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Memories / Memorîzu (1995) [Re-UP]  Video

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Memories / Memorîzu (1995) [Re-UP]

Memories (1995)
DVD9 | ISO+MDS | PAL 16:9 | Scans (3 JPGs) | 01:49:50 | 6,04 Gb
Audio: #1 Japanese, #2 German - each AC3 5.1; #3 Spanish, #4 Italian - each AC3 2.0
Subs (9): English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Arabic, Hindu, Turkish
Genre: Animation, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Memories consists of three dazzling stories, each delivered with its own astonishing style. "Magnetic Rose," based on a manga short by Katsuhiro Otomo, concerns two space travelers following a distress signal drawn into a magnificent world created by one woman's memories. In "Stink Bomb," a young chemist accidentally transforms himself into an unstoppable biological weapon set on a direct course for Tokyo. "Cannon Fodder" depicts a day in the life of a city whose entire purpose is the firing of cannons at an unknown enemy.

Steam Boy (2004)  Video

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Steam Boy (2004)

Steam Boy (2004)
DVD-Rip | Language: English | No Subs | 2:01:21 | AVC @ 718x552 | Vorbis 384kbit/sec | 1.73GB
Genre: Sci-Fi | Anime | Steam Punk

A classic of the steam punk spin-off movement from cyberpunk, Steam Boy offers a fantastic, sepia-toned vision of the past-as-future. It is the first feature by Katsuhiro Otomo since his watershed Akira (1988); in place of the dystopic Neo-Tokyo of Akira, Steamboy is set in an England of 1866.

Ray is a young inventor living in the U.K. in the middle of the 19th century. Shortly before the first ever Great Exhibition, a marvelous invention called the "Steam Ball," behind which a menacing power is hidden, arrives at his door from his grandfather Lloid in the U.S. Meanwhile the nefarious O'Hara Foundation has sent men to aquire the Steam Ball so that they can use its power towards their own illicit ends.

Akira (1988) [DVD9] (2003)  Video

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Akira (1988) [DVD9] (2003)

Akira (1988) [DVD9] (2003)
A Film by Katsuhiro Ôtomo
1 Original Dual-Layer DVD Image (.ISO) = 6.2 Gb | Complete Scans HQ PDF (800 dpi): 3.18 MB | 400 Mb RARs | FileSonic/Netload/FileServe
Sci-Fi | 1.78:1 | Japanese Dolby Surround /English Dolby Digital 5.1 | English Subtitles | 124 min

In 1988, the landmark Anime film Akira, by director Katsuhiro Otomo, defined the cutting edge of Anime around the world. By today's standards, Akira remains a landmark achievement in cel animation and retains the explosive impact of its highly detailed animation and its intensely violent saga of power and corruption.

Childhood friends Tetsuo and Kaneda's motorcycle gang encounters a military operation to retrieve an escaped experimental subject. The military captures Tetsuo and conducts experiments on him that unleash his latent psychic ability, but when these new powers rage out of control, Tetsuo lashes out at the world that has oppressed him!

The Multiple Otomo Project  Video

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The Multiple Otomo Project

Otomo Yoshihide: The Multiple Otomo Project (2007)
DVDRip | MKV/AVC1 2640 Kbps | 698 × 568 | MP4a 48000 HZ | 75 mins | 1.4 GB
Art-House / Musical

The Multiple Otomo DVD provides a dizzying compliment to Otomo’s music, full of jittery images both real and manipulated, flashes of visual white noise, strobe-like quick cuts, multiple split screens and extreme close ups that put the instruments Otomo is using into a new visual context. The 30 segments feature improvisations on turntable and guitar complimented by the imaginative video work of Masako Tanaka, Michelle Silva, and Tim Digulla.

ハッシュ! HUSH! (2001) [Re-UP]  Video

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ハッシュ! HUSH! (2001) [Re-UP]

ハッシュ! HUSH! (2001)
DVDrip | XviD-1082 | AC3@192 | 664x352 | Audio: Japanese | Subs: English, French srt & French (idx/sub) | DVD Cover | 2h10 | 1.2 Gb
Comedy, Drama | Japan 2001 | Director Ryosuke HASHIGUCHI

“Hush!” has, at its central core, the burgeoning relationship between gay lovers Katsuhiro (Seiichi Tanabe) and Naoya (Kazuya Takahashi), and how their already delicate life is made even more complicated by the appearance of the unkempt Asako (Reiko Kataoka). After an accidental meeting with the gay couple, the emotionally unstable Asako asks Katsuhiro, who is still in the closet, to have a child with her. He’s shocked, but not as shock as Naoya, who has never even dared approach the subject…

