Guitar Hero 1.4.0

Guitar Hero - 1.4.0  

Posted by IrimiNage at Oct. 1, 2010
Guitar Hero - 1.4.0

Guitar Hero - 1.4.0 | iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad | 119.20 MB

Ready to take on the game that Knowyourmobile calls “the best game we’ve played on iPhone”? With Guitar Hero you’ll get the mobile gaming experience that has “literally blown the opposition out of the water” ( The biggest music videogame franchise ever created is now available for the first time on your iPhone or iPod Touch! It’s your chance to experience the original, addictive guitar game that over 40 million people have jammed out to worldwide.

Switch 1.4.0  Software

Posted by Dizel_ at Dec. 3, 2016
Switch 1.4.0

Switch 1.4.0 | MacOSX | 5 Mb

Switch makes navigation between desktop apps more clever and exciting. You can use the Alt-Tab keyboard combination to move around applications displayed as previews.

Shadow Defender Multilingual  Software

Posted by big1ne at Oct. 16, 2016
Shadow Defender Multilingual

Shadow Defender Multilingual | 4.0 MB

Shadow Defender is an easy-to-use security solution (for Windows operating systems) that protects your PC/laptop real environment against malicious activity and unwanted changes. Shadow Defender can run your system in a virtual environment called 'Shadow Mode'. 'Shadow Mode' redirects each system change to a virtual environment with no change to your real environment. If you experience malicious activity and/or unwanted changes, perform a reboot to restore your system back to its original state, as if nothing happened. With Shadow Defender, you have the flexibility to specify which files and folders are permanently saved to the real environment. This ensures important files and folders are kept after a reboot.Try Shadow Defender for the most effective and easy-to-use security solution.

XYLIO Future DJ Pro 1.4.0  Software

Posted by melt_ at Sept. 14, 2016
XYLIO Future DJ Pro 1.4.0

XYLIO Future DJ Pro 1.4.0 | 123.8 Mb

This is our flagship product, packed with the latest professional DJ features that answer the needs of both professional and aspiring DJs. pro can easily be used by all manner of DJs, from bedroom DJs who enjoy creating their own mashups and mixes in the comfort of their home, to mobile DJs and club/live DJs that perform in clubs and other live performance conditions. Thanks to an impressive number of advanced and flexible features, there is nothing limiting your creative flow, other than your own creativity.

AbyssMedia tuneXplorer  Software

Posted by big1ne at Sept. 12, 2016
AbyssMedia tuneXplorer

AbyssMedia tuneXplorer | 2.1 MB

What do you need to create perfect mix? No matter what method you use - harmonic mixing or beatmatching, you will need to know the basic characteristics of the audio track, such as the key and tempo. tuneXplorer will help you find the key of song and BPM value with high accuracy. After analyzing the audio, you can save Kay and BPM in the audio tags for later use in a popular DJ software. Optimization for the latest multi-core CPU ensures significant performance gain, your entire music library can be processed in minutes.

Falcon 1.4.0 Mac OS X  Software

Posted by Messer2 at Sept. 7, 2016
Falcon 1.4.0 Mac OS X

Falcon 1.4.0 | MacOSX | 8.8 MB

Falconis a simple, markdown based note-taking app.

Ample Sound Ample Guitar Series v2.4.0 Update WiN / OSX  Software

Posted by orientazure at July 17, 2016
Ample Sound Ample Guitar Series v2.4.0 Update WiN / OSX

Ample Sound Ample Guitar Series v2.4.0 Update WiN / OSX | 310 Mb / 310 Mb
Containing v2.4.0 updates for ALL Ample Guitar Series.

Flashcard Hero 1.4 Bilingual  

Posted by Dizel_ at Dec. 22, 2013
Flashcard Hero 1.4 Bilingual

Flashcard Hero 1.4 Bilingual | MacOSX | 8 Mb

Make your own flash cards and take the pressure out of test preparation. Flashcard Hero keeps track of what facts you already know so you can focus on what you don’t know and save a lot of time. Beyond your average-vocab-app: We made Flashcard Hero for those of you who want to fit more than a few words on each card. You can add images, lists, and use text formatting to structure your content. Cards even expand as you add more text so you can take notes during class and turn them into study cards later. All decks can easily be shared with others via the web.


Posted by Dizel_ at Oct. 19, 2012

SecurityCam | 2.4 Mb

SecurityCam is a powerful monitoring and motion detection software that monitors web camera, connected to computer, and enables users to keep an eye on their properties from a local location or remote location via the Internet. The program stays out of way in system tray area, and waits for a movement at the front of the camera. Once movement is detected, SecurityCam starts either video recording or makes a snapshot of a picture. The program can optionally do some other functions like playback a warning sound.

Magneto - Not a Hero #1-4 (2012) Complete  Comics

Posted by mikestoke at Feb. 22, 2012
Magneto - Not a Hero #1-4 (2012) Complete

Magneto - Not a Hero #1-4 (2012) Complete
English | CBR | 4 issues | 115.06 MB

The X-Men are shaken when Magneto finally goes villain again. The Master of Magnetism is caught on video murdering members of an anti-mutant group. Why did he throw away everything he’s earned with the X-Men? Or is this just the only time he’s gotten caught? This new series by SKOTTIE YOUNG (WIZARD OF OZ) and CLAY MANN (X-MEN LEGACY) will change the way you look at the best X-Villain of all time!