Stardock WindowFX 6.02  Software

Posted by Mordigian at Dec. 18, 2016
Stardock WindowFX 6.02

Stardock WindowFX 6.02 | 17.3 MB

Stardock's WindowFX is a one-of-a-kind program that lets you super charge your Windows experience. WindowFX brings you polished and reliable window enhancement capabilities. Add an amazing assortment of features to Windows, which can be applied in a subtle way to give Windows a little umph.

Stardock CursorFX Plus 2.16 Multilingual  Software

Posted by melt_ at Nov. 19, 2016
Stardock CursorFX Plus 2.16 Multilingual

Stardock CursorFX Plus 2.16 Multilingual | 15.4 Mb

Stardock CursorFX is a program that lets you use and create incredibly cool looking Windows mouse cursors. CursorFX users can create and use cursors that look and feel far superior to anything you've ever seen before! Best of all, it's really easy to create your own super-charged cursors! It integrates into the standard Mouse interface of Windows and is easy to turn on and off as you need.

Stardock Start10 1.5 Multilingual  Software

Posted by Dizel_ at Aug. 31, 2016
Stardock Start10 1.5 Multilingual

Stardock Start10 1.5 Multilingual | 21 MB

When Windows 10 was officially launched, it aimed to provide users worldwide both with a familiar interface and with numerous functions to increase their productivity. However, if you are one of the people who consider the Start Menu could still use some work, especially when it comes to simplifying it, you can try Start10.

Icon Pack Windows Xp, Vista, Linux, Stardock Object Dock  Graphics

Posted by bit01 at Feb. 4, 2010
Icon Pack Windows Xp, Vista, Linux, Stardock Object Dock

Icon Pack Windows Xp, Vista, Linux, Stardock Object Dock.rar | 202.38 MB

this is a collection of megapack Icon Pack Stardock Object Dock for all operative system format is png. ico. the file is other 5000 pcs
i hope you like!

Stardock ObjectBar v2.1.0  Software

Posted by vCore at July 25, 2009
Stardock ObjectBar v2.1.0

Stardock ObjectBar v2.1.0 | 9MB

ObjectBar has everything you need to build your own unique Windows desktop environment. Every OS has its own way of accessing programs, tasks, and information, ObjectBar takes the best from those OSes and gives you the power to build your own.

ObjectBar also comes with a set of very high quality, easy to use interfaces that can take your Windows desktop to the next level. It is completely customizable.

Stardock Utopia Icon Premium Suite  Graphics

Posted by QSDR5 at July 11, 2006
Stardock Utopia Icon Premium Suite

Stardock Utopia Icon Premium Suite | 60Mb
4 different styles for over 600 total icons

Stardock Windowblinds 10.5  Software

Posted by speedzodiac_ at Dec. 20, 2016
Stardock Windowblinds 10.5

Stardock Windowblinds 10.5 | 48.2 MB

WindowBlinds enables you to make your desktop interface uniquely yours! From the start panel to the taskbar, window frames and control buttons, WindowBlinds enables users to customize desktop interface themes called skins to personalize the look and feel of their desktop.

Stardock DeskScapes 8.51 Multilingual  Software

Posted by Mordigian at Dec. 19, 2016
Stardock DeskScapes 8.51 Multilingual

Stardock DeskScapes 8.51 Multilingual | 74.3 MB

DeskScapes gives you the capability to animate and customize the wallpaper on your Windows desktop. Choose one of the animated wallpapers already included with DeskScapes, or use your own images WMV files to personalize your desktop.

Stardock ShadowFX 1.1.2  Software

Posted by Mordigian at Dec. 18, 2016
Stardock ShadowFX 1.1.2

Stardock ShadowFX 1.1.2 | 5.6 MB

Instantly add drop shadows to windows with ShadowFX. Add drop shadows to Windows 10/8. 10 shadow styles included for free. Choose black or colored shadow styles. Create your own drop shadows.

Stardock Fences 3.0.3  Software

Posted by Dizel_ at Dec. 11, 2016
Stardock Fences 3.0.3

Stardock Fences 3.0.3 | 10 MB

Automatically organize your desktop shortcuts and icons with Fences®!