Model Boilers and Boilermaking  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by bookwarrior at Nov. 7, 2015
Model Boilers and Boilermaking

Model Boilers and Boilermaking By Karl Noble Harris
1976 | 185 Pages | ISBN: 0852423772 | PDF | 13 MB

The Appropriate Technology Library  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by FenixN at May 9, 2012
The Appropriate Technology Library

The Appropriate Technology Library
1083 PDF | 13.8 Gb

The most comprehensive, compact, and cost effective appropriate technology and sustainable living resource in the world! The AT Library contains the full text and images from over 1050 of the best books dealing with all areas of do-it-yourself technology. Portable and easy to use on 28 CDs or 2 DVDs. The AT Library is currently in use in sustainable development projects in over 74 countries worldwide. It’s like a portable internet of appropriate technology solutions!