Autoreiji (2010)  Video

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Autoreiji (2010)

Outrage (2010)
A Film by Takeshi Kitano
1080p BluRay Rip | MKV | 1920 x 816 | x264 @ 9894 Kbps | 01:49:43 | 9,01 Gb
Audio: Japanese DTS 5.1 @ 1509 Kbps | Subtitles: English
Genre: Crime, Drama | Japan

The story begins with Sekiuchi (Kitamura Soichiro), boss of the Sannokai, a huge organised crime syndicate controlling the entire Kanto region, issuing a stern warning to his lieutenant Kato (Miura Tomokazu) and right-hand man Ikemoto (Kunimura Jun), head of the Ikemoto-gumi. Kato orders Ikemoto to bring the unassociated Murase-gumi gang in line, and he immediately passes the task on to his subordinate Otomo (Beat Takeshi), who runs his own crew. The tricky jobs that no-one wants to do always end up in Otomo's lap…

Akira (1988)  Video

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Akira (1988)

Akira (1988)
BRRip 720p | MKV | 1280 x 720 | x264 @ 2560 Kbps | 2h 4mn | 3,18 Gb
Audio: English AC3 5.1/2.0 @ 448/192 Kbps and Japanese AC3 5.1 @ 448 Kbps | Subs: English (forced+SDH)
Genre: Animation, Sci-fi, Action, Drama | Director: Katsuhiro Ôtomo

On July 16, 1988, Tokyo was destroyed by what was believed to be a new type of bomb, triggering World War III. Thirty-one years later, in 2019, Neo-Tokyo has arisen from ashes under Japan's new political system; but the glittering city is built on foundations of poverty, ignorance and despair. Kaneda and his friends, a bunch of juvenile delinquents, rumble with a rival group of bikers. While the police attempt to disperse a riot with tear gas, the rumble continues. Tetsuo takes the lead and, after disposing of his opponents, nearly runs down what looks to be a 100-year-old baby. Tetsuo's bike suddenly explodes and he is taken prisoner by the top-secret Akira Project where he is subjected to a series of tests which unleash his latent psycho-kinetic powers. But he is really more powerful than anyone imagined and breaks out, creating a swathe of destruction across the city as he mutates into another life form.

Erotic Ghost Story III (1992)  Video

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Erotic Ghost Story III (1992)

Erotic Ghost Story III (1992)
DVDRip | MKV | 720x400 | x264 @ 2103 Kbps | 91 min | 1,47 Gb
Audio: Cantonese AC3 2.0 @ 192 Kbps | Subs: English, T/S Chinese
Genre: Horror, Drama

Having run the course of the Wu Tung legend over the first two films, Diagonal Pictures and journeyman director Ivan Lai took the series off in a different direction for the third film in the trilogy. Although hampered by a lower budget than the first two films, Lai's addition to the mythos more than makes up in outrageous invention what it lacks in fiscal grounding. As an added bonus, Erotic Ghost Story III benefits phenomenally from the presence of the stunning (and then sweet seventeen) Pauline Chan. What could have been a disaster, turns out quite a pleasant surprise.

Akira (1988)  Video

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Akira (1988)

Akira (1988)
BluRay Rip 720p | MKV/AVC x264 ~9026 kbps avg | 2Hr 04Mins | 23.976 fps | 1280x688 | 8.57 GB
Audio: Japanese | AC3 6 Ch 640 Kbps | Subtitles: English
Genre: Animation, Action, Sci-Fi | Director: Katsuhiro Ôtomo

A secret military project endangers Neo-Tokyo when it turns a biker gang member into a rampaging psychic psychopath that only two kids and a group of psychics can stop.

Beast in the Shadows (1977)  Video

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Beast in the Shadows (1977)

Beast in the Shadows (1977)
DVDRip | AVI | 640 x 480 | XviD @ 1580 Kbps | 117 min | 1,44 Gb
Audio: Japanese MP3 @ 80 Kbps | Subs: English (idx/sub)
Genre: Art-house

Multiple murders, red herrings and sadomasochistic sex are the order of the day in this ground-breaking mystery from Edogawa Rampo, Japan's foremost writer of suspense novels. The year is 1930 and the chance meeting of a novelist and one of his fans opens the door to a series of mysterious events culminating in the death of a wealthy industrialist who may have been leading a double life. Aoi Teruhiko and Kayama Yoshiko star along with 2 of Japan's most famous and highly respected actors, Otomo Ryutaro and Wakayama Tomisaburo. In a departure from the samurai genre in which he made his name this is director Kato Tai's masterpiece. A true work of cinema art comes to life in this deadly tale of love and betrayal!