Catherine Breillat À ma Soeur!

Catherine Breillat – Sex is Comedy (2002)  Video

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Catherine Breillat – Sex is Comedy (2002)

Catherine Breillat – Sex is Comedy (2002)
1257 MB | 1:30:35 | Xvid, 1813 Kb/s | 720x576 | 25 fps | MP3 128kbps | Language: French | Optional Subtitles: English


Fascinating insights under the guise of entertaining comedy
“Another fabulous movie from Catherine Breillat, this time about the difficulties of shooting a sex scene in a movie. Using comedy – a new genre for Breillat – we get a backstage view of filmmaking but in documentary style. The character who plays the director in the movie is based on Breillat, the sex scene in question is taken from her earlier film ‘A Ma Soeur'/ published on Avax by FNB.47 here / as is the main teenage actress. But the film, like all of Breillat's work, is not entertainment alone. It is peppered with philosophical observations on the nature of sexuality as well as demonstrating a devotion to ‘purity' (as opposed to pornography) that is a cornerstone of Breillat's work and a devotion to real emotion.” – Imdb user

Catherine Breillat-À ma soeur! ('Fat Girl') (2001)  Video

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Catherine Breillat-À ma soeur! ('Fat Girl') (2001)

Catherine Breillat-À ma soeur! ('Fat Girl') (2001)
729.7 MB | 1:26:31 | French with Eng.+Tur. s/t | XviD, 1010 Kb/s | 720x400

Twelve-year-old Anaïs is fat. Her sister, Elena, is a teenage beauty. While on vacation with their parents, Anaïs tags along with Elena as she explores the dreary seaside town. Elena meets Fernando, an Italian law student, who seduces her with promises of love, and the ever-watchful Anaïs bears witness to the corruption of her sister’s innocence. Precise and uncompromising, Catherine Breillat’s Fat Girl is a bold dissection of sibling rivalry and female adolescent sexuality from one of contemporary cinema‘s most controversial directors.

Fat Girl (2001)  Video

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Fat Girl (2001)

Fat Girl (2001)
The Criterion Collection
BDRemux | mkv | AVC @ 39.3 Mbps, 23.976 fps | 1920 x 1080 | 1hr 26min | 23.8 GB
French DTS MA 6ch @ 1509 Kbps | Subtitle: English
Genre: Drama

Elena is a gorgeous fifteen-year-old forced to drag along pudgy twelve-year-old Anais as she trolls for boys in the cafes of a seaside resort where their family is vacationing. Treating Anais with casual cruelty, Elena smooches a handsome young Italian as her sister gorges on a banana split and later, in their shared bedroom, commands her to sleep as the twentysomething Fernando climbs in through the window. As Elena is deflowered, Anais writhes in fascination, envy and her own budding desire. When Elena's transgression is revealed to their parents, their furious mother breaks off the holiday and embarks on the long drive home with the girls in the back seat. The summer vacation is over but, as they discover on a tension-filled journey home, the family adventure is not.

À ma soeur! / Fat Girl (2001) [The Criterion Collection]  Video

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À ma soeur! / Fat Girl (2001) [The Criterion Collection]

À ma soeur! / Fat Girl (2001) [The Criterion Collection]
DVDRip | MKV/AVC x264 ~1358 kbps avg | 1Hr 26Mins | 23.976 fps | 720x460 | 1.09 GB
Audio: French-Italian-English | AC3 6 Ch 448 Kbps | Subtitles: English
Genre: Drama | Director: Catherine Breillat

A Ma Soeur! is a provocative and shocking drama about sibling rivalry, family discord and relationships. Elena is 15, beautiful and flirtatious. Her less confident sister, Anais, is 12, and constantly eats. On holiday, Elena meets a young Italian student who is determined to seduce her. Anais is forced to watch in silence, conspiring with the lovers, but harbouring jealousy and similar desires. Their actions, however, have unforeseen tragic consequences for the whole family.
Une vraie jeune fille / A Real Young Girl - by Catherine Breillat (1976)

Une vraie jeune fille / A Real Young Girl - by Catherine Breillat (1976)
DVD5 Cust. | French + Russian | 720x480 | mpeg2, ~4235 kbps | AC3, 192 kbps | 4.22 GB
Subs: English | Art-house, Drama, Erotic

August, 1963; Alice, 14, an only child, and physically well developed, is home for vacation. She's moody, silent, keeps a diary, and explores tactile sensations with broken eggs, candle wax, ear wax, vomit, urine, blood, and, perhaps, if the summer goes in one very possible direction, semen. Without her underpants, she walks about, rides her bike, and sits on the shore as the tide comes in…

