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Eivind Aarset & The Sonic Codex Orchestra - Live Extracts (2010)  Music

Posted by zerumuga at April 2, 2010
Eivind Aarset & The Sonic Codex Orchestra - Live Extracts (2010)

Eivind Aarset & The Sonic Codex Orchestra - Live Extracts
Jazz | 2010 | MP3 CBR 320Kbps => 119 MB | Time 51:48 | Front Cover

For his fifth album as a leader, Norwegian guitar phenom Eivind Aarset captures the improvisational power and prowess of his expanded Sonic Codex Orchestra. Live Extracts, culled from six different venues over the course of the past year. With minimal editing and no overdubs, this is as close to experiencing Aarset in performance as many will get, and for that reason alone is worthy of attention.....

Eivind Aarset - Sonic Codex (2007)  Music

Posted by zerumuga at May 17, 2009
 Eivind Aarset - Sonic Codex  (2007)

Eivind Aarset - Sonic Codex
Jazz | 2007 | MP3 CBR 320Kbps => 141 MB | Time 57:50 | Front Cover

Most recently, Aarset has appeared on the album "Jazzland Community", a document of the 2006/07 tour featuring Bugge Wesseltoft, Sidsel Endresen, Håkon Kornstad, Marius Rekjø¸ and Wetle Holte. Two Aarset tracks appear, "Connectic" and "Electromagnetic", and two ensemble pieces: "The tour was a great experience for me," says Aarset. "I loved the way our different styles and concepts worked together and came out as a whole unified concert, not just different acts in one show. And the collective improvisation at the end of each concert was amazing. It was always happening."

Eivind Aarset - Connected (2004)  Music

Posted by zerumuga at May 13, 2009
Eivind Aarset - Connected (2004)

Eivind Aarset - Connected
Jazz | 2004 | MP3 CBR 320Kbps => 141 MB | Time 58:46 | Front Covers

"Connected" marked yet another leap up on Aarset's evolutionary ladder and sits like a prelude to a manifesto. "Connected" perfectly captures Aarset's working method. His musical world is uniquely his, and the vocabulary of his guitar describes it as no one else could. The music has become self-referential, yet manages to retain warmth and openness.

Eivind Aarset - Light Extracts (2001)  Music

Posted by zerumuga at May 9, 2009
Eivind Aarset - Light Extracts (2001)

Eivind Aarset - Light Extracts
Jazz | 2001 | MP3 320Kbps¬124 MB | Time 52:05 | Front Cover

The next album, "Light Extracts," had much to live up to, and did not disappoint. Again, ambience and club rhythms were present, but the music was becoming a truly separate organism. Where "Electronique Noire" has tracks that could be individually described in terms of genre(s), "Light Extracts" offered music that could only be described in terms of "Aarset-ness". The album features the bass clarinet of Hans Ulrik, an artist Aarset met when recording with Marilyn Mazur's Future Song; Ulrik's sound would lend the album a whole new dimension, and he has appeared on each release since.

Eivind Aarset - Électronique Noire (1998)  Music

Posted by zerumuga at April 28, 2009
 Eivind Aarset - Électronique Noire  (1998)

Eivind Aarset - Électronique Noire
Jazz | 1998 | MP3 320Kbps¬110 MB | Time 59:39 | Front Covers

Guitarist Eivind Aarset, one of the most exciting, individual and creative voices from the Norwegian jazz underground, saw "Electronique Noir", his first release as a leader, hailed as "One of the best post Miles electric jazz albums" by none other than the The New York Times as well as America's leading jazz magazine Jazz Times and the UK's Jazzwise. Now Light Extracts, his much anticipated follow up album, is set to establish Eivind as one of the key voices in European Nu-Jazz. Once again his music is a here-and-now reflection of the latest, most exciting sounds to be found in jazz, mixing improvisation with rhythms from European club culture, exploring the potential of a music so new it has not yet set any frontiers or rules and the only limits are the limits of the imagination.

