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Timeline Maker Pro  Software

Posted by melt_ at May 18, 2017
Timeline Maker Pro

Timeline Maker Pro | 25.4 Mb

If you've been creating timeline charts on a regular basis then you already know what an intricate, time consuming process it can be. Our industry-leading timeline software removes all of the manual processes found in other methods and automatically builds the timeline for you, with no need to draw. With a short learning curve, tons of automatic features, knock-out charts and interactive presentation capabilities, Timeline Maker Professional is the best timeline solution available.

IP Video Transcoding Live!  Software

Posted by melt_ at April 18, 2017
IP Video Transcoding Live!

IP Video Transcoding Live! | 15.7 Mb

IP Video Transcoding Live! (Abbreviation IPVTL) is a professional multi-channel live transcoding software designed for live media streaming over the internet, like cable and satellite TV digital video broadcasting, video surveillance and event webcasting.

Artifact Interactive Garden Planner 3.5.10  Software

Posted by melt_ at April 8, 2017
Artifact Interactive Garden Planner 3.5.10

Artifact Interactive Garden Planner 3.5.10 | 17.3 Mb

Design your dream garden with this very easy to use program. Arrange plants, trees, buildings and objects using an easy to use 'drag and drop' interface. Use tools to quickly create paving, paths and fences. Then produce a high quality color print out of your design.

Advanced Custom Fields Pro v5.5.10 - WordPress Plugin  Graphics

Posted by ExLoader at March 12, 2017
Advanced Custom Fields Pro v5.5.10 - WordPress Plugin

Advanced Custom Fields Pro v5.5.10 - WordPress Plugin | 1,59 MB

Supercharge your website with powerful functionality! Purchase ACF PRO and unlock the repeater field, flexible content field, gallery field and options page features!

Young Animal N.5 - 10 March 2017  Magazines

Posted by Mitsu at March 10, 2017
Young Animal N.5 - 10 March 2017

Young Animal N.5 - 10 March 2017
Japanese | 324 pages | PDF | 79.24 MB

Young Animal (Yangu Animaru) is a magazine in Japan that features scantily clad women. It is published by Hakusensha and issued twice a month on Fridays in B5 format.

VisualSVN Server Enterprise 3.5.10 (x86/x64)  Software

Posted by big1ne at March 8, 2017
VisualSVN Server Enterprise 3.5.10 (x86/x64)

VisualSVN Server Enterprise 3.5.10 (x86/x64) | 22.3 MB

VisualSVN Server allows you to easily install and manage a fully-functional Subversion server on the Windows platform. Thanks to its robustness, unbeatable usability and unique enterprise-grade features, VisualSVN Server is useful both for small business and corporate users.

Concepts NREC Suite (Revision 15 Feb 2017)  Software

Posted by scutter at Feb. 16, 2017
Concepts NREC Suite (Revision 15 Feb 2017)

Concepts NREC Suite (Revision 15 Feb 2017) | 980.0 mb

Concepts NREC, the world’s leading turbomachinery software, design, development, testing and manufacturing company, has updated the release of version 8.5 of its Agile Engineering Design System. The Agile Engineering Design System is an integrated suite of software for Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) that is specialized for turbomachinery.

LINQPad Premium Edition 5.10.00  Software

Posted by Givaraa at Feb. 15, 2017
LINQPad Premium Edition 5.10.00

LINQPad Premium Edition 5.10.00 | 14.5 MB

LINQPad is not just for LINQ queries, but any C#/F#/VB expression, statement block or program. Put an end to those hundreds of Visual Studio Console projects cluttering your source folder and join the revolution of LINQPad scripters and incremental developers.

Marked 2 v2.5.10  Software

Posted by -=Sn!pEr=- at Feb. 5, 2017
Marked 2 v2.5.10

Marked 2 v2.5.10 | Mac OS X | Top In-App Purchases | 23.48 MB

Marked is a previewer for Markdown files. Use it with your favorite text editor and it updates every time you save. With robust features for previewing, reviewing and exporting beautiful documents, you can work in plain text while reveling in rich formatting.

ContentWasher 5.10  Software

Posted by big1ne at Jan. 29, 2017
ContentWasher 5.10

ContentWasher 5.10 | 16.9 MB

Protect your children from obscene content in Internet. ContentWasher is filtering software designed to provide Internet child safety. This program keeps track and checks the content of every web-page the child browses. If the program finds some obscene content (characteristic of pornography, violence, religious sects, etc.)