CadWorks 3.0.68  Software

Posted by Dizel_ at June 14, 2015
CadWorks 3.0.68

CadWorks 3.0.68 | 5 Mb

CadWorks is a companion program designed to work with FoamWorks 3.0 It supports basic CAD tools as well as utilities to create the DAT file (non scaled description of a profile) from DXF, DWG drawings.

CADWorks 2009  Software

Posted by Accurate at June 12, 2009
CADWorks 2009

CADWorks 2009 | 540MB

Beginning with a commitment to MEP engineering excellence and a belief that technology is a purveyor of positive change and advancement, CADworks has provided services and products to architectural and engineering firms, and to the AEC industry at large, for two decades. Through the continuous evaluation and purposeful integration of new technologies into its practices, CADworks has developed dynamic novel engineering processes and tools. CADworks brings this resultant success forward through the evolution of Computer Aided Design to Building Information Modeling. Moving beyond traditional MEP and adjacent AEC discipline practices, CADworks now offers enhancements for BIM, BPA and CIM process solutions.