Carlo Levi - Cristo Si è Fermato A Eboli  eBooks & eLearning

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Carlo Levi - Cristo Si è Fermato A Eboli

Carlo Levi - Cristo Si è Fermato A Eboli
Italian | Einaudi | 1945 | EPUB | Pages 499 | ISBN: N/A | 0.32 Mb

Carlo Levi - Cristo si è fermato a Eboli (Ed.Integrale)  eBooks & eLearning

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Carlo Levi - Cristo si è fermato a Eboli (Ed.Integrale)

Carlo Levi - Cristo si è fermato a Eboli (Ed.Integrale)
Italian | Einaudi | EPUB | Pages: N/A | ISBN: 8806204716 | 2010 | 3 Mb

Cristo si è fermato a Eboli (1978) [ReUp]  Video

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Cristo si è fermato a Eboli (1978) [ReUp]

Christ Stopped At Eboli (1978)
A Film by Francesco Rosi
DVD9 | ISO+MDS | PAL 16:9 | 02:24:39 | 7,57 Gb
Audio: Italian AC3 5.1/1.0 @ 448/128 Kbps | Subs: English, Italian SDH
Genre: Drama, War

Based on an autobiographical novel by Carlo Levi, Cristo si e fermato a Eboli stars Gian-Maria Volonte as Levi, a prominent anti-fascist author and artist who, during Mussolini's regime was exiled to Eboli, a tiny village in Southern Italy. The government believed Levi's controversial views would fall on deaf ears, but as he spent time in the small pastoral community, the simple wisdom of the peasants came to have a profound impact on Levi, and his beliefs would also impact the people of Eboli.

Francesco Rosi-Cristo si è fermato a Eboli (1979)  Video

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Francesco Rosi-Cristo si è fermato a Eboli (1979)

Francesco Rosi-Cristo si è fermato a Eboli (1979)
1463.4 MB | 2:25:08 | Italian with Eng. s/t | XviD, 1230 Kb/s | 656x496

In the fascist Italy of 1935, a painter trained as a doctor is exiled to a remote region near Eboli. Over time, he learns to appreciate the beauty and wisdom of the peasants, and to overcome his isolation. The story follows a real life anti-fascist intellectual, Carlo Levi, into his forced exile in small, isolated village in a remote region of Southern Italy. The village is populated by inhabitants who barely survive on the meager harvest of the unyielding land. Eboli, the closest train station, is the last outpost of civilization (such as it is) before entering a world that has changed very little since the Middle Ages. The movie title, after the book written by Carlo Levi, expresses all the sense of abandon, neglect, desolation and human despair. According to the local tales, even Christ, in his southward journey, went no further than Eboli. Beyond that point, not even God dared (or could be bothered) to go… (http://imdb.com/title/tt0079010/plotsummary)
Claudio Abbado, Orchestra del Teatro alla Scala, Placido Domingo, Katia Ricciarelli - Verdi: Don Carlos [2004/1984]

Verdi - Don Carlos (Claudio Abbado, Plácido Domingo, Katia Ricciarelli) [2004/1984]
Classical | Deutsche Grammophon 415-316-2 | TT: 232 min| EAC (flac, cue, log) | Covers | 902 Mb

“Domingo easily outshines his earlier recording with Giulini…while Katia Ricciarelli as the Queen gives a tenderly moving performance, if not quite commanding enough in the Act V aria. Ruggero Raimondi is a finely focused Philip, nicely contrasted with Nicolai Ghiaurov as the Grand Inquisitor” Penguin Guide

Verdi - Don Carlo (James Levine) [2009]  Music

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Verdi - Don Carlo (James Levine) [2009]

Verdi - Don Carlo (James Levine) [2009]
EAC Rip | FLAC, IMG+CUE, LOG | Covers | 3cd, 860.32 MB
Classical | Label: Sony | Catalog Number: 88697527732

Verdi's Don Carlo is a problematic piece. Should it be in Italian or French? How much of the original French musical setting should be included? I've known this set for a while and have some reservations about the singing, that of the women in particular, but it's the inclusion of the whole of Verdi's original First Act which makes the set worth acquiring.

