Das Fünfte Element

The Fifth Element / Das funfte Element (1997)  Video

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The Fifth Element / Das funfte Element (1997)

The Fifth Element / Das funfte Element (1997)
Audio: German, English AC3 5.1 @ 448 Kb/s | Subs: English, German
DVD5 | ISO | 02:01:15 | PAL 16:9 (720x576) VBR | 25 fps | 4.35 GB
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Two hundred and fifty years in the future, life as we know it is threatened by the arrival of Evil. Only the Fifth Element can stop the Evil from extinguishing life, as it tries to do every five thousand years. She is assisted by a former elite commando turned cab driver, Korben Dallas, who is, in turn, helped by Prince/Arsenio clone, Ruby Rhod. Unfortunately, Evil is being assisted by Mr. Zorg, who seeks to profit from the chaos that Evil will bring, and his alien mercenaries.

Slums of Berlin (1925) + Children of No Importance (1926)  Video

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Slums of Berlin (1925) + Children of No Importance (1926)

Slums of Berlin (1925) + Children of No Importance (1926)
Two Films by Gerhard Lamprecht
2xDVD9 | VIDEO_TS | PAL 4:3 | Cover+Booklet | 01:53:00 + 01:35:45 | 5,24 Gb + 4,56 Gb
#1 Silent or #2 Score AC3 2.0 @ 192 Kbps | German intertitles with English/French subtitles
Genre: Drama, Classics

The empathetic, hard-hitting tales told in Die Verrufenene (Der fünfte Stand) (a.k.a. The Slums of Berlin) and Die Unehelichen (a.k.a. Children of No Importance) deal with Germany's disenfranchised in a realistic, gritty manner while still adhering to the melodramatic conventions of the day. Although Lamprect enjoyed a long and varied career behind the camera, he was most active as a passionate movie collector and champion of film preservation. The liner notes accompanying this set make it clear that it's hard to apply the auteur theory to someone like Lamprecht, but these particular films demonstrate handily that the director had a keen interest in the medium. As message pictures, they tend towards the preachy and sentimental, and yet there's also a "try something and see if it works" mentality at play here that makes them of great interest to silent fans.

Atrás das Nuvens / Behind the Clouds (2007)  Video

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Atrás das Nuvens / Behind the Clouds (2007)

Atrás das Nuvens / Behind the Clouds (2007)
Portuguese | DVDRip | MKV | AVC, 1997 Kbps | 720x572 | 24.000 fps | 1.33 GB
Audio: AC-3, 192 Kbps | 2 channels | 48.0 KHz | Runtime: 01:26:47 minutes | Subtitles: English, Portuguese (embedded)
Genre: Drama, Family, Fantasy

Jorge Queiroga's magic realist drama Behind the Clouds concerns young Paulo, a little boy bereft of his father, whose widowed mother ardently refuses to grant him permission to meet his paternal granddad. When Paulo reaches the age of 10, he expressly defies his mother's orders by making a secret journey to his grandfather's home, in a remote part of the country. Once there, he finds a fantastic invention: a little red car with the ability to take him soaring high into the clouds, and the added ability to send him spiraling backward in time. Alas, Paulo's grandfather grows increasingly distraught over the time travel element, and in the process, Paulo arrives at some sobering and disillusioning realizations about the mystery surrounding his clan.

Anflug Alpha 1 (DDR/GDR 1971)  Video

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Anflug Alpha 1 (DDR/GDR 1971)

Anflug Alpha 1 (DDR/GDR 1971)
DVD5 | Menu | VIDEO_TS | PAL | 4:3 | 720x576 | 88 mins | 5% Recovery | 3,50 GB | Language: German AC-3, 2 Channels | Subtitle: None | Extras: Trailer
Genre: Movie, Drama

Dieser Spielfilm aus der ehemaligen DDR erzählt von den Problemen und Erlebnissen einer Fliegerstaffel. Regie führte Janos Veiczi, als Darsteller wirken mit: Alfred Müller, Stefan Lisewski, Klaus-Peter Thiele, Ingolf Gorges, Peter Aust, Regina Beyer, Horst Schön, Michail Uljanow, Helmut Müller-Lankow, Jürgen Frohriep. This movie, made in the former GDR, is telling the stories and problems of the pilots in a flying squadron. Directed is the film by Janos Veiczi. Cast: Alfred Müller, Stefan Lisewski, Klaus-Peter Thiele, Ingolf Gorges, Peter Aust, Regina Beyer, Horst Schön, Michail Uljanow, Helmut Müller-Lankow, Jürgen Frohriep.
Life: Water, the Element of Life / Leben: Wasser, das Element des Lebens / Жизнь. Вода - основа жизни (2012)

Life: Water, the Element of Life / Leben: Wasser, das Element des Lebens / Жизнь. Вода - основа жизни (2012)
BDRip | MKV | AVC 1280x720, ~ 8.4 Mbps | 0hr 52mn | 4.60 GB
English \ Russian: DTS, 6 ch, 1510 kbps \ AC3, 6 ch, 384 kbps
Subtitles: Russian
Genre: Documentary

Water is the element of life: life on earth was started in water and it was only later that it conquered the land. Even there it is always a necessary basis so that everything remains live. Do we therefore still feel today attracted by water landscapes so as magnet? Die Plitvice Lakes in Croatia is a location, where water demonstrates its totally fascinating power and beauty. The existence of this landscape of lakes is due to the fascinating interaction of different natural powers.

