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Dersu Uzala (1975)

Dersu Uzala (1975)
DVDRip | MKV | 716 x 438 | x264 @ cd1 - 2132 Kbps; cd2 - 2378 Kbps | 135 min | 2,52 Gb
Audio: Russian AC3 2.0 @ 224 Kbps | Subs: English (embedded)
Genre: Adventure, Drama

A few months after his notorious suicide attempt, Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa was regenerated by the notion of helming the first Russian/Japanese co-production. Co-scripted and directed by Kurosawa, Dersu Uzala is the story of an elderly guide and Goldi hunter (Maxim Munzuk), who, at the turn of the century, agrees to shepherd a Russian explorer (Yuri Solomin) and a troop of soldiers through the most treacherous passages of the Far East. The guide has been "one" with the land almost from birth, and is thus able to save his party from perishing. Four years in the making, Dersu Uzala won the 1976 Best Foreign Film Oscar and restored the flagging Akira Kurosawa to the top ranks of the Japanese film industry.
Dersu Uzala (Akira Kurosawa 1975) Artifical Eye 2011 re-release DVD9 Untouched

Dersu Uzala / Дерсу Узала (1975)
Video: DVD9 | MPEG2 | PAL 16:9 (720x576) | 01:07:40 + 01:08:27 | 6,62 Gb
Audio: Russian Dolby AC3, 2 ch 224 kbs | Subtitles: English
Genre: Drama

The legendary Akira Kuraosawa s Oscar-winning classic his only film produced outside of Japan is an extraordinary tale of friendship and survival, based on the memoirs of Russian explorer Vladimir Arseniev. In the harsh environs of the Siberian frontier, an expedition led by Arseniev encounters the nomadic Goldi tribesman Dersu Uzala, who agrees to lead the en through the vast uncharted wilderness. Although initially considered by the group as little more than a savage, Dersu s skill, courage and spiritual wisdom soon earn their respect and admiration, as well as instilling in them a new-found compassion for the natural world. Kurosawa s remarkable and visually stunning humanist epic bears the unmistakable hallmarks of the great filmmaking master.
(Akira KUROSAWA) Дерсу Узала /  Dersu Uzala: The Hunter [DVDrip] 1975

(Akira KUROSAWA) Дерсу Узала / Dersu Uzala: The Hunter [DVDrip] 1975 BivX
RIP+UP | XviD-1484 | [email protected] | 624x304 | 2 Audio Tracks Russian_1 English_2 (English idx+sub & srt in file) | DVD Cover | 2h24 | 1.8 Gb
1975 Soviet-Japanese Film Production
Directed by Akira KUROSAWA

Starring Maksim Munzuk, Yuri Solomin, M. Bichkov, V. Khrulev, V. Lastochkin

The film opens to a forest that is being cleared for development, and Arseniev searching for an unmarked grave. The film then flashes back to Arseniev's surveying expedition to the region in 1902, before the village was built. A topographic expedition troop, led by Captain Arseniev (Yuri Solomin), encounters a nomadic, aboriginal Nanai tribesman named Dersu Uzala (Maxim Munzuk) who agrees to guide them through the harsh frontier. Initially viewed as an uneducated, eccentric old man, Dersu earns the respect of the soldiers through his great intelligence, accurate instincts, keen powers of observation, and deep compassion. He repairs an abandoned hut and leaves provisions in a birch container so that a future traveler would survive in the wilderness. He deduces the identities and situations of people by analyzing tracks and articles left behind.

(Ce film relate l'improbable mais très forte amitié entre un autochtone sibérien et un topographe russe, au début du XXe siècle. Il est tiré du récit autobiographique de l'officier-topographe Vladimir Arseniev, chargé par l'armée tsariste de faire le relevé de terres alors encore inexplorées la vallée de l'Oussouri, à la frontière chinoise. Au cours d'une expédition topographique durant l'été 1902, le jeune Arseniev rencontre Dersou Ouzala, un chasseur golde qui vit du commerce des peaux de zibelines et connaît la taïga comme sa poche. Sous l'impulsion de Arseniev, le détachement de soldats finit par adopter le vieil homme aux yeux bridés, qui vit depuis des années dans la forêt depuis la mort de sa femme et son fils emportés par une épidémie de variole. Dersou devient le guide de l'expédition et se prend d'amitié pour Arseniev qu'il appelle respectueusement « Capitaine ». Lorsque tous deux s'égarent au crépuscule dans une toundra balayée par un blizzard, c'est Dersou, grâce à son ingéniosité qui leur sauve la vie. L'expédition terminée, chacun doit partir de son côté.)