Deadman Man

(Jim JARMUSCH) DEAD MAN [DVDrip] 1995 Re-post  Video

Posted by galmuchet at Aug. 19, 2009
(Jim JARMUSCH) DEAD MAN [DVDrip] 1995  Re-post

RIP+UP | XviD-1195 | mp3@128 | 672x384 | English (French idx+sub in file) | DVD Cover & Sticker | 1h55 | 1.1 Gb
USA 1995
Director Jim JARMUSCH

Cast/Avec Johnny Depp, Gary Farmer, Crispin Glover, Lance Henriksen, Michael Wincott, Eugene Byrd, John Hurt, Robert Mitchum, Iggy Pop, Gabriel Byrne, Jared Harris …

After death of his parents, William Blake, an accountant from Cleveland, takes a job offer and moves to the Town of Machine at the end of the train line. However he arrived about two months late. Penniless, he’s picked up by a woman on the street. When her husband Charlie Dickenson (Gabriel Byrne), son of the metal factory owner John Dickenson (Robert Mitchum) discovers both of them in bed, the married couple ends up shot and William Blake, now a wanted criminal, on the run. Wounded, he is helped by a lone Indian named Nobody, who believes the accountant is dead English poet and painter with the same name. As they travel through wilderness more people get killed. While the rumors about William Blake take on their own life, William slowly fades away from existence. ”Nobody” prepares him for the journey into the spiritual world.

En Amérique, dans la deuxième moitié du XIXe siècle, William Blake accepte un emploi de comptable dans une ville minière de l'Ouest. Arrivé sur place, rien ne fonctionne comme prévu. Le pays et ses habitants contrastent singulièrement avec la civilisation urbaine qu'il a connue et William devient un tueur malgré lui, poursuivi par un trio de chasseurs de prime…

Deadman - Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love 001 (2016)  Comics

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Deadman - Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love 001 (2016)

Deadman - Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love 001 (2016)
English | CBR | 55 pages | 60.34 MB

Trapped inside an old gothic mansion, Deadman must battle the forces of darkness alongside Berenice, a young woman with a complicated love life who is gifted-or cursed-with the ability to communicate with the dead. Romance, mystery, and evil await in the new, bimonthly miniseries DEADMAN: DARK MANSION OF FORBIDDEN LOVE, by Sarah Vaughn (Alex + Ada) and Lan Medina (FABLES)!

Deadman de Kelley Jones  Comics

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Deadman de Kelley Jones

Deadman de Kelley Jones
Planeta De Agostini | Spanish | CBR | 269 pages | 155 MB
Guión: Mike Baron; Dibujo: Kelley Jones

De la contraportada: Este volumen recopila todos los trabajos que MIKE BARON y KELLEY JONES han realizado para BOSTON BRAND. DEADMAN. un trapecista asesinado cuyo espíritu errante vaga por La Tierra poseyendo esporádicamente el cuerpo de otros seres. Un personaje concebido como explorador de lo sobrenatural que no encontraría su lugar en la historieta hasta que ésta reconquistó su dignidad como medio artístico en la segunda mitad de los ochenta. Fue entonces cuando BARON y JONES nos descubrieron cómo era el rostro de los muertos y cuáles eran sus penas… y DEADMAN se reencontró a sí mismo en una extraña Forma de sin vivir.

The Undertaker: The Unauthorized Real Life Story of the WWE's Deadman  eBooks & eLearning

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The Undertaker: The Unauthorized Real Life Story of the WWE's Deadman

Michael Essany, "The Undertaker: The Unauthorized Real Life Story of the WWE's Deadman"
2012 | ASIN: B006WV6M94 | 39 pages | EPUB | 0,2 MB

Dead Man (1995)  Video

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Dead Man (1995)

Deadman (1995)
DVD9 | VIDEO_TS | NTSC, 16:9 (720x480) VBR | 02:01:15 | 6.96 Gb
Audio: English AC3 2.0 @ 192 Kbps | Subs: English HoH, French
Genre: Fantasy Western, Psychological Western

