Dragonfly 1-8+Special  Comics

Posted by Lebedev30 at May 20, 2017
Dragonfly 1-8+Special

Dragonfly 1-8+Special
English | CBR | 9+9 Volumes | 126.1 Mb

Dragonfly (1985-1987) (repost) Complete  Comics

Posted by alexandra10 at March 25, 2014
Dragonfly (1985-1987) (repost) Complete

Dragonfly (1985-1987) Complete
English | CBR | 9 Issues | 81 MB

Black Hammer 001 (2016)  Comics

Posted by mikestoke at July 21, 2016
Black Hammer 001 (2016)

Black Hammer 001 (2016)
English | CBR | 36 pages | 66.68 MB

HEROES NEVER DIE…THEY JUST GET RETCONNED! Once they were heroes, but the age of heroes has long since passed. Banished from existence by a multiversal crisis, the old champions of Spiral City…Abraham Slam, Golden Gail, Colonel Weird, Madame Dragonfly, and Barbalien…now lead simple lives in a timeless farming town. Even as they try to find their way home, trouble has a unique way of finding heroes wherever they are! From the prodigious brain of Jeff Lemire (Animal MAgan, Sweet Tooth)! Amazingly realized by Dean Ormston (Lucifer, 2000 AD) and Dave Stewart (Hellboy)! Extra-long first issue…26 story pages!