Jud Süss

Jud Süß (1940)  Video

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Jud Süß (1940)

Jud Süß (1940)
DVDRip | 1h 35mn | 708x480 | MKV AVC@2543Kbps 23.98fps | AC3@192Kbps 2CH 48KHz | 1.85 GiB
Language: German | Genre: Drama | Subtitles: English

In this notorious Nazi propaganda historical costume melodrama, a conniving, ambitious Jewish businessman, Süß Oppenheimer

Dick und Doof: Rache ist süss (1934)  Video

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Dick und Doof: Rache ist süss (1934)

Dick und Doof: Rache ist süss (1934)
Originaltitel: Babes in Toyland
DVDRIP | German | 75 Min. | 512x384 (4:3) | PAL (25fps) | XviD | Audio 1: Deutsch AC3 2ch | 970 MB
Genre: Comedy

Dieser Film mit Stan Laurel und Oliver Hardy ist etwas ganz besonderes, denn sie sind diesmal Bewohner eines Spielzeuglandes. Stannie Dunn und Ollie Dee versuchen zu verhindern, dass der hinterhältige Barnaby die schöne Schäferin Bo-Peep heiratet. Außerdem kämpfen sie noch gegen eine düsteren Horde von "Boogiemen", doch zum Glück haben sie eine ganze Armee viel zu großer Spielzeugsoldaten produziert.

Voices from Hitler's Army - The Waffen SS: The Alibi for History  Video

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Voices from Hitler's Army - The Waffen SS: The Alibi for History

Voices from Hitler's Army - The Waffen SS: The Alibi for History
DVDRip | Cromwell Productions, Eagle Media | 2000 | English | 00:49:00 | MKV | 720x536 (4:3) | 30 fps | MP3 256 kbps avg | 1.24 GB
Genre: Documentary

Hitler's SS divisions were the most feared units of the entire German Army in World War II. This program features exclusive interviews with some of the men in these fighting forces and their never-before-heard recollections of the things they saw and did.

SS-GB S01E01 (2017)  Video

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SS-GB S01E01 (2017)

SS-GB S01E01 (2017)
HDTV | AVI | 57 min 37 s | 640x360 | XVID@820 Kbps | English | MP3@128 Kpbs | 2 channels | Subtitles: None | 396 MB
HDTV 720p | MKV | 57 min 37 s | 1280x720 | AVC@1760 Kbps | English | AC3@192 Kpbs | 2 channels | Subtitles: None | 821 MB
HDTV 1080p | MKV | 57 min 37 s | 1920x1080 | AVC@4789 Kbps | English | AC3@192 Kpbs | 2 channels | Subtitles: English | 2.04 GB
Genre: Action, Drama

A British homicide detective investigates a murder in a German-occupied England in a parallel universe where the Nazis won World War II.

(Fr5) 1939, la Pologne en enfer - Rescapés des ghettos (2016)  Video

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(Fr5) 1939, la Pologne en enfer - Rescapés des ghettos (2016)

(Fr5) 1939, la Pologne en enfer - Rescapés des ghettos (2016)
Webrip | French | Subtitles : French | 49min | 1024 x 576 | 25.000 fps | MKV | AVC Main@L3.1 @ 1404 Kbps | AAC @ 64 Kbps | 505 MB
Genre : Documentaire

Après quelques semaines de combats, la Pologne n'est plus en mesure de faire face à la Wehrmacht. En septembre 1939, l'Allemagne annexe les terres conquises. Le IIIe Reich étend son emprise sur un territoire qu'il considère comme un espace à coloniser. Après accord avec Staline qui engloutit l'est du pays, Hitler démantèle la Pologne pour en annexer les territoires perdus du traité de Versailles. Le reste de la Pologne est soumise à un «gouvernement général» dans lequel les SS ont tous les droits. Des dizaines de milliers de familles sont déplacées et mises au travail forcé. Les élites polonaises sont éliminées. Les ghettos juifs sont créés alors que des Allemands sont incités à s'installer dans le pays.

