Soundiron Kontakt

Soundiron Elysium Harp KONTAKT  Software

Posted by orientazure at Jan. 7, 2017
Soundiron Elysium Harp KONTAKT

Soundiron Elysium Harp KONTAKT | 14.7 Gb

Elysium Harp is a 47-string grand concert pedal harp virtual instrument library, fully compatible with the free Kontakt Player and Komplete Kontrol S-Series Keyboards by Native Instruments. We recorded this massive Lyon & Healy bronze concert harp in exquisite detail, with extended articulation choices, advanced controls, easy play-assist features and warm presence across the entire key range.

Soundiron Theremin + Ambient Electronic Theremin Tones KONTAKT  Software

Posted by orientazure at Nov. 20, 2016
Soundiron Theremin + Ambient Electronic Theremin Tones KONTAKT

Soundiron Theremin + Ambient Electronic Theremin Tones KONTAKT | 636 Mb

The Soundiron THEREMIN+ is an advanced library based on the classic sound and feel of the legendary Theremin, but with a huge twist and a wealth of additional sound-designed pads, leads, ambiences and atmospheres. Our Theremin+ behaves as close to a Theremin as you can get on a keyboard, smoothly gliding between monophonic notes with variable speed.

Soundiron Shudder KONTAKT  Software

Posted by orientazure at Nov. 18, 2016
Soundiron Shudder KONTAKT

Soundiron Shudder KONTAKT | 1.25 Gb

Shudder is a collection of 501 uniquely mangled, destroyed, deep, nightmarish and glitched percussive samples - along with FX, stingers, risers, and all the drones you'll need for your next horror soundtrack. Each sound has been designed using hard-hitting sources like our industry-revered Apocalypse Percussion and Temple Drums, as well as hauntingly corrupted noise makers, analog synth drones, bones breaking (vegetables), terrifying screeching metals, and much more.

SoundIron A.P.E. Micro KONTAKT  Software

Posted by orientazure at Oct. 10, 2016
SoundIron A.P.E. Micro KONTAKT

SoundIron A.P.E. Micro KONTAKT | 240 Mb

Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble Micro is the compact starter edition of our acclaimed Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble library. This heavy cinematic drum library features a total of 28 hard-hitting ensemble articulations, including 6 concert snare drum sets, 5 large tom sets, 7 bass drum sets, 4 Indian Dhol sets, 3 Turkish Doumbek sets, 1 Irish Bodhrán (frame drum) articulation, one Egyptian Riq and a Greek Daf articulation, so you have access to a broad range of powerful sounds to create with.

Soundiron Lo KONTAKT  Software

Posted by orientazure at Sept. 24, 2016
Soundiron Lo KONTAKT

Soundiron Lo KONTAKT | 327 Mb

LO is a dedicated Kick and Low Frequency FX library for the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt. It’s designed for EDM, Glitch, Hybrid, Electronica, Hip Hop, Breakbeat and any other genre of music that calls for serious low end with a dynamic and unique flavor.

Soundiron Voices of Rage KONTAKT  Software

Posted by orientazure at Aug. 28, 2015
Soundiron Voices of Rage KONTAKT

Soundiron Voices of Rage KONTAKT | 4.37 Gb

Voices Of Rage is an aggressive death metal, hardcore and power metal vocal library that combines awesome vocal performances, powerful word and lyric building systems, tempo-synched phrase step sequencing features, multiple mic types, rack multi-FX and tons of cutting edge content and capabilities. It explores the raw, brutal and guttural vocal style that death metal is known for, in all of its roaring, screaming, hissing and screeching glory.

Soundiron Little Wooden Flutes KONTAKT  Software

Posted by orientazure at June 24, 2015
Soundiron Little Wooden Flutes KONTAKT

Soundiron Little Wooden Flutes KONTAKT | 1.89 Gb

Welcome to Soundiron's Little Wooden Flutes! This soulful collection features an Indian Venu flute recorded in a dry studio environment as well as several Native American Plains flutes recorded in a large open sanctuary hall to provide a rich, natural reverb.

Soundiron Questionably Barbershop KONTAKT  Software

Posted by orientazure at June 19, 2015
Soundiron Questionably Barbershop KONTAKT

Soundiron Questionably Barbershop KONTAKT | 700 Mb

Questionably Barbershop is a simple 4-piece male vocal ensemble, crafted in the style of an old timey Barbershop Quartet. Featuring the humble vocal talents of our own Mike Peaslee, Gregg Stephens and Spencer Nunamaker, this library offers basic chromatic sustains and staccato articulations, improvised scat and bebop phrases and even a couple of classic Americana folk song construction kits that are broken down line-by-line with each vocal part directly accessible in several different root keys.

Soundiron Kalimba v2.0 KONTAKT  Software

Posted by Dizel_ at April 15, 2015
Soundiron Kalimba v2.0 KONTAKT

Soundiron Kalimba v2.0 KONTAKT | 1.27 Gb

The Kalimba is a modernized version of the ancient African Mbira, also often called a thumb piano. It has a humble, melodious percussive plucking sound with a marimba-like warmth and tonal body. It is often used in conjunction with pianos and other tuned percussion instruments to add a sharper attack and playfulness to the sound. Our instruments were made of wood and coconut shell, with hammered steel tines suspended over their sound holes. The notes span about an octave and a half for the smaller of our two instruments and over two octaves for the larger kalimba.

Soundiron Snow Drums KONTAKT  Software

Posted by orientazure at Dec. 13, 2014
Soundiron Snow Drums KONTAKT

Soundiron Snow Drums KONTAKT | 85 Mb

Our Snow Drums library is a unique collection of snow and ice impacts works well when used creatively in place of traditional kicks, snares and hi-hats or as pure sound design source material. The snow instruments were created by recording a variety of ice and snow foley, using prepared and natural snow piles, ice blocks and frozen ponds.