Lars Danielsson - Melange Bleu (2006) {ACT}  Music

Posted by tiburon at March 26, 2016
Lars Danielsson - Melange Bleu (2006) {ACT}

Lars Danielsson - Melange Bleu (2006) {ACT}
EAC 0.95b4 | FLAC tracks level 5 | Cue+Log+M3U | Full Scans 300dpi | 387MB + 5% Recovery
MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | 190MB + 5% Recovery
Genre: Jazz, Fusion

Lars Danielsson ACT-debut “Libera me“ (ACTSACD 9800-2) left no doubts about his creative versatility. And yet: the bass player, cellist and composer continues to surprise. His latest ACT-release “Mélange Bleu” (ACT 9604-2) shows up a completely new dimension to this musician with enormous potential. Danielsson has surrounded himself with partners like pianist Bugge Wesseltoft, trumpeter Nils Petter Molvaer und guitarist Eivind Aarset, all of them specialists for mood music that often develops in before a backdrop of ambient inspired sounds, samples and programmed beats.

Dhafer Youssef - Digital Prophecy  Music

Posted by fontibre at Oct. 2, 2006
Dhafer Youssef - Digital Prophecy
Jazz | MP3 | 89,47 MB | 192 Kbps

Digital Prophecy traces a journey from Tunisia's heat to Norway's cool. Across this distance an affinity is discernible in the shared outspokenness of expression of both musical cultures. This recording may also be viewed as the latest in an ongoing dialogue between Norway and the rest of the world; Nils Petter Molvaer's trumpet sound has long seemed like a soft muezzin call, Eivind Aarset's guitar like a keening djinn, Arve Henriksen's trumpet shakuhachi-like and so on. Another lineage may be traced from here back to Marilyn Mazur's groups and thence to Jan Garbarek's outernational explorations.

Eivind Austad Trio - Moving (2016)  Music

Posted by mark70 at March 23, 2016
Eivind Austad Trio - Moving (2016)

Eivind Austad Trio - Moving (2016)
MP3 320 kbps CBR | 49:26 min | 114 MB
Genre: Jazz | Label: Ozella

Having played an important part in the Norway jazz scene over the last 15 years, the Eivind Austad Trio now enters the international stage with their debut album “Moving”. It’s the intrinsically American accent that distinguishes the Eivind Austad Trio from other ensembles of their generation. Eivind Austad is influenced by Gospel and R'n'B, his lyrical and narrative style reminds one of the likes of Keith Jarrett and Bill Evans. “Moving” is full of soul and will surely hit the blue note in every true jazz fan.

Nils Petter Molvaer - Streamer (2004) (reupload)  Music

Posted by uff at Jan. 16, 2010
Nils Petter Molvaer - Streamer (2004) (reupload)

Nils Petter Molvaer - Streamer (2004)
jazz | 1CD | EAC Rip | WV+CUE+LOG | cover | 380MB
Sula | RAR +5% recovery

Norwegian trumpeter Nils Petter Molvar's live recording Streamer was issued in Europe on the Sura label in 2004. Finally issued here in the United States in Thirsty Ear's celebrated Blue Series, it is Molvar's third U.S. CD, and it almost catches us up with his catalog (NP3 is still not in print in the U.S.). Streamer features material from Molvar's second album on ECM, Solid Ether, as well as NP3. Present here is the trumpeter's standard accompanying band which includes atmospheric guitar powerhouse Eivind Aarset, drum master Rune Arnesen, as well as sidemen DJ Strangefruit, and French electronic programmer Raymond C. Pellicer creating loops and interspersing samples and effects. The four cuts performed from NP3, "Frozen," "Marrow" "Little Indian," and "Simply So" differ substantially from their studio counterparts in that the rhythmic intensity on the former two are more dynamic, and on the latter two, the sounds and placements are more relaxed and organic.

Nils Petter Molvaer - NP3 (2002)  Music

Posted by uff at Jan. 16, 2010
Nils Petter Molvaer - NP3 (2002)

Nils Petter Molvaer - NP3 (2002)
jazz | 1CD | EAC Rip | FLAC+CUE+LOG | cover | 380MB
Emarcy | RAR +5% recovery

After the jazz/electronic grit of Khmer and Solid Ether, Norwegian trumpeter Nils Petter Molvaer upped the restless qualities of his music for his third release. NP3 wasn't too much out of synch with his older material – other than a magnificent ambient opener, Molvaer returned to a base of house, hip-hop, machine-noise, and gap-filled jazz trumpet, and many of his past collaborators also reappeared, including vocalist Sidsel Endresen, guitarist Eivind Aarset, and co-producer Reidar Skaar. The album's major difference was its magnified sense of structure.