Leben - Wasser - Das Element des Lebens (2013)  Video

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Leben - Wasser - Das Element des Lebens (2013)

Leben - Wasser - Das Element des Lebens (2013)
Video: DVDRip | MKV | 712 x 400 | x264 1 767 kbps 23.976 fps
Audio: German AC3 448 kbps, 6 channels | Subs: None | 52mn 51s | 854 MB
Genre: Documentary

Wasser oder auch kurz H2O genannt, ist eigentlich eine chemische Verbindung aus den Elementen Sauerstoff und Wasserstoff. Doch diese hat es wirklich in sich! Wasser ist nämlich das wichtigste Element auf unserer Erde. Ohne Wasser wäre die Entstehung von Leben auf unserem Planeten unmöglich gewesen. Irgendwann vor mehreren zig Millionen von Jahren zog es die ersten Ur-Fische aus dem Wasser ans Land der Beginn er Evolution.
The 1000 Shades Of Doriana Gray / Das Bildnis der Doriana Gray (1976) [Uncut] [Re-UP]

Doriana Grey (1976) [Uncut]
A Film by Jess Franco
DVD9 Custom | VIDEO_TS | NTSC 16:9 | 01:18:59 | 7,86 Gb
Audio: #1 English, #2 German, #3 French - each AC3 2.0 @ 192 Kbps | Subs: English
Genre: Drama, Horror, Sexploitation

A lonely aristocrat Miss Gray has a twin sister who's in an asylum. They share a strange bond. Miss Gray is rational but frigid while her sister is insane yet feels sexual pleasure for both of them. A female reporter arrives at the mansion.
(Arte) Le fabuleux voyage des choses inutiles | Die wundersame Reise der unnützen Dinge (2011)

(Arte) Le fabuleux voyage des choses inutiles | Die wundersame Reise der unnützen Dinge (2011)
HDTV-Rip | German, French | 58min | 720 x 404 | 25.000 fps | Mkv | AVC Main@L3.0 @ 799 Kbps | AAC @ 44.1 KHz | 351 MB
Subtitles : French
Genre: Documentaire / Dokumentar

Das Sofa ist alt, die Polster verblichen, der Holzrahmen hat viele Macken. 75 Jahre lang haben Menschen darauf gesessen, mit ihren Sorgen, Träumen und Hoffnungen. Aber das Sofa steht jetzt nicht mehr in einem Wohnzimmer, sondern am Straßenrand. Es ist Sperrmüll in Bodenheim am Rhein. Regina Leupold räumt ihre Praxis und ihre Wohnung, denn sie "verkleinert sich", wie sie sagt. Der Gedanke, dass alles auf dem Müll landet, tut weh. Doch in Regina Leupolds neuem Zuhause ist kein Platz….
Un vieux canapé sur le bord du trottoir, un tricycle rouillé, une tapisserie aux couleurs passées. Une camionnette poussive tourne au coin de la rue. La cinquième en un quart d'heure, immatriculée en Pologne. Et pourtant nous sommes dans le sud-ouest de l'Allemagne, loin de la frontière polonaise….

F.W. Murnau – City Girl (1930)  Video

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F.W. Murnau – City Girl (1930)

Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau – City Girl (1930)
DVDrip | English intertitles | Subtitles: FR, ES (optional) | 1:28:39 | 576x480 | H264 | NTSC 23.97fps | Audio: MP3 - 160kbps | 1.37 GB
New score composed and conducted by Christopher Caliendo

Lem goes to Chicago to sell the wheat his family has grown on their farm in Minnesota. There he meets the waitress Kate. They fall in love and get married before going back to the farm. Kate is accepted by Lem's mother and kid sister but is rejected by his father, who believes she married for the money.
Long available only in soft 16-millimeter prints, City Girl now possesses a contrast and detail that suggest a pristine 35-millimeter source, and perhaps the dramatically improved image quality will contribute to the rehabilitation of what has long been Murnau’s most underrated film.

James Bond 007 - GoldenEye (1995)  Video

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James Bond 007 - GoldenEye (1995)

James Bond 007 - GoldenEye (1995)
DVD-Rip | German | avi | 640x256 | Video: XviD @ 1187 Kbps | Audio: AC-3 @ 448 Kbps | 125 mins | 1.38 GB
Director: Martin Campbell | Writers: Ian Fleming, Michael France, Jeffrey Caine, Bruce Feirstein | Stars: Pierce Brosnan, Sean Bean, Izabella Scorupco
Genre: Action / Adventure / Thriller

1995 betrat nach der längsten Durststrecke innerhalb der James-Bond-Serie mit Pierce Brosnan der fünfte Agentendarsteller die Bühne.
In Russland ist der kalte Krieg einem skrupellosen Spiel um Profit gewichen. GoldenEye, eine streng geheime Waffenentwicklung, ist verschwunden. Hat die Russenmafia sie in ihre Gewalt gebracht? Ein Fall für Bond… James Bond.