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Al-Jazeera World - The Israeli Dervish (2013)  Video

Posted by Polik88 at May 4, 2013
Al-Jazeera World - The Israeli Dervish (2013)

Al-Jazeera World - The Israeli Dervish (2013)
PDTV | English | MKV (H264) 25.000 fps 1515 Kbps | 832x432 | AAC 128 Kbps 48.0 khz | 43mn 35s | 473 MB
Genre: Documentary

We follow one man as he becomes the only Israeli granted access to the inner sanctum of the whirling Dervish order. Miki Cohen is a 58-year-old college teacher who has 'discovered' the works of Jalal ad-Din Rumi, a 13th-century Muslim poet and Sufi mystic.

Group Marriage (1973)  Video

Posted by yorkiez at Jan. 19, 2017
Group Marriage (1973)

Group Marriage (1973)
DVDRip | MKV/AVC x264 ~1615 kbps avg | 1Hr 30Mins | 23.976 fps | 720x464 | 1.16 GB
Audio: English | AC3 2 Ch 192 Kbps | Subtitles: None
Genre: Comedy | Director: Stephanie Rothman

Six affluent young couples decide to live together for economy's sake. They also decide to exchange mates now and then, just to remain up-to-date with contemporary mores. Soon, however, all participants realize that monogamy has its charms, too.

The Hourglass Sanatorium (1973) Sanatorium pod klepsydra  Video

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The Hourglass Sanatorium (1973) Sanatorium pod klepsydra

The Hourglass Sanatorium (1973)
BDRip 1080p | MKV | 1920x1040 | x264 @ 8549 Kbps | 124 min | 8,75 Gb
Audio: Polish DTS 5.1 @ 1509 Kbps | Subs: English (embedded in MKV)
Genre: Art-house, Drama, Fantasy

A visionary reflection on the nature of time and the irreversibility of death. A young man embarks on a journey to see his dying father and succumbs to a procession of hallucinatory encounters on the grounds of a mystical, dilapidated hospice. The film’s screenplay draws from more than 20 stories by Jewish author Bruno Schulz, one of the most renowned Polish prose stylists of the 20th century. The resulting film is a tour de force of atmospherics and otherworldly set design. Reading Schulz’s works through the prism of his death during World War II, Has adds reflections on the Holocaust.

Satan's School for Girls (1973)  Video

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Satan's School for Girls (1973)

Satan's School for Girls (1973)
English | DVDRip | AVI | 640x464 | DivX @ 1169 kb/s | 691 MB
Audio: MP3 @ 128 kb/s | 2 channels | 01:13:46 minutes
Genre: Crime, Horror, Mystery

Elizabeth Sayers enrolls at Salem's School for Girls, her dead sister's alma mater, in Salem, Mass. to investigate why her sister, Martha, was mysteriously hanging from a 12-foot ceiling beam at the girls' West Coast home.
Martin Scorsese Presents: Masterpieces of Polish Cinema Volume 2. Blu-Ray 2: Iluminacja / The Illumination (1973)

Martin Scorsese Presents: Masterpieces of Polish Cinema Volume 2. Blu-Ray 2: Iluminacja / The Illumination (1973)
Blu-Ray | BDMV | AVC, 1920x1080, ~35.0 Mbps | 1hr 32mn | 27,3 GB
Polish: DTS-HD Master Audio, 6 ch, 1801 kbps \ AC3, 6 ch, 640 kbps
Subtitles: English, French
Genre: Drama

Tabloid life of a physicist; his work, his love life and his quest for the meaning beyond.

Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid (1973) [Special Edition]  Video

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Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid (1973) [Special Edition]

Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid (1973)
2005 Special Edition and 1988 Turner Preview Version
2xDVD9 | VIDEO_TS | NTSC 16:9 | Cover + DVD Scans | 115 min and 121 min | 6,27 Gb + 7,56 Gb
Audio: #1 English and #2 French - each AC3 1.0 @ 192 Kbps | Subs: English, French, Spanish
Genre: Drama, Western | Director: Sam Peckinpah

It's 1881 in New Mexico, and the times they are a'changing. Pat Garrett, erstwhile travelling companion of the outlaw Billy the Kid has become a sheriff, tasked by cattle interests with ridding the territory of Billy. After Billy escapes, Pat assembles a posse and chases him through the territory, culminating in a final confrontation at Fort Sumner, but is unaware of the full scope of the cattle interests' plans for the New West.

Coffy (1973) + Extras  Video

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Coffy (1973) + Extras

Coffy (1973) + Extras
BRRip 720p | MKV | 1280 x 720 | x264 @ 2048 Kbps | 1h 30mn | 1,51 Gb + 747 Mb
Audio: English AC3 1.0 @ 160 Kbps + Director's Commentary track | Subs: English (embedded)
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller | Director: Jack Hill

Nurse "Coffy" Coffin leads a double life. During the day, she's a nurse at work. At night, she's an avenging angel on a personal vendetta, tracking down the drug pushers who hooked her younger sister on drugs. Along the way, she meets a honest police detective who also is leading a double life.

Terminal Island (1973)  Video

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Terminal Island (1973)

Terminal Island (1973)
BRRip 720p | MKV | 1280 x 720 | x264 @ 2560 Kbps | 1h 28 mn | 1,90 Gb
Audio: English AC3 2.0 @ 192 Kbps + Commentary track | Subs: None
Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller | Director: Stephanie Rothman

In the wake of a Supreme Court decision to outlaw the death penalty, California passes an initiative that designates San Bruno island as a dumping spot for first-degree murder convicts, free to do what they like except leave. The main camp of convicts is controlled by the tyrannical Bobby, who rules with an iron hand, and the women are used as sex slaves. A.J. and a group of more free-minded murderers have escaped and gone into hiding. When A.J. and his men liberate the women from Bobby's custody, tensions mount to an all-out confrontation for control of the island.

The Bed Hostesses / Die Bett-Hostessen (1973)  Video

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The Bed Hostesses / Die Bett-Hostessen (1973)

The Bed Hostesses / Die Bett-Hostessen (1973)
English or German or French (3 audio tracks) | DVDRip | AVI | 688x416 | XviD @ 1702 kb/s | 1.12 GB
Audio: AC-3 @ 128 kb/s | 2 channels | 01:16:27 minutes
Genre: Comedy, Erotic

Young women make for the best hosts in this sexploitation film from Erwin Dietrich. A series of short stories that show young women in various sexual situations who enjoy playing host to their male and female visitors.

Mean Streets (1973)  Video

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Mean Streets (1973)

Mean Streets (1973)
BDRip 720p | MKV | 1280x720 | AVC@6243 kb/s | English DTS@930 kb/s | 2 channels | 1 h 51 min | 5.58 GB
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Four honourable men business ends up in a chaos when Johnny boy adopted their profession and ruined their empire