Cats: Songs from the Musical  

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Cats: Songs from the Musical

Cats: Songs from the Musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber
English | May 1, 1982 | ISBN: 0881882003 | 112 pages | PDF | 7 MB

(Vocal Selections). Features 19 songs from the beloved Andrew Lloyd Webber classic: The Ad-dressing of Cats * The Ballad of Billy M'Caw * Bustopher Jones: The Cat About Town * Grizabella: The Glamour Gat * Growltiger's Last Stand * Gus: The Theatre Cat * Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats * The Journey to the Heavyside Layer * Macavity: The Mystery Cat * Memory * Mr. Mistoffelees * Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer * The Naming of Cats * Old Deuteronomy * The Old Gumbie Cat * Overture * The Rum Tum Tugger * Skimbleshanks: The Railway Cat * The Song of the Jellicles.

The Hell in Vietnam RIP  Games

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The Hell in Vietnam RIP

The Hell in Vietnam RIP | 290 MB

Become an officer of the US Army and participate in one of its most bloody conflicts. 8 highly playable missions, giving you many hours of great entertainment. Detailed models of the US Army weaponry from 1968: M16 A1 assault rifle, M14 semiautomatic rifle, M79 CAW grenade launcher etc. Equally detailed models of the weapons used by the Vietnamese army: AK-47 assault rifle, PPsh 41 automatic, RPG-7 rocket launcher etc. Various military equipment for both sides of the conflict - PBR patrol boats, Huey and Mi-4 helicopters, BRDM armoured scout cars, and even F-4 Phantom planes

Infantry Weapons of the World (Twilight: 2000, 2nd edition)  

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Infantry Weapons of the World (Twilight: 2000, 2nd edition)

Loren K. Wiseman - Infantry Weapons of the World
Game Designers Workshop | 1991 | ISBN: 1558780688 | 106 pages | PDF | 14.15 MB

This book was writen for the Twilight: 2000 series of games, but is useful as a quick reference for weapons enthusiast. "Infantry Weapons of the World" covers over 220 pistols, rifles, submachineguns, machineguns, and shotguns, each illustrated in full detail, and each fully rated for use with Twilight: 2000. This handbook includes all major military weapons in service with the world's armies in the year 2000, plus older weapons from past conflicts: WWII, WWI, and even some weapons of the colonial wars of the last century! Weapons covered in this book include the Automag .44, Colt Detectives Special, HK4, Mauser M1896, P-08 Luger (three varieties), Remington XP-100, Welrod .32, M-45 Carl Gustav, M3A1, Madson M50, S&W M76, VP-70, AR-7 Explorer, BM-59, H&H .600 Nitro Double Express Elephant Gun, .45 Martini-Henry, Stoner 63 series (Carbine, rifle, LMG, and HMG), H&K CAW, SPAS-15, and hundreds more.