The Victor Recordings with Frances Alda, Enrico Caruso, and string quartet (1990)

The Victor Recordings with Frances Alda, Enrico Caruso, and string quartet (1990)
1CD | EAC Rip | APE(image) + CUE + LOG + Covers | RAR Rec. 3% | 234 MB

Cilea - L'Arlesiana (Francesco Cilluffo) (2015)  Music

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Cilea - L'Arlesiana (Francesco Cilluffo) (2015)

Cilea - L'Arlesiana (Francesco Cilluffo) (2015)
NTSC 16:9 (720x480) VBR | Italiano (LinearPCM, 2 ch) | (Dolby AC3, 6 ch) | 7.43 Gb (DVD9) | 105 min
Classical | Dynamic | Sub: Italiano, English, Deutsch, Francais, Japanese, Korean

The Dynamic label presents, in a world premiere on DVD Francesco Cileas rarely heard or produced opera L'Arlesiana (1897, rev. 1898). Its the story of Federico, the older son of the widow and farm owner Rosa Mamai, and his insane passion for a mysterious woman who, in the opera, is never shown. Federico wants to marry her desperately, dreams of her, suffers for her, and step-by-step his mind begins to waver. The people around him try in vain to prevent this love from becoming a damning obsession. The end result for Federico, however, is tragic. The operas famous aria "Il lamento di Federico" has been a favorite with tenors throughout the ages, including Enrico Caruso. This recording also features the aria for tenor, "Una mattina", written by Cilea for the opera's first version and then lost, here in world première recording. Directed by Rosetta Cucchi, a co-production between Teatro Pergolesi and Wexford Festival Opera.

Jussi Björling - Complete Rca Album Collection: Box Set 14CDs (2011)  Music

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Jussi Björling - Complete Rca Album Collection: Box Set 14CDs (2011)

Jussi Björling - Complete Rca Album Collection: Box Set 14CDs (2011)
Classical | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 2,03 Gb
Label: Sony Classical | Release Year: 2011

Available for a limited time only, this specially priced 14-CD set is the first-ever complete collection of the complete RCA recordings of the spectacular tenor they called "The Swedish Caruso"! This handsomely put-together box boasts reproductions of the original LP sleeves and a comprehensive discography.

The Goodfellas - Olly Meets The Good Fellas (2005)  Music

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The Goodfellas - Olly Meets The Good Fellas (2005)

The Goodfellas - Olly Meets The Good Fellas (2005)
Vocal Jazz, Swing | MP3 320 kbps CBR | 71 min | 164 MB
Label: Bagana Records | Rel: 2005

The most cursory glance down the roster of America’s most popular troubadours, immediately reveals one prime and inescapable fact- the majority are of Italian-American extraction. Caruso, Sinatra, Como, Prima, Monte, Bennett, Darin…the list seems endless. “Why”, many an eager bobby-soxer has asked “are so many of the great singers Italian?” Why, indeed? The answer is, of course, to step into the history and folkways of a people that it would take thousands of words to explain. But, we can briefly say, it’s because of their warm-hearted, unrestrained humour and passion for life. As a part of this good company we can find “THE GOOD FELLAS”.

Puccini - La Boheme (Robert Dornhelm) (2010) [Blu-Ray]  Music

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Puccini - La Boheme (Robert Dornhelm) (2010) [Blu-Ray]

Puccini - La Bohème (Robert Dornhelm) (2010) [Blu-Ray]
BluRay | BDMV | MPEG-4 AVC Video / 29996 kbps / 1080i / 25 fps | 109 min | 27,4 Gb
Audio1: Italian / DTS-HD Master Audio / 5.1 / 48 kHz / 3827 kbps / 24-bit | Audio2: German / Dolby Digital Audio / 2.0 / 48 kHz / 224 kbps

BluRay-rip | AVC | MKV 1920x1080 / 5 184 kbps / 25 fps | 109 min | 5,05 Gb
Audio: Italian / DTS / 6ch / 48.0 KHz / 24 bits
Classical | Warner Home Video | Sub: German

Oscar-nominated director Robert Dornhelm lends the story a darker glow, with Bertrand de Billy's soft-centred but warm conducting and two superb star performances. Villazón as Rodolfo, less… sings with a focused intensity which at time recalls Caruso, and makes a scruffily credible hero… Netrebko's creamy-voiced Mimì is no naïve little seamstress; her scarlet satin and glamour-girl make-up suggests she's been around… but her anguish in Act III is no less heartfelt. Dornhelm's sombrely sumptuous images capture a credibly chilly, squalid, yet defiantly romantic milieu.

Josh Groban - Closer  Music

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2004 | Vocal/New Age/Pop | 94mb | alt-preset extreme | grabbed with EAC/LAME
if you hear the difference between this MP3 and original AudioCD, be sure - somethink wrong with your acoustic

Современный, молодой оперный певец:
Потрясающий голос, приятная, романтическая музыка, высочайшее качество исполнения.
Его музыку нельзя назвать классикой, хотя знаменитую Caruso он исполняет лучше всех (по моему скромному мнению);
это скорее pop/instrumental, с необычным, оперным голосом...