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Clearlight - Infinite Symphony (2003) [Digipak]  Music

Posted by Andi_Deris at Dec. 2, 2016
Clearlight - Infinite Symphony (2003) [Digipak]

Clearlight - Infinite Symphony (2003) [Digipak]
EAC Rip | FLAC: Image+Cue+Log | 432 Mb | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 172 Mb | Scans | 64 Mb | Time: 01:06:51
Clearlight Music | C8M-008
Symphonic Progressive Rock, Fusion

Cyrille Verdeaux and Clearlight re-visit and expand upon 'Clearlight Symphony'. Totally new recording featuring a wide range of instrumentation. The playing of Didier (the only Gong member who has made it onto this release from the trio of Gongsters on the original) distinctively glows as always.
65daysofstatic - No Man's Sky: Music For An Infinite Universe (2016)

65daysofstatic - No Man's Sky: Music For An Infinite Universe
Soundtrack, Post-Rock, Electronic | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 110:49 min | 268 MB + 5% Recovery
Label: Laced Records | Tracks: 16 | Rls.date: 2016

The amazing 65daysofstatic have created the soundtrack to the much anticipated new game – ‘No Man’s Sky’. ‘No Man’s Sky’ is one of the most anticipated games of 2016 according to everyone from PC Advisor to Time Magazine. No Man’s Sky’s procedurally generated universe is unlike anything in the gaming world, and 65daysofstatic’s sonic assault is equally ambitious. This 2CD includes 10 tracks of original music, plus a collection of 6 soundscapes that power the game’s unique music engine.The game releases August 10th.

John De Kadt - Rhythms Of The Infinite (2010)  Music

Posted by gribovar at Aug. 5, 2016
John De Kadt - Rhythms Of The Infinite (2010)

John De Kadt - Rhythms Of The Infinite (2010)
EAC Rip | WavPack (image+.cue+log) - 343 MB | MP3 CBR 320 kbps (LAME 3.93) - 148 MB | Covers - 55 MB
Genre: New Age | RAR 3% Rec. | Label: Sounds True (MM01419D)

Rhythms of the Infinite - Music for Yoga, Movement and Relaxation CD by Drummer John de Kadt and guests, offers a global percussive feast for yoga and dance. The rhythm of a drum is one of the oldest and most immediate ways to expand consciousness and move us from the mundane to the mystical. Rhythms of the Infinite invites us to a global percussive feast flavored with the mesmerizing melodies of sitar, esraj, bansuri flute, voice, guitar, fretless bass and the contemporary hang. John de Kadt along with musicians T.H. Subash Chandran, Ganesh Kumar, Benjy Wertheimer, Wah!, Moksha Sommer, and others carry listeners through a trance-like soundscape that evokes a sense of infinite space and serenity.

Blaze Bayley - Infinite Entanglement (2016)  Music

Posted by apocalipsys2014 at May 11, 2016
Blaze Bayley - Infinite Entanglement (2016)

Blaze Bayley - Infinite Entanglement (2016)
Year & Label: 2016, Blaze Bayley Recordings | CD#: BBRCD011
Flac (image) | MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | Artwork (JPG, 300 dpi) | File-hosts: Nitroflare.com
Heavy Metal | FLAC: 350 MB | Artwork: 40 MB | MP3: 120 MB | 5% WinRAR Recovery

EAC Secure-rip with LOG+CUE+COVERS | Source: eMule

Empires Of Eden - Channelling The Infinite (2012) [Limited Ed.]  Music

Posted by Andi_Deris at Oct. 17, 2012
Empires Of Eden - Channelling The Infinite (2012) [Limited Ed.]

