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Blue Block (1993)  Comics

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Blue Block (1993)

Blue Block (1993)
English | CBR | 33 pages | 32 MB
The Black Angels - Indigo Meadow (2013) {Blue Horizon BHV-16790-2}

The Black Angels - Indigo Meadow (2013) {Blue Horizon BHV-16790-2}
EAC rip (secure mode) | FLAC (tracks)+CUE+LOG -> 306 Mb | MP3 @320 -> 108 Mb
Full Artwork @ 600 dpi (png) -> 224 Mb | 5% repair rar
© 2013 Blue Horizon / The Black Angels | BHV-16790-2
Rock / Neo Psychedelia / Alternative / Indie Rock

The opening tom hits and fuzzbox riffs that start Indigo Meadow give the indication that this is yet another turn on the Black Angels' merry-go-round of stoner rock and neo-psychedelia. However, the third song, "Don't Play with Guns," takes a decided turn with its big pop single hook, and the follow-ups "Holland" and "The Day" follow suit, as songs that are more carefully structured than the usual two-chord repetition that we've grown to expect. Not that there's anything wrong with the sound of bands like Spacemen 3 and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, but after several albums based on repetition, this is a pleasant, unexpected change for the Austinites.

Blue Velvet (1986)  Video

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Blue Velvet (1986)

Blue Velvet (1986)
A film by David Lynch | Nominated for one "Oscar" for best director
1080p BDRip | x265 HEVC @ 3265 Kbps, 23.976 fps | 1920 x 1080 | 2 hours 0min | 3.1 GB
English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 / 48 kHz / 2990 kbps / 24-bit (DTS Core: 5.1 / 48 kHz / 1509 kbps / 24-bit)
Subtitles: English, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, Japanese
Genre: Drama, Psychological Thriller, Dark Humor, Surreal, Mystery

Jeffery Beaumont is a naive young man who becomes involved in murder, voyeurism, sado-masochism and a terrifying evil after he discovers a severed ear in a deserted field. He discovers and follows a nightclub singer, who is ensnared in a brutal relationship with the psychopathic Frank.
Brugeas & Toulhoat - Block 109 : Opération Soleil de plomb - One Shot - (re-up)

Block 109 : Opération Soleil de plomb - One Shot - (2011)
Scénario: Vincent Brugeas | Dessin: Ronan Toulhoat | Uchronie | PDF | French | 77MB

Octobre 1946, la SS entre au Congo belge, afin de prendre le contrôle de ses mines d'uranium et de coltan. Sur place, la résistance commandée par le colonel Leclerc, met les forces allemandes à rude épreuve. Le Reich décide alors d'y envoyer une unité constituée d'hommes des Légions pénales. Sa mission : trouver Leclerc et ses hommes, et les éliminer.

Brugeas & Toulhoat - Block 109 : New York 1947 - One Shot - (re-up)  Comics

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Brugeas & Toulhoat - Block 109 : New York 1947 - One Shot - (re-up)

Block 109 : New York 1947 - One Shot - (2011)
Scénario: Vincent Brugeas | Dessin: Ronan Toulhoat | Uchronie | PDF | French | 46MB

18 décembre 1947, les six membres du commando spécialement constitué pour l’"Opération Extraction" sont largués au sommet d’un des rares buildings de New York encore debout. Ils ont vingt-quatre heures pour récupérer des documents classés top secret dans le coffre-fort d’une banque de la mégapole ravagée par le feu nucléaire et un virus expérimental.

Zurbrigg Blue Pencil for Maya 2014/2015 v2.01 (Win/Mac/Lnx)  Software

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Zurbrigg Blue Pencil for Maya 2014/2015 v2.01 (Win/Mac/Lnx)

Zurbrigg Blue Pencil for Maya 2014/2015 v2.01 (Win/Mac/Lnx) | 2 MB (Total)

Draw, sketch, paint and animate. Create thumbnails, block shots, track motion curves and review scenes. With Blue Pencil, the creative possibilites are endless. Plan and communicate ideas quickly. Make notes directly on a work in progress instead of having to do it in a separate place. Sharing is simple since all Blue Pencil data is stored directly in the Maya scene file.

