DSP-Quattro 4.2.2  Software

Posted by Темный Повелитель at Dec. 8, 2012
DSP-Quattro 4.2.2

DSP-Quattro 4.2.2 | Mac Os X | 32.4 MB

DSP-Quattro, the powerful Audio Editor for Mac OS X. This major new version introduces a lot of important new features and improvements. There is a new graphic Cut Editor which offers the maximum flexibility doing click-free cut&paste of audio waveforms, allowing you to draw x-fades curves by yourself. There is a built-in de-clicker tool for audio restoration, side by side with a new pencil tool to re-draw waveforms by hand, and also a very useful gain tool to manually lower transients by a real-time graphic control. Moreover, new High Quality Time Stretching and Frequency Shifting algorithms are built-in in version 4, there is a new graphic editor for Fade-In/Outs, up to 4 Aux busses to address outputs, user configurable key commands, unlimited number of effx slots to insert plug-ins, a new internal 'plug-in' module to address external audio hardware for external audio processing… and much more.

Magical File Encrypt v1.1  Software

Posted by Narga at Dec. 13, 2008
Magical File Encrypt v1.1

Magical File Encrypt v1.1
Encrypt | 5.27MB

Magical File Encrypt is powerful yet easy to use tool that will protect and secure your important files using custom high speed algoritms. Your data files undergo powerful cipher operations which ultimately makes them unreadable and impossible to run without first decrypting them. Only the correct password will decrypt the encrypted files. Even if an unauthorized person gets access to your files, he will not be able to read it without decrypting the files with the correct pass.