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Aircraft Control Allocation

Aircraft Control Allocation
Wiley | Aeronautic & Aerospace | January 2017 | ISBN-10: 1118827791 | 312 pages | pdf | 4.49 mb

By Wayne Durham, Kenneth A. Bordignon, Roger Beck
An authoritative work on aircraft control allocation by its pioneers

Shock Waves & Explosions  

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Shock Waves & Explosions

Shock Waves & Explosions
Crc | Physics, Mathematics | 30. June 2004 | ISBN-10: 1584884223 | 296 pages | Djvu | 2 mb

Understanding the causes and effects of explosions is important to experts in a broad range of disciplines, including the military, industrial and environmental research, aeronautic engineering, and applied mathematics.
Applied Shape Optimization for Fluids, 2 edition (repost)

Bijan Mohammadi, Olivier Pironneau, "Applied Shape Optimization for Fluids, 2 edition"
English | 2009-11-30 | ISBN: 0199546908 | 292 pages | PDF | 7,6 MB

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and optimal shape design (OSD) are of practical importance for many engineering applications - the aeronautic, automobile, and nuclear industries are all major users of these technologies.

Hybrid Estimation of Complex Systems (Repost)  

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Hybrid Estimation of Complex Systems (Repost)

Hybrid Estimation of Complex Systems
Publisher: Springer | ISBN: 3540257276 | edition 2005 | PDF | 167 pages | 2,1 mb

This monograph provides a tool-set for hybrid estimation that can successfully monitor the behavior of complex artifacts with a large number of possible operational and failure modes such as production plants, automotive or aeronautic systems, and autonomous robots. For this purpose, ideas from the fields of System Theory and Artificial Intelligence are taken and hybrid estimation is reformulated as a search problem.
Pilot's Handbook of Flight Operating Instructions Navy Models F4U and British Models Corsair

Pilot's Handbook of Flight Operating Instructions Navy Models F4U-1, F3A-1, FG-1, F4U-1C, F3A-1D, FG-1D, F4U-1D Airplanes. British Models Corsair I, II, III, IV
Naval Aeronautic Publications | 1944 | ISBN: N/A | 70 pages | PDF | 25.8 MB