Verdi: Don Carlo - Carreras, Freni, Ghiaurov [Karajan] [3 CD]  Music

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Verdi: Don Carlo - Carreras, Freni, Ghiaurov [Karajan] [3 CD]

Verdi - Don Carlo [Karajan]
EAC Rip | Classical (opera) | 3 CD | FLAC + CUE + Logs | Full Scans | 713 mb | RS + SM + FS | TT 03:01:33
Released: 1995 | Label: EMI Records / Amadeus Lirica | Recorded: Sep. 1978 - Philharmonie, Berlin, West Germany

José Carreras (Tenor), Mirella Freni (Soprano), Nicolai Ghiaurov (Bass), Agnes Baltsa (Mezzo Soprano), Piero Cappuccilli (Baritone), Ruggero Raimondi (Bass), Edita Gruberova (Soprano), Horst Nitsche (Tenor), Manfred Röhrl (Bass), Roberto Banuelas (Bass), Barbara Hendricks (Soprano), Klaus Lang (Bass), Ivan Sardi (Bass), Josef Becker (Bass), Walton Grönroos (Bass), José Van Dam (Bass), Carlo Meletti (Baritone)
Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Berlin Deutsche Oper Chorus, Herbert von Karajan (conductor)

Giuseppe Verdi – From La Scala: Don Carlo  Music

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Giuseppe Verdi – From La Scala: Don Carlo

Giuseppe Verdi – From La Scala. Don Carlo
DbPowerAMP, FLAC (tracks, no cue) + MP3 (320@ CBR) | 1044.16 Mb (FLAC) + 461.17 Mb (MP3) | 189 minutes | Full artwork and covers.
classical, opera | Deutsche Grammophon Records, recorded between July and September 1961.

Between 1960 and 1981, the music label Deutsche Grammophon recorded the eight greatest operas composed by Verdi at La Scala in Milan, the home of Italian operas. World’s leading singers and conductors were involved in the recording. The result provides you with the best possible way to get familiar with Verdi’s operas...
Verdi - Don Carlo (Daniele Gatti, Ferruccio Furlanetto, Fiorenza Cedolins, Dolora Zajick) [2009]

Verdi - Don Carlo (Daniele Gatti, Ferruccio Furlanetto, Fiorenza Cedolins, Dolora Zajick) [2009]
NTSC 16:9 (720x480) VBR Auto Pan&Scan | Italiano (LinearPCM, 2 ch), (DTS, 5 ch), (Dolby AC3, 6 ch) | 7,28Gb + 6.29 Gb (2*DVD9)
Classical | Label: Hardy | Sub: English, Francais, Deutsch, Espanol, Italiano | +3% Recovery | 200 min

Milano, teatro alla Scala, “Don Carlo” di Giuseppe Verdi L’INFANZIA, PARADISO PERDUTO Don Carlo debutta a Parigi nel 1867, cinque atti in francese, opera mai divenuta “popolare” per le oggettive difficoltà legate alla sua produzione, essendo monumentale nella durata, nella partitura e nell’allestimento, poiché richiede masse artistiche poderose e una compagnia di canto vasta e di eccezionale livello per i sei ruoli, principali e principeschi. Don Carlo è un insuperato punto di arrivo nell’evoluzione del linguaggio verdiano, un unicum che non trova corrispettivo in nessun altro lavoro, non in Aida (quasi coeva), la cui partitura è influenzata da stilemi wagneriani ed i cui protagonisti sono compattamente granitici come le statue dei faraoni, mentre presentano una varietà di sfumature psicologiche i protagonisti di Don Carlo, il cui libretto, tratto da Friedrich Schiller, è tra i migliori mai avuti a disposizione da Verdi… FRANCESCO RAPACCIONI

Verdi - Don Carlo ( Giulini ) [ Remaster 2000 ]  Music

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Verdi - Don Carlo   ( Giulini ) [ Remaster 2000 ]

Verdi - Don Carlo (Giulini) [Remaster 2000]
EAC Rip | FLAC+CUE+LOG | 3 CD | Scans+Libretto | 208 Min. | 993 MB
Label: EMI Classics / Catalogue: 724356739727 /
Opera / LP Originally Released in 1971

Don Carlo is here presented in the full 5 Act Italian version and this performance is under the inspired direction of Carlo Maria Giulini who had celebrated the 'new' Covent Garden centenary with this opera in 1958. The cast then was different, but the Royal Opera Orchestra and Chorus remain, and they're on cracking form.