Süskind (2012)  Video

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Süskind (2012)

Süskind (2012)
BRRip 720p | MKV | 1280 x 544 | x264 @ 1700 Kbps | 117 min | 1,62 Gb
Audio: Dutch AAC 2.0 @ 169 Kbps | Subs (embedded in MKV): English, Dutch
Genre: Drama

1942. In an attempt to save a group of children from the Holocaust, the Jewish Walter Süskind befriends the SS officer Aus der Fünten. When the Nazi discovers that Walter has been deceiving him and their friendship is nothing more than an illusion, he takes his revenge. Based on a true story.
Narodni heroj Ljiljan Vidic / People's hero Ljiljan Vidic (2015)

Narodni heroj Ljiljan Vidic / People's hero Ljiljan Vidic (2015)
Croatian | DVDRip | MKV | 720x440 | AVC @ 2030 Kbps | 25.000 fps | 1.76 GB
Audio: AC-3 @ 320 Kbps | 6 channels | 01:46:59 minutes | Subtitles: English (embedded)
Genre: Comedy, War

This comedy of the absurd is set in the Nazi puppet Independent State of Croatia (NDH) during World War II. The hero, Ljiljan is a young peasant poet who joins the Partisan movement just before it falls apart, abandoned by its leader Tito. The last remaining hope for resisting Nazism is to assassinate Hitler.

National Geographic - Nazi Megastructures: Season 2 (2014)  Video

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National Geographic - Nazi Megastructures: Season 2 (2014)

National Geographic - Nazi Megastructures: Season 2 (2014)
DVDRip | 1024 x 576 | .MP4/AVC @ 1997 Kbps | 6x~44mn | English AAC 128 kbps, 2 channels | 4.10 GB
Genre: Documentary

In their quest for world domination, the Nazis built some of the biggest pieces of military hardware and malevolent technology in history, and created one of the most brutal paramilitary organisations the world has ever known. Over six unforgettable episodes, we examine the impact and uncover the hidden remains of Hitlers most ambitious megastructures hi-tech megaships, secret headquarters and weapons of mass destruction and we watch the unfolding horror of the SS and of Japans kamikaze suicide pilots. Witness the stories of the men and machines that changed warfare forever in the Nazi quest to conquer the world.

Verbotene Filme / Forbidden Films (2014)  Video

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Verbotene Filme / Forbidden Films (2014)

Verbotene Filme / Forbidden Films (2014)
DVDRip | MKV/AVC x264 ~1962 kbps avg | 1Hr 34Mins | 25 fps | 698x576 | 1.42 GB
Audio: German | AC3 2 Ch 192 Kbps | Subtitles: English
Genre: Documentary | Director: Felix Moeller

1,200 feature films were made in Germany’s Third Reich. According to experts, some 100 of these were blatant Nazi propaganda. Nearly seventy years after the end of the Nazi regime, more than 40 of these films remain under lock and key. Director Felix Moeller (Harlan: In the Shadow of Jew Süss) interviews German film historians, archivists and filmgoers in an investigation of the power, and potential danger, of cinema when used for ideological purposes. Utilizing clips from the films and recorded discussions from public screenings (permitted in Germany in educational contexts) in Munich, Berlin, Paris and Jerusalem, Moeller shows how contentious these 70-year-old films remain, and how propaganda can retain its punch when presented to audiences susceptible to manipulation.

Hitler's S.S.: Portrait in Evil (1985)  Video

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Hitler's S.S.: Portrait in Evil (1985)

Hitler's S.S.: Portrait in Evil (1985)
A Film by Jim Goddard
WEBRip 720p | MP4 | Lang: English | Subs: None | 2h 18min | 940x720 | AVC @ 788Kbps | AAC @ 160Kbps | 949 MB
Genre: Drama | War

The story of Helmut and Karl Hoffmann. Both come of age at the start of Hitler's power in Germany. Helmut joins the SS and eventually becomes a successful flag rank officer. Karl joins the SA and experiences the darker side of Nazism after the SA is disbanded and Karl is thrown into prison and later conscripted into the German army. Brother is pitted against brother until their relationship, and the Third Reich, stands in ruins.