Lynda MySQL Essential Training  Video

Posted by i-Fresh Man at Sept. 5, 2010 MySQL Essential Training MySQL Essential Training
English | 2h 46min | 880x660 | h264 - 44kbps | AAC - 71kbps |188.65 MB
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MySQL is by far the most popular database management system for small- to medium-sized web projects. In MySQL Essential Training, instructor Bill Weinman provides clear, concise instruction in the tools needed to create and maintain a database. Bill explores the different data types MySQL supports, and the functions it provides, enabling the user to get the most out of them. He even shows the MySQL PHP interfaces that can be used to create web applications. Exercise files accompany the course. - Google Apps Gmail Essential Training  Video

Posted by fatfox at Aug. 1, 2010 - Google Apps Gmail Essential Training

Google Apps: Gmail Essential Training | 315 Mb
Genre: eLearning

In Google Apps: Gmail Essential Training, expert Google Apps trainer Susan Cline shows how to streamline the communication process using this web application's advanced and hidden features. Susan shows how to create filters to manage the flow of messages and demonstrates Gmail's powerful search function, which can find messages with just a click. She describes how to customize the inbox to match any communication style, and organize names and email addresses using the Contact Manager. AutoCAD 2009 New Features  Video

Posted by Alexpal at July 31, 2010 AutoCAD 2009 New Features AutoCAD 2009 New Features
215 Mb | 3 hours | eLearning

AutoCAD 2009 may only be twelve months newer than AutoCAD 2008, but it is a landmark release, sporting a brand new interface that may seem intimidating at first glance. In AutoCAD 2009 New Features, CAD manager Jeff Bartels covers every new and updated aspect of the interface, drafting tools, and visualization features, making this course both a tour and a reference for anyone considering an upgrade from a prior release. While exploring these new features, Jeff also shares the cutting-edge skills required to make the most productive use of them. Example files accompany the course. - Blue + Green Screen Production Principles  Video

Posted by Alexpal at July 31, 2010 - Blue + Green Screen Production Principles - Blue + Green Screen Production Principles | 185 MB

The technology used for compositing blue and green screen has improved to the point where a chroma key matte can be pulled off almost anything. However, the better the original photography and setup, the better the matte extraction and composite will be. Whether the goal is to shoot a blue or green screen for compositing, or just to get familiar with terms and techniques, Blue and Green Screen Production Principles has the information needed. Pete Kuran goes behind the scenes to teach the processes of this popular film technique. Ruby on Rails Beyond the Basics  Video

Posted by phoenixy at July 29, 2010 Ruby on Rails Beyond the Basics Ruby on Rails Beyond the Basics | 610MB
Genre: elearning

In this sequel to the popular Ruby on Rails Essential Training, expert instructor Kevin Skoglund teaches comprehensive techniques for web developers who already feel comfortable with the fundamentals of Ruby and the Rails MVC framework. This training will help developers move toward creating full-featured Ruby on Rails applications. Kevin begins by explaining how to update software and projects to the latest versions. He then demonstrates alternative ways to interact with Ruby and your Rails applications and teaches the intermediate aspects of the Ruby language. Kevin provides step-by-step instructions for creating a custom blog and content management application. He uses this practical example to show how to work with database migrations, how to get more from ActiveRecord and avoid common pitfalls, how to create flexible controllers and views, and how to improve performance, security, and code management. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.

Lynda - Digital Audio Principles  Video

Posted by AH_ML at July 26, 2010
Lynda - Digital Audio Principles

Lynda - Digital Audio Principles
English | MOV | 880x660 | 5 fps | SVQ3 160 kbps | MP3 96 kbps | 907 MB
Genre: eLearning

Whether one is producing music, podcasts, game sounds, or film sound effects, Digital Audio Principles provides the tips and techniques that will make the project a success. Author Dave Schroeder explains the basics of digital audio production techniques and covers the essential hardware and software. He also discusses sound theory, frequency response, the range of human hearing, and dynamic range. Papervision3D 2 Essential Training  Video

Posted by phoenixy at July 25, 2010 Papervision3D 2 Essential Training Papervision3D 2 Essential Training
English | MOV | 960×560 | 556Mb
Genre: elearning

Papervision3D is an open-source ActionScript code library that enables Flash projects to render 3D objects in real time. In Papervision3D 2 Essential Training, author Seb Lee-Delisle shows how to add 3D content to the Flash stage, dynamically and without pre-rendering. This course demonstrates how to import 3D models from external applications such as Maya into Flash Builder, and then add lighting and surface detail using shaders, reflections, and bump maps from the Papervision library. The course also shows how to build an augmented reality scene that brings 3D objects into the real world with FLARToolkit. Exercise files accompany the course.

Lynda - Javascript Essential Training (2007) (Repost)  Video

Posted by AH_ML at July 21, 2010
Lynda - Javascript Essential Training (2007) (Repost)

Lynda - Javascript Essential Training (2007)
English | MOV | 880x660 | 5 fps | SVQ3 160 kbps | MP3 64 kbps | 528 MB
Genre: eLearning

Javascript Essential Training takes viewers through the process of using javascript to fully realize a site's potential, from understanding the basics to creating real-world samples. Instructor Dori Smith explains how to work with objects, create buttons and forms that interact with site visitors, make rollovers, menus, slideshows, and countdowns, and take advantage of other practical applications. Exercise files accompany the tutorials. - After Effects Insight into Effects DVD  Video

Posted by phoenixy at June 26, 2010 - After Effects Insight into Effects DVD - After Effects Insight into Effects DVD | ISO | 1.69GB

After Effects: Insight into Effects was created and produced by Trish and Chris Meyer. We are honored to host their material in the Online Training Library®. After Effects gurus Chris and Trish Meyer share their real-world insight into how to get the most out of the effects that come bundled with the popular software. After Effects: Insight into Effects covers a wide range of blur effects, hidden gems, optimal parameter ranges, "gotchas" to avoid, and alternative effects to consider. Among other tidbits, this course contains "special topic" movies on how compound effects work and how Repeat Edge Pixels affects the alpha channel.

Lynda - SQL Essential Training  Video

Posted by AH_ML at June 14, 2010
Lynda - SQL Essential Training - SQL Essential Training
English | MOV | 880x660 | 3.289 fps | AVC ~ 50 kbps | AAC ~ 70 kbps | 166 MB

Whatever a database is being used for—web sites, bookkeeping, sales and inventory, or even the lowly to-do list—it’s all about the data. SQL Essential Training is designed to help users understand the most common language for database wrangling—SQL. Beginning with a brief introduction, instructor Bill Weinman teaches the major features of SQL; he offers a solid working knowledge of the language, and how to retrieve and manage data efficiently. He also works through a real-world example of building a CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) application using SQL. Exercise files accompany the course.