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PS2 Dance Factory  Games

Posted by cloud_strife at Nov. 16, 2006
¤¤¤ Dance Factory ¤¤¤

PS2 Dance Factory

PS2 | ISO | 12X20 Mo

Dance Magic (2016)  Games

Posted by edi1967 at March 5, 2016
Dance Magic (2016)

Dance Magic (2016)
PC Game | Developer: Targem Games | Publisher: Targem Games | 659 MB
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese
Genre: Indie, Casual, Action | Release Date: 15 February, 2016

What if dancing could save the world? In Dance Magic, it can. What if scientists invented a brand new form of biological energy able to convert dancing moves to real power? Then the fate of the whole human race would depend on the most skilled dancer’s will. Do not let this energy be used for destruction!

Just Dance Summer Party (2011/WII/USA)  Games

Posted by Dizel_ at Aug. 6, 2011
Just Dance Summer Party (2011/WII/USA)

Just Dance Summer Party (2011/WII/USA)
English | Developer/Publisher: Ubisoft | 4.32 GB
Genre: Music, Rhythm, Dancing

The Just Dance Summer Party offers a collection of more than 20 new dance tracks, featuring the coolest hits of today and years past.

NBA 2K11 - PS2  Games

Posted by pupila at March 29, 2011
NBA 2K11 - PS2

NBA 2K11 (PS2/2010)
Release Date: Oct 5, 2010 | Developer: Visual Concepts | Publisher: 2K Sports | PS2 | ISO | 3.34 GB
Language: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish
Genre: Sport, Basketball

It's the #1 selling and rated NBA series that everyone is playing - from the most elite NBA athletes and superstars to the local court gym rats. NBA 2K10 delivered on its promise to TAKE OVER, and NBA 2K11 will build on that momentum by dialing up all of its features - gameplay, AI, presentation, visuals, audio, online and more - to deliver what's expected to be the best basketball video game experience EVER.

God of War (PS2)  Games

Posted by pupila at March 23, 2011
God of War (PS2)

God of War (PS2)
PS2 | English | Activision | 4.07 GB

In God of War, the dark world of Greek mythology comes to life right before your eyes. As you take the role of Kratos, a story unfolds with various plot twists and multiple endings that take you through traps, stunts, and puzzles. With a deep combat system built around double chain blade weapons, the game places you in a variety of environments, in which you must fight challenging enemies, swing on ropes, scale mountain cliffs, swim through rivers, and slide down zip lines.

Mega Man X Collection - PS2  Games

Posted by pupila at March 7, 2011
Mega Man X Collection - PS2

Mega Man X Collection
PS2 | English | NTSC | CAPCOM | 2.74 GB

TEXTOYou can relive the classic Mega Man X series in the seven-game compilation Mega Man X Collection. Mega Man X is the series of 2D platformer Mega Man games featuring the game's namesake and his partner, the sword-wielding Zero. The collection features Mega Man X through X6, as well as the North American debut of Mega Man Battle & Chase, the only Mega Man racing game. In addition to the classic titles, the collection features remixed soundtracks, sketch art, and other Mega Man goodies.

Dance Paradise(2011/ENG/XBOX360)  Games

Posted by kentavr at Feb. 11, 2011
Dance Paradise(2011/ENG/XBOX360)

Dance Paradise(2011/ENG/XBOX360)
XBOX360 | English | Region: Region Free | Developer: Mindscape Inc.| Publisher: THQ | 6.79 GB

Using Kinect's new tracking detection and control-free technology, Dance Paradise gives players the chance to express themselves, move completely freely and dance without any restrictions.

Guitar Hero & Guitar Hero 2 (PS2)  Games

Posted by MrFreeman at Dec. 14, 2010
Guitar Hero & Guitar Hero 2 (PS2)

Guitar Hero & Guitar Hero 2 (PS2)
2008 | Red Octane | Harmonix | PlayStation 2 | English | ISO | 4.85 GB
Genre: Music/Arcade

Actually playing the guitar. But instead of strings - dual shock button, or joystick - guitars..
Musical accompaniment is playing in a wide range of genres from classic rock to heavy metal. Among the songs available for execution in the game - hits Boston, Red Hot Chili Peppers, David Bowie, Sum 41, Ozzy Osbourne, Audioslave, White Zombie, Franz Ferdinand and The Ramones. As you can see - there is a choice for player of any generation - from music lovers up to 70 ultra-fans of Franz Ferdinand. Of course, hardly anyone can start a virtuoso to play favorite hit, so the game provides school of guitar playing.

The Dragon Dance (Final)  Games

Posted by nokolaj-tyulkin at Nov. 30, 2010
The Dragon Dance (Final)

The Dragon Dance (Final)
2010 | English | PC | Developer: AlwaysNeat | Publisher: Big Fish Games | 202 MB
Genre: Hidden Object Game (HOG)

In a quest to fulfill his father’s final wish, Edward has started an incredible journey to discover The Dragon Dance treasure! Discover where this magnificent treasure has been hidden for centuries! Travel to the dangerous Forsaken Forest to a mysterious temple on Mount Kailash as you discover cryptic codes and messages. Experience the excitement of discovering the ultimate power of world domination in The Dragon Dance, a fantastic Hidden Object game.

Darkwatch - PS2  Games

Posted by pherick2 at Nov. 12, 2010
Darkwatch - PS2

PS2 | English | Region: NTSC | Developer: High Moon Studios | 2.6 Gb
Genre: First-Person, Action, Shooter, Fantasy

Darkwatch: Curse of the West blends vampire horror with western genres. Darkwatch is a secret strike-force that has a protected man from evil since the dawn of civilization.