Howard Tate - Blue Day (2008)  

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Howard Tate - Blue Day (2008)

Howard Tate - Blue Day (2008)
EAC Rip | FLAC (Image) + CUE + LOG | Covers | 400 MB
Genre: R&B/Soul | Label: Evidence | Catalog Number: 26137
Release Date: August 12, 2008 | Uploaded | RAR 5% Rec.

On Blue Day, veteran soul and gospel singer Howard Tate lays down a set so utterly crackling with energy, vitality, and sheer grit one could be forgiven for forgetting that, at the turn of this century, he hadn't recorded in nearly 30 years and had been virtually forgotten and left for dead – a victim of his own excesses. Tate was quite literally rediscovered by his former producer Jerry Ragovoy and brought back into the recording studio to work his vocal magic on tracks written for him by a stellar cast of songwriters in 2003. In 2006, he recorded A Portrait of Howard backed by the Carla Bley Band as well as a host of guests including Lou Reed, Leonard Cohen band vocalist Perla Batalla, and cellist Jane Scarpantoni. But Blue Day leaves that record in the dust, quite literally. At the age of 70, Tate is in absolutely top form as a singer and song interpreter…..

The Red Garland Trio - It's a Blue World (1999)  Music

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The Red Garland Trio - It's a Blue World (1999)

The Red Garland Trio - It's a Blue World (1999)
Jazz | EAC Rip | FLAC (image)+CUE+LOG | mp3@320 | 226 MB. & 101 MB.
300dpi. Complete Scans (JPG) included | WinRar, 3% recovery
Audio CD (1999) | Label: Prestige/OJC | Catalog# OJCCD-1028-2(P-7838) | 39:19 min.

Of the miles of Red Garland sessions recorded in the late '50s, some of the tapes didn't see the light of day until many years later. This session, except for "Crazy Rhythm," first appeared in the early '70s, and is typical of Garland's trio work of the '50s, evoking a mid-century nightclub atmosphere from Rudy Van Gelder's studio with the perfectly gauged help of bassist Paul Chambers and drummer Art Taylor.
Stanley Turrentine - A Chip Off The Old Block (1963) [RVG Edition 2008]

Stanley Turrentine - A Chip Off The Old Block (1963) [RVG Edition 2008]
EAC rip | FLAC + CUE + LOG | Full Scans | 330 Mb (Incl. Recovery)
Genre ~ Hard Bop | Soul Jazz | Saxophone Jazz
Label ~ Blue Note Records

The circumstances surrounding the recording of this album are as important as the music you will hear and enjoy. Inspired by the songbook of Count Basie, tenor saxophonist Stanley Turrentine and his wife of four years, organist Shirley Scott, planned on recording with a septet, and went into the studio with that band on October 12, 1963, but those sessions were scrapped. On October 14, two tracks were finished and included here, but October 21 saw the band pared down to a quintet, and the results were acceptable. ~ AllMusic

Kenny Blue Ray - Soulful Blues (2001)  Music

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Kenny Blue Ray - Soulful Blues (2001)

Kenny Blue Ray - Soulful Blues (2001)
EAC Rip | FLAC (Image) + CUE + LOG | 306 MB | + Covers
Genre: Blues/Modern Electric | Label: Tone King Records | Catalog Number: 1066 | Release Date: Jan 1, 2000
RAR 5% Rec. | Rapidshare + Fileserve

Kenny "Blue" Ray featuring Jackie Payne Soulful Blues Tone King This is one of the best electric Blues record of the year. No kidding. Kenny "Blue" Ray, underrated Texan guitarist, and soul-blues singer Jackie Payne are a dangerous couple. Blue Ray, an Albert Collins' disciple, has been trading licks with virtually everybody around and in "Soulful Blues" ……