Copernic Desktop Search Corporate v3.4.0.26  Software

Posted by Artist14 at Feb. 9, 2011
Copernic Desktop Search Corporate v3.4.0.26

Copernic Desktop Search Corporate v3.4.0.26 | 21.2 Mb

CDS Corporate is an enterprise-oriented desktop search solution that is secure, scalable and easy to maintain and deploy. It allows employees to instantaneously find files, emails, attachments and many other content types stored anywhere on their computers. The Corporate edition differs from the Home and Professional editions and is the only version offering enterprise-oriented features to ease deployment, maintenance and support for use throughout the organization.

Copernic Agent Professional v6.12  Software

Posted by street hawk at Oct. 27, 2006
Copernic Agent Professional v6.12

Copernic Agent Professional v6.12 Part 1 :2.8 MB & Part 2 :3.2 MB

Copernic Agent finds exactly what you're looking for by simultaneously consulting major search engines and more than 90 information sources on the Web. This search agent features categories to target appropriate search engines. It eliminates duplicate results, verifies and removes broken links, highlights keywords in result lists and Web pages, saves pages for offline browsing, and finds keywords in results or Web pages with Boolean queries. Copernic Agent keeps a detailed search history with custom folders so you may view and manage results at your convenience and update searches later to find new results effortlessly. Among its many features, this software offers several ways to customize menus, toolbars, search lists, search operations, and options. It offers extensions for Windows and software, especially for Internet Explorer, which integrates a multifunction toolbar that allows you to trace
keywords in Web pages and scrolling buttons and create new searches.

Copernic Agent Professionnal ver. 6.12 Français  Software

Posted by paulo32 at Sept. 25, 2006
Copernic Agent Professionnal ver. 6.12 Français

Copernic Agent Professionnal ver. 6.12 Français | 7,04 Mb

La version la plus évoluée de la gamme de produits Copernic Agent – marque une évolution certaine par rapport à la recherche traditionnelle sur le Web, en intégrant des outils puissants et innovateurs pour trouver, gérer, analyser et surveiller de l'information sur l'Internet. Obtenez un contrôle inégalé de vos résultats de recherche et faites bien plus avec eux. Soyez constamment à jour en recevant des messages par e-mail pour vous aviser lorsque de l'information nouvelle et pertinente a été trouvée. C'est l'outil de pointe dont vous avez besoin pour devenir un(e) spécialiste de la recherche.