FormDocs Office Edition 9.3.1 Build 217  Software

Posted by -=Sn!pEr=- at July 12, 2015
FormDocs Office Edition 9.3.1 Build 217

FormDocs Office Edition 9.3.1 Build 217 | 15.4 MB

FormDocs™ is a complete solution for easily creating, filling-in, and managing the forms you use in your business or organization every day. Most importantly, FormDocs™ depicts your forms as documents, not just plain web forms or database entry screens. That means your invoices, purchase orders, work orders, proposals, case reports, etc. can be made to appear and print exactly like your familiar paper versions of those forms.

FormDocs  Software

Posted by big1ne at March 16, 2015

FormDocs | 16.4 MB

Digital documents are a handy way of collecting information and automatically processing it within an organization or business. However, they can sometimes be difficult to create, manage and distribute. FormDocs is an easy to use solution that can help users design complex digital forms featuring data validation and formula calculation. The software solution comprises of two applications, FormDocs Designer, which can help users design their own forms, based on pregenerated templates or from scratch, and FormDocs Filler which is used to fill in the created forms and store them to a File Cabinet or export them to various formats such as TXT and PDF.