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Patrick Baudry, Alain Souchier, "Ariane"  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by TimMa at May 17, 2017
Patrick Baudry, Alain Souchier, "Ariane"

Patrick Baudry, Alain Souchier, "Ariane"
Flammarion | 2008 | ISBN: 2082004554 | French | PDF | 218 pages | 26 MB

Le 24 décembre 1979, le première fusée Ariane décolle du centre spatial de kourou, en Guyane, sous les yeux d'Alain Souchier. Autour de lui, ses camarades, les techniciens des onze nations différentes associées au projet. Tous saluent d'une formidable ovation ce premier pas de l'accession de l'Europe à l'indépendance en matière de lanceur spatial. …
Maria Lettberg, Ariane Matiakh - Zara Levina: The Piano Concertos (2017)

Maria Lettberg, Ariane Matiakh - Zara Levina: The Piano Concertos (2017)
EAC | FLAC (image+.cue, log) | Covers + Digital Booklet | 56:16 | 234 MB
Genre: Classical | Label: Capriccio | Catalog: C5269

Zara Alexandrovna Levina, born 1906 in Alexandrovsk (Ukraine), witnessed two world wars, the Revolution as well as the collapse and totalitarian reconstruction of her homeland. She was under the constant ideological pressure of the existentially threatening state censorship, which was particularly exerted by the notorious RAPM (Russian Association of Proletarian Musicians) in the 1920s and 1930s, driving her to the brink of a creative and health disaster. However, Zara Levina was able to retain her own and unmistakable voice in her music.

Francois Couperin - Ariane et Apotheoses (2016) {Aparté}  Music

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Francois Couperin - Ariane et Apotheoses (2016) {Aparté}

Francois Couperin - Ariane et Apotheoses (2016) {Aparté}
EAC 1.3 | FLAC tracks level 8 | Cue+Log+M3u | Full Scans 300dpi | 349MB + 5% Recovery
Genre: Classical, Baroque

It is only recently that the cantata Ariane consolated by Bacchus was attributed to Couperin, on the strength of many technical details too complex to be unrolled, but perfectly convincing. It is therefore a kind of first world discography of a work of this great composer that Christophe Rousset gives us, with the superb voice of Stéphane Degout whose impeccable speech allows to understand absolutely every word. There follow two immense apotheoses of the same, that of Corelli dated 1724 and that of Lully of the following year. These are very ample instrumental suites in the style of, with quotations, allusions, jokes of all kinds, in a quasi-theatrical and very descriptive writing approaching a kind of programmed music.
Ariane Hahnsche - German Playmate of the Month April 2011 (Repost)

Ariane Hahnsche - German Playmate April 2011
37 jpg | 1125*1500 | 16.46 MB
Jordi Savall, Ton Koopman, Ariane Maurette - Francois Couperin - Pieces de violes - 1728 (2012) {Alia Vox AVSA9893}

Jordi Savall, Ton Koopman, Ariane Maurette - Francois Couperin - Pieces de violes - 1728 (2012) {Alia Vox AVSA9893}
EAC rip (secure mode) | FLAC (tracks)+CUE+LOG -> 239 Mb | MP3 @320 -> 103 Mb
Artwork @ 600 dpi (jpg) -> 344 Mb | 5% repair rar
© 1975, 2012 Alia Vox | AVSA9893
Classical / Baroque / Chamber Music / Bass Viola da gamba / Harpsichord

This beautiful recording, once long out-of-print, is now remastered in high definition multi-channel hybrid SACD, and is the first album made by Jordi Savall for the Astrée label, now reissued on Alia Vox. With this rare 1975 disc, Savall confirmed François Couperin as a master composer for viola da gamba with affinities to the previous masters of French music. On the recording Mr. Savall plays an authentic 7-string bass viol, anonymously constructed in 17th century France. He is joined by musicians Ton Koopman playing a Gilbert des Ruisseaux harpsichord built in the late 17th century and Ariane Maurette playing a Barak Norman bass viol constructed in London in 1697. Couperin’s music for these colorful instruments is marvelous, contemplative and beguiling. The highly collectible album, a must-have of the Savall oeuvre, is now available again and features a very informative booklet.