36 Fillette - by Catherine Breillat (1988). DVDRip  Video

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36 Fillette - by Catherine Breillat (1988). DVDRip

36 Fillette - by Catherine Breillat (1988). DVDRip
DVDRip | French + Russian | 704х432 | XviD, ~2022 kbps | AC3, ~192 Kbps | 1.42 GB

Pendant les vacances d'été, sur la côte basque, une adolescente de quatorze ans joue au chat et à la souris avec un dragueur quadragénaire…

Catherine Breillat- Barbe Bleue (2009)  Video

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Catherine Breillat- Barbe Bleue (2009)

Catherine Breillat- Barbe Bleue (2009)
HDTV-Rip | XVID 864x468 25.00fps 1495Kbps | French MP3 128Kbps | English subs .srt | 01:18:10 | 912 MB
Fantasy |aka "Blue Beard" | based on Charles Perrault's fairy tale | Dominique Thomas, Lola Creton

Infused with a sumptuous elegance, Catherine Breillat's eerie retelling of the Charles Perrault fairytale Bluebeard is very sensual and highly stylized while adhering to an almost literary interpretation of the story. Shown at the Vancouver Film Festival, the film operates on parallel levels, both involving two sisters. In the first story, two young sisters play in the attic of their home in France in the present time. Catherine, who according to Breillat's autobiographical material, represents the director, plays power games with her older but more withdrawn sister Marie-Anne by tormenting her with readings of the classic horror story "Bluebeard".
Souvent les contes des fées prennent comme personnage central des sortes de serial killer d’enfants : ainsi en va-t-il des Ogres.
Mais Barbe-bleue en est la figure emblématique. C’est aussi dans les années 50-55 le conte préféré des petites filles modèles.
C’est le cas de Catherine, elle adore effrayer sa grande sœur Marie-Anne en lui lisant obstinément le conte jusqu’à ce qu’elle pleure.
En même temps Catherine se projette dans le conte, elle y devient la princesse Marie-Catherine, la dernière femme de Barbe Bleue, celle qui ne rejoindra pas les femmes pendues qui l’ont précédée. Parce qu’elle, elle est la princesse vierge que l’Ogre ne peut se résoudre à tuer.
Catherine Breillat - Une Vieille Maitresse (The Last Mistress ) (2007)

Catherine Breillat - Une Vieille Maitresse (The Last Mistress ) (2007)
1396 MB | 1:49:26 | Xvid, 1331 Kb/s | 656x352 | 25 fps
Language : French | Optional Subtitles: English and Chinese

Imdb info

A costume drama based on autobiographical Barbey D'Aurevilly's 1851 novel Une Vieille Maîtresse (An Old Mistress), the tale of an impoverished aristocrat obsessed by his former mistress.

Catherine Breillat says: "I think it's a magnificent work. It was written 70 years after Dangerous Liaisons and refers back to it. It depicts the last cry of the aristocracy, a period just before the rise of the bourgeoisie, who forced women to wear collars up to their necks and extinguished the enlightenment that allowed writers to discuss emotion and desire and knowledge."

Catherine Breillat - Brève traversée (Brief Crossing) (2001)  Video

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Catherine Breillat - Brève traversée (Brief Crossing) (2001)

Catherine Breillat - Brève traversée (Brief Crossing) (2001)
863 MB | 1:20:59 | Xvid, 1349 Kb/s | 720x576 | 25 fps | Language: French and English | Subtitles: English (Encoded+Separate) | Aspect ratio: 16:9

More than half a century after David Lean's classic "Brief Encounter" (1945), Catherine Breillat takes the subject deeper and investigates 2 Opposites in the modern setting: a man and a woman, one young and innocent, one older and mature, and what happens when they meet, in-between "countries", at the "sea" - "above the law", what happens when they briefly become one. Are these miraculous moments just a "brief crossing"? Is it all we've got?

Mon Beau-Frère a tué ma Soeur (1986)  Video

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Mon Beau-Frère a tué ma Soeur (1986)

Mon Beau-Frère a tué ma Soeur (1986)
DVDrip | MKV H264-1304 | AC3@192 | 720x444 | Audio: French | Sub: English srt | DVD Cover & Sticker | 1h33 | 1.0 Gb
Comedie Thriller | France 05 Mars 1986 | Realisation Jacques ROUFFIO

Deux amis académiciens plutôt loufoques, dînent en compagnie d'une de leurs anciennes élèves qui prétend que son beau-frère a tué sa soeur. Les deux vieux gamins décident d'enquêter…