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Die mir den Tod wünschen - Michael Koryta  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by Maroutan at June 9, 2016
Die mir den Tod wünschen - Michael Koryta

Die mir den Tod wünschen - Michael Koryta
German | 2016 | 480 Pages | ISBN: 3453438442 | EPUB | 353.93 KB

An einem stürmischen Tag wird der vierzehnjährige Jace Zeuge eines brutalen Mordes. Jace kann entkommen – doch er weiß, dass die Verbrecher ihn gesehen haben. Die Blackwell-Brüder, ein psychopathisches Killer-Duo, wollen seinen Tod. Jace kann niemandem mehr vertrauen. Unter neuer Identität soll er in Montana Zuflucht finden. Ethan Serbin, ein erfahrener Überlebensspezialist, steht ihm in der gnadenlosen Bergwelt zur Seite. Derweil bahnen sich die beiden Killer ihren blutigen Weg und kreisen ihre Opfer immer weiter ein. Für Ethan und Jace beginnt ein furioser Höllenritt …

Michael Koryta - L'ultima notte di Wayne  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by Proghunter at Sept. 6, 2015
Michael Koryta - L'ultima notte di Wayne

Michael Koryta - L'ultima notte di Wayne
Italian | 2007 | ISBN: 8874966237 | EPUB/PDF | 164 pages | 3.3 MB

Michael Koryta - Le oscure verità del passato  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by Proghunter at Aug. 31, 2015
Michael Koryta - Le oscure verità del passato

Michael Koryta - Le oscure verità del passato
Italian | 2008 | ISBN: 8874966598 | EPUB/PDF | 183 pages | 3.7 MB

Michael Koryta, "So Cold the River"  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by sa603sa87 at Oct. 19, 2010
Michael Koryta, "So Cold the River"

Michael Koryta, "So Cold the River"
Publisher: Brown and Company | ISBN: 0316053635 | edition 2010 | PDF | 317 pages | 2,32 mb

When filmmaker Eric Shaw is approached by the lovely Alyssa Bradford, who asks Shaw if he would be willing to travel to her dying father-in-law's hometown to do a retrospective about his early life, Shaw figures it is easy money. However, he soon discovers it won't be as easy as all that. It turns out that Campbell Bradford's early life is shrouded in mystery - all Shaw has to go on is the name of the town (West Baden, IN, a small rural town very close to French Lick, IN) and a bottle of Pluto Water, a cure-all remedy mineral water bottled about 80 years ago.

Tonight I Said Goodbye - Michael Koryta (Unabridged)  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by jack23 at Aug. 29, 2010
Tonight I Said Goodbye - Michael Koryta (Unabridged)

Tonight I Said Goodbye - Michael Koryta (Unabridged)
Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc. (August 23, 2010) | Language: English | ASIN: B0040MJWVM | MP3@80 kbps | Listening Length: 10 hour(s) and 40 min. | 239.12 MB
Narrator: Scott Brick | 7% Recovery

This is the remarkable debut mystery from the winner of the 2003 St. Martin's Press/Private Eye Writers of America Prize for Best First Private Eye Novel.
Investigator Wayne Weston is found dead of an apparent suicide in his home in an upscale Cleveland suburb, and his wife and six-year-old daughter are missing. Weston's father insists that private investigators Lincoln Perry and Joe Pritchard take the case to exonerate his son and find his granddaughter and daughter-in-law. As they begin to work, they discover there is much more to the situation than has been described in the prevalent media reports. There are rumors of gambling debts and extortion, and a group of Russians with ties to organized crime who don't appreciate being investigated - a point they make clear with baseball bats.

Rise the Dark - Michael Koryta  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by Maroutan at Aug. 17, 2016
Rise the Dark - Michael Koryta

Rise the Dark - Michael Koryta
English | 2016 | 400 Pages | ISBN: 0316293830 | EPUB | 807.66 KB

Rise the dark. These were the last words written in Lauren Novak's notebook before she was murdered in a strange Florida village. They've never meant anything to the police or to her husband, investigator Markus Novak. Now the man he believes killed her is out of prison, and draws Markus to the place he's avoided for so long: the lonely road where his wife was shot to death beneath the cypress trees and Spanish moss in a town called Cassadaga…

The Cypress House  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by robin-bobin at Feb. 20, 2011
The Cypress House

The Cypress House: Complete [Unabridged] by Michael Koryta & Narrated by: Robert Petkoff
Publisher: Hachette Audio (January 2011) | Genre: Fiction & Literature, Suspense
ISBN: 1609415825 1609419936 | Language: English | Audio CD in MP3 / 32 kbps | 170 MB

After making his name with five strong crime novels, Koryta started adding chills to the thrills in the horror-tinged So Cold the River (2010). In this one, battle-hardened WWI veteran Arlen Wagner can foretell others’ deaths. With the Great Depression crippling the country, he works in the Civilian Conservation Corps and keeps his demons at bay with hard work and a flask full of whiskey. He and young friend Paul Brickhill are traveling by train to a new CCC camp in the Florida Keys when Arlen’s supernatural sense tells him they have to get off the train if they want to stay alive…
Joan Smalls by Mario Testino for Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2017

Joan Smalls - Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2017
3 jpg | 2000*3000 | 3.63 MB
Puerto Rican model

Michael Connelly - Il passaggio  eBooks & eLearning

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Michael Connelly - Il passaggio

Michael Connelly - Il passaggio
Italian | Piemme | 2017 | EPUB | Pages 444 | ASIN: B01MRX77O6 | 0.40 Mb

Michael Omartian - The Race (1991)  Music

Posted by BlondStyle at Jan. 17, 2017
Michael Omartian - The Race (1991)

Michael Omartian - The Race (1991)
Pop/Rock, AOR | EAC Rip | FLAC, Img+CUE+LOG+Scans-600dpi (JPEG) | 47:32 Min | 344,16 Mb
Label: Word, Incorporated/Epic (USA) | Released: 1991-07-30

Michael Omartian's music is extremely hard to come by. Why remains a mystery. Although his output is by no means prolific, he, together with wife Stormie, was responsible for much of the best CCM of the '70's and '80's. "White Horse" is for me in the Top Ten all time Christian albums while "Seasons of the Soul" holds a special place in my heart. This Album from 1991 consists of songs written, mostly in collaboration with Michael Anderson ( another somewhat underrated artist).