Time Renegades 2016

Time Renegades (2016)  Video

Posted by MirrorsMaker at Aug. 17, 2016
Time Renegades (2016)

Time Renegades (2016)
HDRip 720p | MP4 | 1280 x 720 | x264 @ 3605 Kbps | 107 min | 2,91 Gb
Audio: Korean AAC 2.0 @ 78 Kbps | Subs: English (.srt), Arabic (.ass)
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Thriller

In 1983, high school teacher Ji-hwan is attacked by a pickpocket. In 2015, homicide detective Gun-woo is shot during a chase and loses consciousness. Both men are taken to the same hospital in different time periods, and both their hearts stop and miraculously start again at the same time. A mysterious force binds them together, allowing them to see through each other’s lives in their dreams. Soon realizing that the women they love strikingly resembles each other and that they are in fatal danger, the two men must team up to trace the past and change her destiny.

The Astonishing Ant-Man v02 - Small-Time Criminal (2016)  Comics

Posted by mikestoke at Dec. 3, 2016
The Astonishing Ant-Man v02 - Small-Time Criminal (2016)

The Astonishing Ant-Man v02 - Small-Time Criminal (2016)
English | CBR | 112 pages | 175.72 MB

Collects The Astonishing Ant-Man #5-9. Scott Lang has his tiny hands full, from one former goliath-sized super hero to a brand-new one! His daughter, Cassie, used to be a Young Avenger. Now, she’s de-powered and her life is the worst. But she’s about to find out what being a hero really means! Then, it’s time for the All-New, All-Different Giant-Man! Can he benefit from Ant-Man’s years of wisdom and experience? Maybe Scott should skip the parts where he was a small-time criminal. But wait, one of those parts is right now! Because when the Power Broker strikes him right where he’s most vulnerable, Scott will respond the only way he knows how: by breaking the law. Meet “Ant-Man’s 11,” find out how he ended up back behind bars, and savor Scott’s sensational showdown with the Power Broker and Darren Cross!
R.E.M. - Out Of Time (1991) [2016, 25-th Anniversary Edition]

R.E.M. - Out Of Time (1991)
Blu-Ray: MPEG-4 AVC 21958 kbps, 1080p, 23,976 fps, 16:9, High Profile 4.1
LPCM 2.0, 96 kHz, 4608 kbps, 24-bit / DTS-HD MA 5.1, 96 kHz, 7109 kbps, 24-bit
Alternative / Indie Rock | Concord Records | 01:36:54 | ~ 23.85 Gb

The supporting tour for Green exhausted R.E.M., and they spent nearly a year recuperating before reconvening for Out of Time. Where previous R.E.M. records captured a stripped-down, live sound, Out of Time was lush with sonic detail, featuring string sections, keyboards, mandolins, and cameos from everyone from rapper KRS-One to the B-52's' Kate Pierson…
Bill Evans - Some Other Time (1968/2016) [Official Digital Download DSD 128]

Bill Evans - Some Other Time: The Lost Session From The Black Forest (1968/2016)
DSF tracks 2CH, 1bit/5.64MHz | Digital Booklet | 7.4GB + 5% Recovery
Studio Master, Official Digital Download, 2xHD

Some Other Time: The Lost Session From the Black Forest is a newly unearthed studio session from the iconic pianist Bill Evans featuring bassist Eddie Gomez and drummer Jack DeJohnette. Recorded on June 20, 1968, nearly 10 years after the legendary Kind of Blue sessions with Miles Davis and a mere five days after the trio's incredible Grammy award-winning performance at the Montreux Jazz Festival, this is truly a landmark discovery for jazz listeners worldwide. Available in deluxe 2-CD and limited edition 2-LP sets, and containing over 90 minutes of music, this is the only studio album in existence of the Bill Evans trio with Gomez and DeJohnette. Some Other Time was recorded by the legendary MPS Records founder and producer Hans Georg Brunner-Schwer along with writer/producer Joachim-Ernst Berendt at the MPS studios in the Black Forest (Villingen, Germany).
Charlie Haden & Liberation Music Orchestra - Time / Life (2016)

Charlie Haden & Liberation Music Orchestra - Time / Life (2016)
MP3 320 kbps CBR | 53:56 min | 123 MB
Genre: Jazz | Label: IMPULSE!

As a delicious taster for the Liberation Orchestra’s appearance at this year’s London Jazz Festival, the release of Time/Life couldn’t be more appropriate.
Smokie - Changing All The Time (1975) [2016, Remastered & Extended]

Smokie - Changing All The Time (1975)
EAC | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & MP3 CBR 320Kbps
Sony Music, 88985321922 | ~ 365 or 129 Mb | Scans Included
Pop-Rock / Soft Rock | Remastered

On Changing All the Time, Smokie realizes the promise that was only hinted at Pass It Around. This album presents a confident and stylishly crafted blend of country-rock muscle and pop hooks that helped the group become a European phenomenon…

Die Antwoord - Mount Ninji and da Nice Time Kid (2016)  Music

Posted by vItOrrEs2009 at Sept. 15, 2016
Die Antwoord - Mount Ninji and da Nice Time Kid (2016)

Die Antwoord - Mount Ninji and da Nice Time Kid (2016)
Label: Zef Records | MP3 320 kbps CBR | 54:03 min | 127 mb
Electronic, Hip-Hop, Beats

In 2009, Die Antwoord (translated from Afrikaans as "the answer") burst onto the international scene out of the deep dark depths of South Africa. The rave rap duo of Ninja and ¥o-landi Vi$$er introduced zef culture into the pop culture lexicon, and pop culture hasn't been the same since. Early videos racked up a combined 35 million views, the band's website crashed due to the influx of traffic, and no one has been able to look at Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon art the same way again. In total their videos have over 250 million views and their albums are approaching a million in sales worldwide. In 2014, Donker Mag contained their next breakthrough tracks and remarkable videos. Now Die Antwoord release their next masterpiece - My Ninji And Da Nice Time Kid and the breakthrough video for 'Banana Brain'.

Godzilla - Rage Across Time 001 (2016)  Comics

Posted by mikestoke at Aug. 26, 2016
Godzilla - Rage Across Time 001 (2016)

Godzilla - Rage Across Time 001 (2016)
English | CBR | 31 pages | 69.41 MB

Move over dinosaurs… monsters used to rule the planet! Travel to different time periods to examine the origin of myths that fueled nightmares! In this first installment, Godzilla brings his terror to feudal Japan!

Long Long Time Ago (2016)  Video

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Long Long Time Ago (2016)

Long Long Time Ago (2016)
DVDRip | MKV | 704 x 296 | x264 @ 1975 Kbps | 106 min | 1,93 Gb
Audio: Hokkien AC3 5.1 @ 448 Kbps | Subs: English (embedded)
Genre: Comedy, Drama

The story spans from 1965 to the early 1970s. Heavily pregnant Zhao Di, the unwanted second wife of an older man, was chased out by her husband's family and forced to return to her own family. She gave birth to a pair of twins, Shun Fatt and Su-mei. As Su-mei had two moles on her face, which was said to be bad luck, she decided to give her up due to the pressure of wanting to build a better life for the rest of her family…..

Adventure Time 054 (2016)  Comics

Posted by mikestoke at July 14, 2016
Adventure Time 054 (2016)

Adventure Time 054 (2016)
English | CBR | 27 pages | 30.24 MB