KARMA - House 101: Combi Creation Series for the Korg M3  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by serpmolot at Jan. 19, 2017
KARMA - House 101: Combi Creation Series for the Korg M3

KARMA - House 101: Combi Creation Series for the Korg M3
English | flv | H264 640x480 | AAC 2 ch | 7 hrs | 3.61 GB

Korg Arranger Secrets Vol. 1-3 (2007)  eBooks & eLearning

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Korg Arranger Secrets Vol. 1-3 (2007)

Korg Arranger Secrets Vol. 1-3 (2007)
DVD5 | English | VOB | 720x576 | MPEG 7000 Kbps 25.000 fps | AC3 192 Kbps 48.0 khz | 2 channels | 6.25 GB
Genre: Video Training, Music

Korg Pa series Training DVD's. A set of three training DVDs, filmed using the Korg Pa1X Professional Arranger and also applicable to the Pa800 and Pa2x models is now available.

Synthline Korg 01WFD  Software

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Synthline Korg 01WFD

Synthline Korg 01WFD | 534.6 Mb

Korg's 01/W workstation synthesizer debuted in 1991 as the follow-up to the popular M1. The 01/W was the second chapter in Korg's workstation legacy, which goes on to this day with the Triton and Oasys series. The 01/W was geared towards beginning home studio enthusiasts that wanted to take a step further into a more professional realm. Compared with the M1, the 01/W featured many enhancements including a more dynamic 16-track sequencer (the M1 only had 8-tracks), 254 real world sampled instruments to the M1's 100, polyphony was doubled from 16 to 32 voices, and greater overall control.

Synthline Korg X5D  Software

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Synthline Korg X5D

Synthline Korg X5D | 529.8 Mb

The X5D is an entry level keyboard from Korg. It basically offers Korg's acclaimed Ai2 sound engine (from the 01/w series) packed into a small, lightweight, affordable package! Being an entry-level keyboard, the usual luxuries such as aftertouch and an internal power supply have been omitted, and it lacks an arpeggiator or a sequencer, however it more than makes up for this in sound.

Synthline Korg N5 Internal  Software

Posted by speedzodiac_ at July 29, 2016
Synthline Korg N5 Internal

Synthline Korg N5 Internal | 469.7 Mb

The Korg N5 is a pretty powerful synthesizer that you will love how simple it is to use. There are not special things about this board its pretty plain and cut and dry. With really good sounds on board and a basic interface its evident that they created this board just to make good music flat out. Nothing more or less.

Synthline Korg Z1 Internal  Software

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Synthline Korg Z1 Internal

Synthline Korg Z1 Internal | 613.8 Mb

The Z1 is like a polyphonic Prophecy housed in a full sized and featured Trinity workstation-like casing! It does all the analog sounds and more. This is a great analog modeling synth with 12-voice polyphony, thirteen waveforms, four LFOs, two resonant filters, two effects units and more. The ability to create unique sounds is endless. The factory patches could use some help, but overall the sound is very nice! It has a fully polyphonic arpeggiator that blows all others away.

Synthline Korg Trinity Internal  Software

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Synthline Korg Trinity Internal

Synthline Korg Trinity Internal | 625.4 Mb

Imagine owning some of the most valued vintage synthesizers on the planet. Well, now you can hear them, distilled into their finest essences, squeezed onto a single cd. This collection features a wide diversity of sounds and is suited to any kind of music you might imagine. These are not loops &ndash these are the raw sounds taken from each model, meticulously multisampled and mapped out into Akai format at 16 bits, 44.1khz.

KORG AudioGate 4.0.1  Software

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KORG AudioGate 4.0.1

KORG AudioGate 4.0.1 | 117 MB

AudioGate 4 now includes the ability to create high-resolution audio recordings. Simply install AudioGate 4 on your PC, and then connect it to the KORG DS-DAC-10R using a single USB cable. The DS-DAC-10R supports the 5.6 MHz and 2.8 MHz DSD format—for playback and recording—as well as PCM formats up to 192 kHz/24-bit. What had been the foremost high-resolution audio playback system has evolved to provide the effective system for creating high-resolution audio recordings.

Forgotten Keys FK13 Korg Mini-Pops MP-3 v4.2 KONTAKT  Software

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Forgotten Keys FK13 Korg Mini-Pops MP-3 v4.2 KONTAKT

Forgotten Keys FK13 Korg Mini-Pops MP-3 v4.2 KONTAKT | 6 Mb

The Korg Mini-Pops 3 was an analogue drum machine from the 1970s. It was also branded as the Univox SR-55 and Aria Diamond. It had less sounds than its famous sibling, the Mini-Pops 7, and a different approach to the rhythm selection. There were 2 knobs that controlled the bass/snare and cymbal patterns respectively, these were assigned to the foxtrot/swing button. This combination provided 36 patterns for this button alone plus the 18 other rhythms provided.

Korg M3 Acoustic and Electric Pianos KONTAKT  Software

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Korg M3 Acoustic and Electric Pianos KONTAKT

Korg M3 Acoustic and Electric Pianos KONTAKT | 578 MB

Korg M3 is a music workstation synthesizer manufactured by Korg Corporation and introduced at the Winter NAMM show during January, 2007. It hit the streets 4 months later. The M3 is the successor of the famous Triton series. The name is based on the former M1, which was considered a revolutionary synth at the time. The hardware synthesizer chip was designed around the HD-1, one of the various engines in the Korg OASYS. The M3 was named keyboard of the year at the Musik Messe Awards in Germany early 2007.