, 2006 | RAR 5% Rec. | +

With the recent loss of Detroit Jr. it becomes more acutely aware than ever that the piano blues is a dying art form. There's only a handful of old timers keeping the tradition alive such as Pinetop Perkins, Big Joe Duskin, Henry Gray and Ernest Lane. Barrelhouse Chuck represents one of the few younger generation pianists (he's 48) and has been well schooled in the art as he demonstrates on the fabulous "Slowdown Sundown."
Chuck has paid his dues the time honored way by apprenticing with piano masters such as Sunnyland Slim, Pinetop Perkins, Lafayette Leake and Little Brother Montgomery. Chuck spent 10 years studying with Sunnyland who he calls "the great-granddaddy of all the blues piano players." He also formed a special bond with piano legend Little Brother Montgomery. He honed his craft working and recording with a who's who of Chicago legends like Louis Myers, Jimmy Rogers, Jimmy Dawkins, Billy Boy Arnold, Detroit Jr. and Big Smokey Smothers and many, many others. Along the way Chuck has released several fine recordings under his own name such as 1999's fine "Salute To Sunnyland Slim" and 2002's strong "Prescription For The Blues." "Slowdown Sundown", on his own Viola label, finds Chuck in peak form playing both solo and with an all-star cast of Chicago bluesmen…..

Barrelhouse Chuck - 25 Years Of Chicago Blues Piano (2000)  Music

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Barrelhouse Chuck - 25 Years Of Chicago Blues Piano (2000)

Barrelhouse Chuck - 25 Years Of Chicago Blues Piano (2000)
EAC Rip | FLAC (Image) + CUE + LOG | 406 MB | + Covers
Genre: Blues/Chicago Blues | Label: Barrelhouse Chuck | Catalog Number: No Number | Release Date: 2000 | RAR 5% Rec. | +

Chuck Goering is an unsung veteran of sorts. While his name doesn't inspire the reverence reserved for Pinetop Perkins, he had the rare opportunity to study under Chicago's blues piano legends. The journeyman cuts loose on this release and has a number of A-list stars sitting in. With a style that's both flexible and disciplined, he handles the ivories with ease. Willie Kent makes an appearance on his own tune, 'Mama Told Me', and transports the listener to a South Side juke joint. Other covers include Hound Dog Taylor's 'Walk In The Ceiling' and Earl Hooker's 'Wah Wah Blues'. Chuck takes great care in preserving the integrity of each tune and does so thanks to guest shots from Kent, Sam Lay and Carl Weathersby. A great collection of work!

Barrelhouse Chuck - Salute To Sunnyland Slim (1999)  Music

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Barrelhouse Chuck - Salute To Sunnyland Slim (1999)

Barrelhouse Chuck - Salute To Sunnyland Slim (1999)
EAC Rip | FLAC (Image) + CUE + LOG | 412 MB | + Covers
Genre: Blues/Chicago Blues | Label: Blue Loon | Catalog Number: 35 | Release Date: Feb 16, 1999 | RAR 5% Rec. | +

Barrelhouse Chuck's tribute to piano great Sunnyland Slim was one of the last recording sessions by longtime Chicago drummer S.P. Leary and also included Muddy Waters' former rhythm section of Calvin "Fuzz" Jones and Willie "Big Eyes" Smith.

John Primer & Bob Corritore - Ain't Nothing You Can Do! (2017)  Music

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John Primer & Bob Corritore - Ain't Nothing You Can Do! (2017)

John Primer & Bob Corritore - Ain't Nothing You Can Do!
Blues | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 52:01 min | 120 MB
Label: Delta Groove Music | Tracks: 10 | 2017

"In the year 2017, who better to carry forth the Chicago blues beacon other than John Primer and Bob Corritore? Both have pasts steeped in the blues tradition and each has consistently represented their fundamental roots of the Chicago blues idiom throughout their illustrious careers. Individually, Primer and Corritore command a towering presence, but in combination the power of their blues is unstoppable. Their 2013 Delta Groove debut Knockin' Around These Blues is living testimony to this fact.

Mississippi Heat - Cab Driving Man (2016)  Music

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Mississippi Heat - Cab Driving Man (2016)

Mississippi Heat - Cab Driving Man (2016)
EAC | FLAC | Image (Cue&Log) ~ 453 Mb (incl 5%) | Scans included | Time: 01:07:46
Genre: Modern Electric Chicago Blues | Label: Delmark | # DE-848

The Heat is turned up again for another chapter in the 25-year history of Pierre Lacocque's Mississippi Heat. The Living Blues review of their previous album said 'Warning Shot (DMK 839) showcases bandleader and principal songwriter Lacocque's eloquent harp playing, supported by a cast of heavy hitters that delivers the trademark big band sound and one of the hottest, tightest bands in Chicago today, and the original songs on this album are pure fun and are worthy additions to the great history of Chicago blues. ' Cab Driving Man features 15 new songs with Inetta Visor and Michael Dotson as lead vocalists again. The songs are a wonderful blend of Mississippi, Chicago, boogie, swing and south of the border.

