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Chinese (Cantonese), Q&S  eBooks & eLearning

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Chinese (Cantonese), Q&S

Chinese (Cantonese), Q&S: Learn to Speak and Understand Cantonese Chinese with Pimsleur Language Programs
(Pimsleur Quick and Simple) by Pimsleur Language Programs
Publisher: Pimsleur; Abridged edition (February 1, 2001) | ISBN: 0743500164 | Language English | Audio CD in MP3 192Kbps | 348 MB

Dr. Paul Pimsleur devoted his life to language teaching and testing and was one of the world's leading experts in applied linguistics. After years of experience and research, Dr. Pimsleur developed The Pimsleur Method based on two key principles: the Principle of Anticipation and a scientific principle of memory training that he called ?Graduated Interval Recall.? This Method has been applied to the many levels and languages of the Pimsleur Programs.

Pimsleur Chinese (Cantonese 1) (Repost)  eBooks & eLearning

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Pimsleur Chinese (Cantonese 1) (Repost)

Pimsleur Chinese (Cantonese 1)
Pimsleur | ISBN: 0743500172 | 2005 | MP3+PDF | 376 Mb

Comprehensive Chinese (Cantonese) I includes 30 lessons of essential grammar and vocabulary – 16 hours of real-life spoken practice sessions – plus a Culture Booklet.
Upon completion of this Level I program, you will have functional spoken proficiency with the most-frequently-used vocabulary and grammatical structures. You will be able to:

Рimslеur - English for Chinese Speakers  eBooks & eLearning

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Рimslеur - English for Chinese Speakers

Рimslеur - English for Chinese Speakers
Audio CDs: Chinese / English: MP3, 128 Kbps (2 channels) | Duration: 30 Hours | 2001 | ISBN-10: 0743508750, 0743500245
PDF Books
Overal size: 1.71 GB | Genre: Learning Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin) | Level: Intermediate

It’s now possible to speak and understand a foreign language effortlessly. The world-famous Рimslеur Method™ combines well-established research, most-useful vocabulary and a completely intuitive process to get you speaking right from the first day. All Рimslеur® courses feature real-world context and flexible vocabulary enabling you to learn your new language in a fluid, natural way. It’s the simplest way to start speaking a new language today.
Hugh Baker, Pui-Kei Ho, "Complete Cantonese with Two Audio CDs: A Teach Yourself Guide"

Hugh Baker, Pui-Kei Ho, "Complete Cantonese with Two Audio CDs: A Teach Yourself Guide"
Publisher: McG_aw-Hill | 2011 | ISBN: 0071750592 | English/Cantonese | PDF+MP3 | 464 pages | 109.96 Mb

It's easy to teach yourself Cantonese! …

Learn Cantonese - CantoneseClass101  eBooks & eLearning

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Learn Cantonese - CantoneseClass101

Learn Cantonese - CantoneseClass101
DVDRip | M4V / AVC, 768 kb/s | 640x360 | ~3 hours | English / Cantonese: AAC, 128 kb/s (2 ch)
Audio CDs in MP3 / Chinese Cantonese: MP3, 136 kb/s (2 ch) | Duration: ~100 hours
PDF Guides
Size: 4,15 GB | Genre: Chinese Cantonese language

Learn Cantonese with CantoneseClass101! No more dry, out of date textbook story lines! Here at CantoneseClass101, you'll learn Cantonese with fun, interesting and culturally relevant lessons that are easy to listen to. But not only are they fun - they're effective too!

A Chinese Tall Story (2005)  Video

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A Chinese Tall Story (2005)

A Chinese Tall Story (2005)
720p BluRay | Lang: Cantonese | Subs: English | mkv | 1918x916 | x264 @ 4547 Kbps | DTS 5.1 @ 1536 Kbps | 103 min 19 sec | 4,37 Gb
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi | Company: Emperor Motion Pictures; Hong Kong, China

A Chinese Tall Story (traditional Chinese: 情癲大聖; Cantonese Yale: Ching din dai sing) is a 2005 Hong Kong fantasy adventure film, written and directed by Jeffrey Lau.
It is a twisted story about the monk Tripitaka and his three disciples who are journeying west to acquire Buddhist scriptures. While stopping in Shache City (present day Yarkand), they come under attack by minions of the evil Tree Demon. The demons capture his three disciples.

Cantonese Chinese in 60 Minutes  eBooks & eLearning

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Cantonese Chinese in 60 Minutes

Cantonese Chinese in 60 Minutes
Audio CDs: English / Chinese: MP3, 56 Kbps (1 channels) | Duration: 00:59:22 | 2009 | ISBN-10: 9812686568
PDF Book
Overal size: 25 MB | Genre: Learning Chinese | Level: Beginner

Start speaking Cantonese Chinese in just one hour! This brand new, all-audio course has been specially designed to provide a quick and easy start to learning basic, everyday words in a foreign language. Covers 250 of the most commonly used words and phrases over a range of subjects. Each word and phrase is repeated to aid easy memorisation and encourage correct pronunciation. A 16-page accompanying booklet includes all the words and phrases presented on the CD to help associate the written language with the audio. This course is also compatible with iPod and MP3 devices for those wanting to learn on the move, so there really is no excuse not to start speaking Cantonese Chinese straightaway!

Songs of Gold Mountain: Cantonese Rhymes from San Francisco Chinatown  eBooks & eLearning

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Songs of Gold Mountain: Cantonese Rhymes from San Francisco Chinatown

Songs of Gold Mountain: Cantonese Rhymes from San Francisco Chinatown
by: Marlon K. Hom | University of California Press | 1992 | ISBN 0520081048 | PDF | 2.7 MB
Basic Cantonese Chinese: Learn to Speak and Understand Cantonese with Pimsleur Language Programs (Pimsleur Basic Language Series)
Pimsleur | ISBN: 0743550803 | 2006-02-06 | PDF & Audio CD | 120 kb/s | 5 hours | 230 Mb

All For The Winner [Cantonese] DVDRip  Video

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All For The Winner [Cantonese] DVDRip

Chinese Movie - All For The Winner
Cantonese Chinese | Subtitle : Chinese | 1h:00 | XVid 576x320 | 128 kbps mp3 | 23 fps | 780 MB

This low-budget knockoff of God of Gamblers succeeds primarily due to an exuberant star-making turn from Stephen Chiau as Shing, a rube from the Chinese mainland who comes to Hong Kong to visit his uncle, Blackie Tat (Ng Man-tat). Blackie isn't thrilled about his nephew's visit until he learns that Shing has the ability to see through things, a sort of X-ray vision. As a gambler, it doesn't take Blackie long to realize that Shing's abilities could make him a great deal of money, but news travels quickly and Shing is soon torn between two powerful gamblers who want him to be their proxy in a big competition. Taiwanese kingpin Chan Chung gets Shing first, so his Hong Kong rival, Hung Kong (Paul Chun), tries to kill him. Shing survives the attempt, but Hung manages to stop him from competing by kidnapping Chan's pretty bodyguard, Yee-mong (Sharla Cheung), who has won the young man's heart. The film is filled with action as well as humorous takeoffs on everything from Fist of Fury to A Better Tomorrow. In an amusing twist of fate, this knockoff actually made more money than its model, and was followed by a sequel audaciously titled God of Gamblers II. Sandra Ng co-stars with co-director Corey Yuen and Sheila Chan. ~ Robert Firsching, All Movie Guide