Mother Black Cap - Discography [3 Studio Albums] (2006-2013)  Music

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Mother Black Cap - Discography [3 Studio Albums] (2006-2013)

Mother Black Cap - Discography [3 Studio Albums] (2006-2013)
EAC Rip | FLAC (image+.cue+log) - 1,04 GB | MP3 CBR 320 kbps (LAME 3.93) - 390 MB | Covers - 48 MB
Genre: Progressive Rock | RAR 3% Rec. | Label: Self-released, Cyclops

Mother Black Cap are a British five piece band playing a brand of progressive rock music with its roots firmly in the Genesis, Pendragon, Grey Lady Down and The Gift territory. The second album ("The English Way", 2009) comprises seven tracks ranging from a minute to 17 minutes, the longer tracks giving the band time and scope for thematic developments from beautiful piano to pulsing synthesizer work and great melodic guitar solos. The stunning epic opus The English Way has thoughtful lyrics about how England and its culture has changed (for the better or worse?) over the last few decades. As well as the philosophical lyrics there are instrumental passages giving dramatic and dynamic changes with power and grace. An album that will appeal to those who like both vintage and modern progressive music…

Ariane Brunet - Stella (2016)  Music

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Ariane Brunet - Stella (2016)

Ariane Brunet - Stella (2016)
French Pop | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 00:40:44 | 101 MB
Label: Les Disques Victoire

Quebec chanteuse Ariane Brunet's velvety voice and perky pop instincts on her first pair of albums established her as a rising francophone star. She goes deeper on Stella, bringing evocative electro, acoustic balladry and breezy disco to her wonderfully nuanced third LP. A newfound polish is there in the moody, rhythmic backdrop of lovestruck opener "Y croire", as lush synthesiser strings envelop Brunet's soothing vocals. "Fais-moi tourner encore" starts introspectively before opening into a soaring, horn-enhanced dance party. But it’s the ‘60s-style sass and shimmying groove of "Ta parade” that seal the deal: Ariane Brunet has found her sweet spot.

Cafe Olympique / Au fil d'Ariane (2014)  Video

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Cafe Olympique / Au fil d'Ariane (2014)

Cafe Olympique / Au fil d'Ariane (2014)
DVDRip | MKV/x264 1272 kbps avg | 92 min | 688x370 | Audio dubbed: German | AC3 6 Ch 384 Kbps | 1.09 GB
Genre: Drama | Director: Robert Guédiguian

Es ist ihr Geburtstag, aber Ariane war nie einsamer in ihrem schönen Haus. Die Kerzen auf dem Kuchen sind angezündet. Aber die Gäste haben abgesagt… sie werden nicht kommen. Ariane setzt sich ins Auto und fährt nach Marseille um in der großen sonnigen Stadt am Meer etwas zu erleben. Ein Taxifahrer, ein Restaurantbesitzer, eine Kellnerin und ein Andenken-Verkäufer verhelfen Ariane zu einigen unvergesslichen Tagen am Meer. Eine Hommage an Menschen für die Solidarität mehr zählt als Eigennutz.

Ariane's Thread / Au fil d'Ariane (2014)  Video

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Ariane's Thread / Au fil d'Ariane (2014)

Ariane's Thread / Au fil d'Ariane (2014)
DVDRip | AVI | Xvid, 1673 Kbps | 688x368 | 25 fps | 1.40 GB | 3% Recovery | Runtime: 91 Min
Audio : French Ac3 448 Kbps | 6 channels | 48 KHz | Subtitle : None
Genre: Drama

Today is Ariane's birthday and she is more alone than ever in her lovely home. The candles are lit on the cake, but the guests have apologized, for they won't be coming. So Ariane gets in her lovely car and leaves her lovely suburb to get lost in the big city.

Ariane - Band 25 - Florina  Comics

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Ariane - Band 25 - Florina

Ariane - Band 25 - Florina
German | CBR | 52 pages | 136 MB