Empires Of Eden - Channelling The Infinite (2012) [Limited Ed.]
EAC Rip | FLAC: Image+Cue+Log | 515 Mb | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 163 Mb | Scans | Time: 01:04:50
Heavy/Power Metal | Music Buy Mail | CD6101

"Channelling The Infinite" is the third album from Empires Of Eden, a band/project created by Australian shredder Stu Marshall. The format is similar to the other releases, meaning Stu creates the music, then various metal vocalists put their words, melodies and voices to it. On each album the cast list has got better, and this time sees names like Udo Dirkschneider, Rob Rock, Mike Dimeo, Ronny Munroe and Alessandro Del Vecchio added to the fray.

Horde Casket - Slab Of Infinite Butchery (2010)  Music

Posted by cha77os at Nov. 12, 2010
Horde Casket - Slab Of Infinite Butchery (2010)

Horde Casket - Slab Of Infinite Butchery (2010)
Mp3 | 160 VBR | 50 MB | U.S.A.
Brutal Death Metal

Horde Casket are a brutal/technical death metal act from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Amarillo, Texas that formed in 2007. Horde Casket released their first record, “Landscape Of Cadavers”, through Pathologically Explicit Recordings in November of 2008. They will be releasing their second Full Length of Album “Slab of Infinite Butchery” in October or November of 2010.

Cryptic - Infinite Torment (2010)  Music

Posted by cha77os at Oct. 25, 2010
Cryptic - Infinite Torment (2010)

Cryptic - Infinite Torment (2010)
Mp3 | 240 VBR | 47 MB | Poland
Death/Thrash Metal

«Infinite Torment» is a not quite ordinary album, his style is determined as «Old school apocalyptic death/trash metal», and it first, that indeed strikes the eyes and able to interest a listener. He is writtenin was in Poland in “Studio 78”. In respect of quality, boys fine fellows, and it not surprisingly, all and so it is well known that Poland is able to do the business high-quality well. Registration plugs in itself to 16 page booklet which is the excellent adding to 9 drayvovym, to spiteful, catching and aggressive compositions, after the first acquaintance with which a plate continues to twirl over and over.

Isis Signum - Sigma Infinite (2005)  Music

Posted by v3122 at March 12, 2010
Isis Signum - Sigma Infinite (2005)

Isis Signum - Sigma Infinite (2005) [Limited Edition]
2CD | Electroclash/Futureclash/Futurepop/Synthpop | EAC Rip | APE (Image) + Cue + Log | MP3 CBR 320Kbps
Covers Included | Advanced Synergy | ADV012 | ~842 + 285 Mb | RS.com + Turbobit

Isis Signum is the 'future-clash' project of DJ Helder (Signum), featuring several guest female vocalists (Isis), who so far have been: Sara Noxx, Jennifer Parkin (Ayria), Dominique (Neikka RPM).

Latif Bolat - Infinite Beginning (Devotional Songs of Turkey)  Music

Posted by Oceandrop at March 1, 2010
Latif Bolat - Infinite Beginning (Devotional Songs of Turkey)

Latif Bolat - Infinite Beginning (Devotional Songs of Turkey)
World, Middle East | EAC | FLAC (Compressed CD Image, Level=5), CUE, LOG, Rapidshare, 5 parts, 412 MB. total
Complete Scans: Unmodified (125 MB. "BMP" & 29,6 MB. "JPG") & Modified (75,5 MB. "PNG" & 21,7 MB. "JPG")
WinRar Archive with 5% recovery record included
Audio CD (June 3, 1997), Label: Latif Records, Original Release Date: June 18, 1997, 1 CD

Latif Bolat (Voice, Baglama, Piano, Bendir) with; Emam (Tabla) and Gary Haggerty (Oud, Violin, Penny Whistle).

Living Sacrifice - The Infinite Order (2010)  Music

Posted by cha77os at Jan. 24, 2010
Living Sacrifice - The Infinite Order (2010)

Living Sacrifice - The Infinite Order (2010)
Mp3 | 320 Kbps | 106 MB | U.S.A.
Thrash/Death Metal - Metalcore

Christian metal veterans Living Sacrifice return with a devastating assortment of thrash, death, and groove on The Infinite Order.