A dark, bitter commentary on modern American life cloaked in the form of a surrealist western, Jim Jarmusch's Dead Man stars Johnny Depp as William Blake, a newly-orphaned accountant who leaves his home in Cleveland to accept a job in the frontier town of Machine. Upon his arrival, Blake is told by the factory owner Dickinson (Robert Mitchum) that the job has already been filled. Dejectedly, he enters a nearby tavern, ultimately spending the night with a former prostitute. A violent altercation with the woman's lover (Gabriel Byrne), also Dickinson's son, leaves Blake a murderer as well as mortally wounded, a bullet lodged dangerously close to his heart. He flees into the wilderness, where a Native American named Nobody (Gary Farmer) mistakes Blake for the English poet William Blake and determines that he will be Blake's guide in his protracted passage into the spirit world.

Deadman Compilations (1986-2011)  Comics

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Deadman Compilations (1986-2011)

Deadman Compilations (1986-2011)
English | CBR | 44 Issues | 644.71 MB

Once a famed circus performer, Boston Brand now walks the Earth between the realms of life and death as Deadman! Tasked with discovering the truth of his murder and forced to help those destined to repeat his sins, Brand journeys across this life and the next to save those in need, learning along the way the lessons he should have learned in life.

Deadman - Take Up Your Mat and Walk (2011)  Music

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Deadman - Take Up Your Mat and Walk (2011)

Deadman - Take Up Your Mat and Walk (2011)
EAC Rip | WavPack (.wv): Image+Cue+Log | 243.68 Mb | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 96.92 Mb | Scans | Time: 35:09
Genre: Rock, Country Rock, Southern Rock | Label: Blue Rose Records | Cat. №: BLU DP0556

DEADMAN are a new powerful force on the folk & roots rock scene of Austin, Texas. Bandleader Steven Collins and his sextet have won a sizeable following over the last years - among them the Blue Rose label. After years of trying to hook up, Blue Rose have now succeeded in signing them. In July, as an appetizer, Live At The Saxon Pub had been released to introduce them to the audience on this side of the Atlantic. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive to enthusiastic. Their tight sound - reminiscent of The Band - which effortlessly brings together Southern Rock, Texas Folk, Country Rock and 70ies old school rock'n'roll is certainly convincing to anyone flying the Americana flag.

Deadman Wonderland - Complete Season 1 (2011)  Video

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Deadman Wonderland - Complete Season 1 (2011)

Deadman Wonderland - Complete Season 1 (2011)
HDTV 720p - [SGKK] | Mkv | H264 - 1800 Kbps | AAC - 137 kbps | 1280x720 | Language: Japanese | 12x25 min | 12x350-400 Mb
Subtitles: English (included)
HDTV 720p - [AS] | Mp4 | H264 - 1500 Kbps | AAC - 64 kbps | 1280x720 | Language: Japanese | 12x25 min | 12x260 Mb
Subtitles: French (hardsub)
Genre: Anime, Action, Drama, Horror, Fantasy

Theory Of A Deadman - The Truth Is (Special Edition) (2011)  Music

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Theory Of A Deadman - The Truth Is (Special Edition) (2011)

Theory Of A Deadman - The Truth Is (Special Edition)
Alt. Rock, Post-Grunge | mp3 VBR 276 kbps | 69:01 min | 144,07 MB
Label: Roadrunner | Tracks: 18 | 2011-07-12

The platinum-selling Vancouver quartet builds arena-ready hooks around hard rocking stories of good times, bad times and everything in between. "Lowlife" is a raucous anthem celebrating simple pleasures. Meanwhile, "The Bitch Came Back" gives a hilarious send-off to a bad ex with roaring guitars and flourishes of horns. "Hurricane" stirs up a storm of emotions over an orchestral hum of guitars and massive chorus. Then there's "Head Above Water," which delivers an uplifting, contemplative message encased in mid-tempo rhythms. Theory of a Deadman are telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth, like it or not.

Theory Of A Deadman – Lowlife (2011)  Music

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Theory Of A Deadman – Lowlife (2011)

Theory Of A Deadman – Lowlife (2011)
English | mp4, MPG4 (AVC) 1280x720, 23.9 fps, 2446 Kbps | AAC 44100Hz stereo, 149 Kbps | 4:00 min | 74.6 mb
Alternative Rock, Post-Grunge