VisualSVN Server Enterprise 3.5.4  Software

Posted by speedzodiac_ at Aug. 20, 2016
VisualSVN Server Enterprise 3.5.4

VisualSVN Server Enterprise 3.5.4 | 18.5 Mb

VisualSVN Server allows you to easily install and manage a fully-functional Subversion server on the Windows platform. Thanks to its robustness, unbeatable usability and unique enterprise-grade features, VisualSVN Server is useful both for small business and corporate users.

VisualSVN v2.0.1 for Visual Studio  Software

Posted by AnooshTheUploader at July 5, 2010
VisualSVN v2.0.1 for Visual Studio

VisualSVN v2.0.1 for Visual Studio | 3.41 MB

VisualSVN - a transparent integration of Subversion version control in the development environment Visual Studio. Provides complete control over any changes in the project, created by you or your colleagues. With VisualSVN you can view the history of modifications and restore previous versions of the project. The program was created based on the open source version control systems Subversion, which is actually a standard system memory for software projects. The program includes many tools and services, such as a system of review of coding and hosting providers. With VisualSVN you unlimited use of these tools and services.

VisualSVN 1.7.6 (updated)  Software

Posted by blaklisted at Sept. 3, 2009
VisualSVN 1.7.6 (updated)

VisualSVN 1.7.6 (updated)
Windows | 3.38 MB

VisualSVN is a Visual Studio plug-in that integrates Subversion and TortoiseSVN seamlessly with Visual Studio. VisualSVN virtually eliminates the management of your project source code files within Subversion. Program, design, debug and deploy with VisualSVN as your silent partner that safeguards your source code. With VisualSVN deployed throughout your development organization, all of your developers will be using Subversion confidently and effectively to manage and safeguard your organization's work product.

VisualSVN 1.7.2 for Visual Studio  Software

Posted by imfamous at May 20, 2009
VisualSVN 1.7.2 for Visual Studio

VisualSVN 1.7.2 for Visual Studio | 3.29 MB

VisualSVN is a Visual Studio plugin for Subversion integration. VisualSVN adds transparent and professional source control to the most widely used IDE on the Windows platform. The main aim of VisualSVN is to simplify usage of Subversion on Windows platform. Watch the quick "Getting Started" demo and learn how simple Subversion can be! VisualSVN is designed to help you master all important source control concepts by providing the right tools at the right place. It is well recognized as a stable and robust Visual Studio plugin. It is used by Fortune 500 companies, hi-tech startups, Microsoft MVP's and famous open-source projects. VisualSVN doesn't introduce a new version control system, but makes the standard Subversion easy to access for Visual Studio developers.

VisualSVN v1.0.3 for VS200x  Software

Posted by webgurru at Nov. 24, 2006
VisualSVN v1.0.3 for VS200x

Win32 | Size: 2.04 Mb

VisualSVN is a plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio for seamless integration with Subversion.

Be up to date without hassle
With VisualSVN you are one click away from reviewing your changes, committing them and getting other's changes. Don't worry about modification of solution or project files - VisualSVN will reload them when necessary.