ETA Dynaform 5.9.3  Software

Posted by scutter at July 24, 2017
ETA Dynaform 5.9.3

ETA Dynaform 5.9.3 | 471.6 mb

Engineering Technology Associates, Inc. (ETA) has presented DYNAFORM Version 5.9.3 is a simulation software solution specifically developed to simulate the sheet forming process and analyze the entire die system.

DynaForm 5.9  Software

Posted by scutter at Nov. 14, 2013
DynaForm 5.9

DynaForm 5.9 | 545.4 mb

Engineering Technology Associates, Inc. (ETA) announced the release of DYNAFORM Version 5.9. In the new version, a brand new module, incorporating optimization, has been unveiled. The Optimization Platform (OP) makes DYNAFORM the most complete and powerful solution on the market for die system simulation and optimization.

Dynaform (32bit) 5.8.1  Software

Posted by scutter at Sept. 3, 2012
Dynaform (32bit) 5.8.1

Dynaform (32bit) 5.8.1 | 326.5 mb

eta/DYNAFORM is an LS-DYNA-based sheet metal forming simulation solution package developed by Engineering Technology Associates, Inc. The specialty CAE software combines the sheet forming analysis power of LS-DYNA Versions 971 with the streamlined pre- and post-processor functions.