Chuck E. Weiss - Red Beans And Weiss (2014)  

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Chuck E. Weiss - Red Beans And Weiss (2014)

Chuck E. Weiss - Red Beans And Weiss (2014)
EAC Rip | FLAC (Img) + Cue + Log ~ 316 Mb | MP3 CBR320 ~ 124 Mb
Scans Included (JPG, 300 dpi) | RAR 5% Recovery
Modern Electric Blues, Roots Rock, Bar Band | Anti #87340-2

Which Chuck E. Weiss do we talk about here? The one who so impressed blues legends Lightnin Hopkins and Willie Dixon as a Denver teenager that they took him out in their road bands? The one who lived in LA's Tropicana Hotel in the 70s alongside Tom Waits and Rickie Lee Jones, ending up namechecked on the classic Waits albums Small Change and Nighthawks at the Diner, and in Rickie Lee Jones hit "Chuck E.'s in Love"? The one who has recorded with Tom Waits, Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, Roger Miller, Dr. John, Willie Dixon? Whichever Chuck E. Weiss you choose, he's a legend, and his 2014 album, Red Beans and Weiss, delivers on the big personality. Executive produced by Johnny Depp and Tom Waits, Red Beans and Weiss blends blues, barrelhouse, and bluster into a highly entertaining whole.

Barrelhouse Words: A Blues Dialect Dictionary  eBooks & eLearning

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Barrelhouse Words: A Blues Dialect Dictionary

Stephen Calt, "Barrelhouse Words: A Blues Dialect Dictionary"
2009 | ISBN-10: 0252033477, 0252076605 | 320 pages | PDF | 2 MB

Chuck Berry Hail Hail Hail ! Rock'n'roll  Video

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Chuck Berry Hail Hail Hail ! Rock'n'roll

Chuck Berry : hail hail hail ! Rock'n'roll
Musical Documentary | AVI | 698 MB | Durée 2:00:14 | English | French subtitle | video 480x240 | Audio 48000hz, 16bps, 2ch, 811kbps
Universal City Studios. Inc. 1987

In the 1950s, during the explosive birth of rock & roll as we know it, Chuck Berry was the man – lean and mean, with self-penned hits like "Roll Over Beethoven" and "Johnny B. Goode" motorvating his fast-lane machine. In 1986, in honor of Berry's sixtieth birthday, a concert was assembled at St. Louis' Fox Theatre – the very place where Berry had been turned away as a boy during segregation, and blocks from the courthouse where, as Berry says, "my forefathers were sold." In front of a ready-to-riot crowd, the concert brilliantly captures Berry's unflagging power as a guitar virtuoso (as well as his audacity in literally duckwalking circles around guest Linda Ronstadt). But what makes this a great film is what happens (on the road, in rehearsals and during interviews) leading up to the concert: Keith Richards, musical director of the celebration, nearly driven to tears by Berry's ball-breaking insistence that Richards bend a note just right; Jerry Lee Lewis' admission that his own mother told him Berry was the true king of rock & roll; a still-gobsmacked Eric Clapton confessing, "I didn't know about black men until Chuck Berry." Fascinating too is watching Berry handle his own business – traveling without backing band or entourage, demanding to be paid what he's worth – thus proving he also pioneered rock & roll's potent DIY ethic. An entertaining document of an original rock & roll immortal, Hail! Hail! is a perfect tribute to a homegrown American genius.
Réalisé par Taylor Hackford

Avec Chuck Berry, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Robert Cray, Etta James, Julian Lennon, Linda Ronstadt, Bo Diddley, Don Everly, Phil Everly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Roy Orbison, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Johnny Johnston.
Michele Faber, Bill Torma, Chuck Glave - The Mar Vista Sessions (1996)

Michele Faber, Bill Torma, Chuck Glave - The Mar Vista Sessions (1996)
EAC | FLAC (log,tracks+cue) -> 265 Mb (5% Rec.) | Mp3 CBR320 Kbps -> 153 Mb (5% Rec.) | Scans -> 54 Mb
Jazz | Label: Michele Faber / EAC Enterprises, EACE-1002-A | 1996 | 01:06:10

Great trio CD from pianist Michele Faber, with gems culled from the jazz repertoire played with spirit and swing, reminiscent of the Bill Evans' trios of the past. The music has a live feel, but the group breathes as one, and shows a musical telepathy that makes for a beautiful ride.