V-Ray for C4D v1.8.1.63 (Win / Mac OS X)  Software

Posted by Artist14 at Nov. 14, 2013
V-Ray for C4D v1.8.1.63 (Win / Mac OS X)

V-Ray for C4D v1.8.1.63 (Win / Mac OS X) | 150 MB / 157 MB

V-Ray today is one of highest quality render tools available for production. It is widely used by professional CG artists and visualizations firms worldwide. Its proven, beautiful and super realistic image quality, at unsurpassed render speed, attracts many users from all areas. VRAYforC4D is the Cinema4D native incarnation of this great engine. It enables you to use V-Ray directly within Cinema4D using the typical C4D like workflow. V-Ray is the de-facto standard in architecture & design visualization, car rendering, TV commercials, and many more areas, like in recent Hollywood Movies like 3D Blockbuster AVATAR.

VRay for C4D 1.8  Software

Posted by scutter at Oct. 31, 2013
VRay for C4D 1.8

VRay for C4D 1.8 | 521.5 mb

Chaos Group announces VRay for C4D 1.8 [using V-Ray 2.45 core], a highly anticipated release of the company’s leading rendering solution. it is the biggest update so far in VRay for C4D history.

GreyscaleGorilla Topcoat v1.504 (Win/Mac)  Software

Posted by Detvora at Nov. 13, 2016
GreyscaleGorilla Topcoat v1.504 (Win/Mac)

GreyscaleGorilla Topcoat v1.504 (Win/Mac) | 125 MB

Topcoat is a brand new texturing plugin from Greyscalegorilla that makes reflectance and adding realistic reflection to your scene easy and beautiful. Everything we see in the real world is a reflection. It’s the most important part of any C4D texturing workflow. So, when Reflectance came out in R16 and R17, we were excited to say the least. Finally, a realistic reflection tool that helped us achieve beautiful photo real renders with native C4D tools.

Evermotion Archmodels vol 134 FULL  Software

Posted by AlenMiler at Oct. 22, 2013
Evermotion Archmodels vol 134 FULL

Evermotion Archmodels vol 134 FULL
.c4d | .FBX | mental.max | scanline.max | vray.max | .obj | .mtl | 2.63 GB high compressed | Unrar 7.6 GB

Archmodels vol. 134 includes 40 sets of professional, highly detailed 3d models for architectural visualizations. This collection comes with high quality interior props with all textures and materials.

Nexlimit Maxwell Render v1.5 Win32/64Bits  Software

Posted by head56 at June 6, 2007
Nexlimit Maxwell Render v1.5 Win32/64Bits

Nexlimit Maxwell Render v1.5 Win32/64Bits
App Type: Render | Manual .PDF | APP and Plugins | 32/64 BIts | 356 Mb
Archicad, C4d, formZ, Lighwave, 3ds Max, Maya, Rhino, Sketchup, Solidworks, Xsi.

Maxwell Render™ is a physically correct, unbiased rendering engine.
By calculating complex mathematics, Maxwell Render is capable of simulating light exactly as in the real world.
Unbiased means Maxwell Render™ does not use tricks to imitate real world behavior like other renderers – everything is reproduced as it is through governing physical equations.

BlackStar enDOFin ver. 1.0 For Cinema4D  Software

Posted by movieman at Nov. 8, 2006
BlackStar enDOFin ver. 1.0 For Cinema4D

BlackStar enDOFin ver. 1.0 For Cinema4D | 1.45 MB

BlackStar enDOFin is a post effect plugin for Cinema 4D to achieve Depth Of Field effects without the Advanced Render module. It further offers a correct treatment of alpha and transparency, reflections, C4D-Hair and a bunch of other individually adjustable settings.

The Pixel Lab: City Pack  Software

Posted by scutter at Jan. 4, 2012
The Pixel Lab: City Pack

The Pixel Lab: City Pack | 495.3 mb

A huge collection with over 20 city themed models, 3 full 3D environments, 16 graffiti C4D textures and 40 image textures from The Pixel Lab.

Vue 6 xStream (ISO) + Update + Fix  Software

Posted by car001 at Jan. 23, 2007
Vue 6 xStream (ISO) + Update + Fix

Vue 6 xStream Iso + Update + Fix
Windows 2000, XP or XP64 | ISO | 628 MB ( 6 x 100 + 28 MB )

Vue 6 xStream (ISO) + Update + Fix

Vue 6 xStream offers professional CG artists a complete toolset for creating exceptionally rich and realistic natural environments and
rendering them in 3ds Max, Maya, LightWave, Cinema 4D and XSI.
Access all the power of the world's leading 3D scenery program directly from within your favorite application. Create and edit extremely
rich and realistic natural environments, and seamlessly blend them with Maya/Max/LightWave/C4D/XSI native scenes and animations.
Render everything together inside your favorite application, with full interaction between Vue and native elements, including 2-way mutual
shadow casting, reflection, refraction and lighting.
Vue 6 xStream provides a unique, unmatched solution for creating and integrating high quality natural scenery into any professional
production pipeline, from architectural visualization to broadcast and film.

Vue 6 xStream (ISO) + Update + Fix

rendered in Maya

OnyxTREE Professional Suite 6  Software

Posted by Albert Fedotov at Sept. 7, 2006
OnyxTREE Professional Suite 6

OnyxTREE Professional Suite 6 | 112 Mb

OnyxTREE Professional Suite 6 is a suite of four dedicated vegetation creators for procedural modeling of broadleaf trees and bushes (OnyxTREE BROADLEAF), conifer trees and bushes (OnyxTREE CONIFER), palms and related species (OnyxTREE PALM), and bamboos and related species (OnyxTREE BAMBOO).
All four modelers export 3D objects in six(6) most widely used file formats: 3DS, C4D, DXF, FACT, LWO, and OBJ. They also export high resolution images of plants as BMP(PICT) and TARGA files.

OnyxFLOWER ver. 1.0  Software

Posted by Albert Fedotov at Aug. 1, 2006
OnyxFLOWER ver. 1.0

OnyxFLOWER 1.0 + OnyxFLOWER Library | 7,5 Mb
Exports 3D models as 3DS, C4D, DXF, FAC, LWO, and OBJ

OnyxFLOWER is a dedicated parametric modeler for flowers. With hundreds of parameters carefully structured around the principal flower elements, the modeler gives the user unprecedented control and enables easy creation of a wide variety of flower species.