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PCSX2 for Windows 0.9.4 Playstation 2 emulator  

Posted by Ruslab-Warez at Nov. 13, 2007
PCSX2 for Windows 0.9.4 Playstation 2 emulator

PCSX2 for Windows 0.9.4
Freeware | 7 MB | Multilingual | RapidShare&FileFactory

PCSX2 is a Playstation 2 emulator. Rather than concentrating on the whole PSX2 system, the emulator focuses on a few public domain demos.

Tor for Windows  

Posted by Ruslab-Warez at Oct. 29, 2007
Tor for Windows

Tor for Windows
Free | 2196KB | Multilingual

Tor is a toolset for organizations and people that want to improve their safety and security on the Internet. Using Tor can help you anonymize Web browsing and publishing, instant messaging, IRC, SSH, and other applications that use the TCP protocol. Tor also provides a platform on which software developers can build new applications with built-in anonymity, safety, and privacy features.

Tor это средство для большого числа организаций и людей которые хотят улучшить свою безопасность и защиту в сети Internet. Tor обеспечивает анонимный серфинг и публикации в Сети, анонимное использование систем мгновенного обмена сообщениями (IM), IRC, SSH, а также ряда других приложений, использующих протокол TCP. Tor также предоставляет платформу на которой программисты могут разрабатывать приложения со встроенной системой обеспечения приватности и анонимности.

DRevitalize 3.22 for Windows  Software

Posted by Mordigian at Dec. 2, 2016
DRevitalize 3.22 for Windows

DRevitalize 3.22 for Windows | 0.1 MB

DRevitalize is a program that repairs bad sectors (physical defects) on popular magnetic media (hard drives and also floppy drives to some extent) by generating a special sequence of high and low signals around the physically damaged area. The surface of almost any drive can be repaired with this utility (even hard drives that were dropped down or exposed to strong electromagnetic fields).
Diarios Online RSS Screensaver Reader for MAC and Windows 7.0

Diarios Online RSS Screensaver Reader for MAC and Windows | 0.6 MB

The Diarios Online 7.04 RSS Screensaver Reader is a screensaver that lets you subscribe to one up to 10 RSS feeds, The Screensaver loops through the list of RSS items and shows the contents of the feed in a very big font size.

Passwords Active v1.0  Software

Posted by franklee at July 6, 2007
Passwords Active v1.0

Passwords Active v1.0 | Windows | 0.17 MB | Rs.com

Passwords Active is the way of generating identification in the form of powerful passwords. This is a fast, efficient and very powerful application to generate up to 9999 passwords and up to 9999 characters long.

Cryptomax CleanUSB v1.0  Software

Posted by franklee at July 4, 2007
Cryptomax CleanUSB v1.0

Cryptomax CleanUSB v1.0 | Windows | 0.35 MB | Rs.com

Cryptomax CleanUSB is a USB Mass Storage cleanup tool with a user friendly Wizard interface.

BackRex Expert Backup v2.6.0.113  Software

Posted by franklee at July 3, 2007
BackRex Expert Backup v2.6.0.113

BackRex Expert Backup v2.6.0.113 | Windows | 0.78 MB | Rs.com

BackRex Expert Backup is a powerful settings backup and migration tool allowing you to backup your current Windows configuration to be restored later or transferred to another machine or the same machine under another OS environment. Among the settings being backed up are desktop layout, mouse cursors schemes, sound schemes, regional settings, etc.
BackRex Expert Backup will also save customizations of Microsoft Office 95/97/2000/XP/2003 suite, Outlook data folders, e-mail, contacts, tasks, Outlook Express, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox settings including personal address books, mail folders, dial-up settings and much more. BackRex Expert Backup can automatically save all recent documents you work on.

Cryptomax WipeData v1.0.1  Software

Posted by franklee at July 3, 2007
Cryptomax WipeData v1.0.1

Cryptomax WipeData v1.0.1 | Windows | 0.40 MB | Rs.com

Cryptomax WipeData is a file deletion tool with a user friendly Wizard interface and powerful strong deletion methods.

BabelColor CT&A 5.0.0 Build 358  Software

Posted by melt_ at Sept. 7, 2016
BabelColor CT&A 5.0.0 Build 358

BabelColor CT&A 5.0.0 Build 358 | 27.8 Mb

CT&A (Color Translator & Analyzer) is a collection of tools specifically designed for the measurement, conversion, and analysis of individual colors or small batches of colors (depending on the tool). Tools are grouped by theme in individually managed windows; these windows are controlled with a menu or toolbar.

WinTools.net 17.0.0 Premium Multilingual Portable  Software

Posted by Dizel_ at Dec. 4, 2016
WinTools.net 17.0.0 Premium Multilingual Portable

WinTools.net 17.0.0 Premium Multilingual Portable | 2 Mb

WinTools.net is a suite of tools for increasing MS Windows operating system performance. WinTools.net cleanly removes unwanted software from disk drives and dead references from the MS Windows registry. WinTools.net puts you in control of the Windows startup process, memory monitoring and gives you the power to customize desktop and system settings to fit your needs. Adds more speed and stability for your connection. Ensures your privacy and keep sensitive information secure. WinTools.net Premium contains tools: Clean Uninstaller, Scan Files, Scan Shortcuts, Scan Registry, Startup Manager, Tweak UI, Net Tweaker, Your Privacy, Invisible Man, File Shredder…