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Half-Life 2: Episode One (2006)  Games

Posted by edi1967 at Jan. 29, 2015
Half-Life 2: Episode One (2006)

Half-Life 2: Episode One (2006)
PC Game | Publisher: Valve | Developer: Valve | 10.2 GB
Languages: English, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Chinese
Polish, Russian, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Swedish, Thai
Genre: Action, Shooter | Release Date: 01 June, 2006

Half-Life 2 has sold over 4 million copies worldwide, and earned over 35 Game of the Year Awards. Episode One is the first in a series of games that reveal the aftermath of Half-Life 2 and launch a journey beyond City 17. Also features two multiplayer games. Half-Life 2 not required. Half-Life 2: Episode One is the first of a series of stand-alone episodes based on HL2…

Half Life 2 Cinematic Mod - v10.94 (Intel)  Games

Posted by i-Fresh Man at Dec. 25, 2010
Half Life 2 Cinematic Mod - v10.94 (Intel)

Half Life 2 Cinematic Mod - v10.94 (Intel)
Mac OS X | English | VU Games | Valve Software | 19.37GB
Genre: Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter

1998. Half-Life sends a shock through the game industry with its combination of pounding action and continuous, immersive storytelling. Valve's debut title wins more than 50 game-of-the-year awards on its way to being named “Best PC Game Ever” by PC Gamer.

SK8 Half Pipe v1.0  Games

Posted by agam3rs at March 10, 2010
SK8 Half Pipe v1.0

SK8 Half Pipe v1.0 | Game | iPhone | 30.8MB

SK8 Half Pipe is an old-school styled mobile skate game that incorporates fresh, digital graphics, killer music Exclusively by Slightly Stoopid, and non-stop fun on the half pipe. Take your skater to the ramp by utilizing the accelerometer and in-game classic controls to gain massive heights and pull off as many tricks and combos as possible.

Half-Life : Source Enhanced (Full RIP/ENG)  Games

Posted by kittylovely at Jan. 13, 2010
Half-Life : Source Enhanced (Full RIP/ENG)

Half-Life : Source Enhanced (Full RIP/ENG)
PC Game | Windows | Strategy | Dark Phoenix | 362 Mb

It's Half Life 1 on the Half Life 2 engine with Super High definition models for all Characters, Weapons and Objects!
We all know the port of Half Life 1 to the Half Life 2 Source engine was a straight port with the old graphics and models intact. This made a better but still ugly game. This release fixes that problem. This port does take advantage of vertex and pixel shaders for more realistic water effects, as well as Half-Life 2's realistic physics engine. They also added several other features from Half-Life 2, including improved dynamic lightmaps, vertex maps, ragdolls, and a shadowmap system with cleaner, higher resolution, specular texture and normal maps, as well as utilization of the render-to-texture soft shadows found in Half-Life 2's Source engine, along with 3D skybox replacements in place of the old 16-bit color prerendered bitmap skies.

Half-Life 2: Update MOD (2010/RUS/ENG)  Games

Posted by thanhbinh8702 at Jan. 11, 2010
Half-Life 2: Update MOD (2010/RUS/ENG)

Half-Life 2: Update MOD (2010/RUS/ENG)
PC Game | Window | Philip Victor | 1.47 Gb

As you may recall, the console versions of Orange Box PC differed from that in which Half-Life 2 and Episode One used the same latest version of the Source engine that Episode Two, and along with it - the improved model,technology The effects, HDR, system of particles. Were even achieve that Valve had planned to add in all the Steam-versions of these games. Has come in 2010, and WHO and is now there. As usual, the initiative was taken in hand, enthusiasts and fans. Philip Victor has created a vast modification called Half-Life 2: Update, which transferred all HL2 maps to the latest version of the engine Source, updating the character models,weapons,textures, shaders, adding particle system, dynamic shadows, of course, HDR, and most interesting, working to achieve full integration into the Steam, who can perform and unlock.

Half-Life 2 Ultimate Edition 7 (2009/RUS/ENG)  Games

Posted by kittylovely at Dec. 12, 2009
Half-Life 2 Ultimate Edition 7 (2009/RUS/ENG)

Half-Life 2 Ultimate Edition 7 (2009/RUS/ENG)
PC Game | Windows | Valve Software | 15.4 GB
Half-Life 2 Ultimate Edition 7 is No-Steam collection of games built on the basis of resources Half-Life 2.

Last Half of Darkness: Tomb of Zojir (2009/ENG) PC  Games

Posted by sergi1 at Oct. 17, 2009
Last Half of Darkness: Tomb of Zojir (2009/ENG) PC

Last Half of Darkness: Tomb of Zojir
Publisher: Tri Synergy | Adventure/Quest | 1.38 GB
Language :English

Half Minute Hero USA PSP  Games

Posted by fbr at Oct. 16, 2009
Half Minute Hero USA PSP

Half Minute Hero USA
PSP | English | opus | 2009 | 160 MB | Action

Half-Life and Counter Strike MASTER (2009/ENG/RUS/Addon)  Games

Posted by b1u3eyes at July 22, 2009
Half-Life and Counter Strike MASTER (2009/ENG/RUS/Addon)

Half-Life and Counter Strike MASTER (2009/ENG/RUS/Addon) | 1.35 GB

Half-Life Counter-Strike Master - is a computer compilation of popular additions to the same computer games. New work includes maps (new levels), models (weapons, etc.), programs (editors, and utilities), fashion and packs (in fact, the new game with original graphics, and rules)

NEOTOKYO Half-Live 2 Mod + Patch for Client  Games

Posted by b1u3eyes at July 21, 2009
NEOTOKYO Half-Live 2 Mod + Patch for Client

NEOTOKYO Half-Live 2 Mod + Patch for Client | 870 MB

Mod for Half-Live 2. Team shooter in Cyberpunk settinge. At your choice - one of the parties (NSF / JINRAI), one of the classes (RECON / ASSAULT / SUPPORT), and forward komanu destroy the enemy. Ranko system (not global) you can gain access to better weapons. There thermoptic camo, tachikomas, ghosts. Altogether - a web-based team shooter with lots of gadgets.