Michelangelo Falvetti – Nabucco (2013)  Music

Posted by d'Avignon at Dec. 1, 2013
Michelangelo Falvetti – Nabucco (2013)

Michelangelo Falvetti – Nabucco (2013)
Classical/Baroque | FLAC lossless | cuesheets+log | covers+booklet | 1h18m | 363mb
Label: Ambronay | cat. no. AMY 036

Inspired by Falvetti’s charming work ‘Il Diluvio Universale’ recently posted here, I wanted to make a further acquaintance with this composer. An integral performance of both oratorios can be found on youtube.
Michelangelo Falvetti - Il diluvio universale (Leonardo García Alarcón) (2011)

Michelangelo Falvetti - Il diluvio universale (Leonardo Garcia Alarcon) (2011)
Classical | Eac. Flac, Img+Cue, Log | Covers | 423.54 MB
Label: Ambronay | TT: 64:35

Leonardo García Alarcón's 2011 recording of Michelangelo Falvetti's 1682 oratorio Il Diluvio Universale is a reminder, if one were needed, that there are untold treasures of Baroque repertoire waiting to be discovered. The story of The Flood is told economically, but with enough peculiar diversions from the Biblical story to keep listeners on their toes about what's going to happen next. There are personifications of Divine Justice, Human Nature, Water, Fire, Land, and Death (a smugly self-satisfied character who sings a triumphant, gleeful little gigue once humanity has been wiped out). This is the first recording of any work by Falvetti and it's a knock-out. Having performers like Leonardo García Alarcón, Cappella Mediterranea, and Choeur de Chambre de Namur in your corner perhaps gives any composer a hand up, but the exceptional quality of the score itself is also easy to discern. (Stephen Eddins)


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Michelangelo Falvetii - Il Diluvio Universale - Chœur de chambre de Namur , Cappella Mediterranea, Dir: Leonardo García Alarcón
1 CD | AAC 256 kbps (VBR) | 124.76 MB (zip)
SEPT 2011 | 1 CD Box | Classical | Music | Language: Italian

A reel atomic bomb! The story is taken from one of the best-known and most catastrophic episodes in the Old Testament: the Lord, weary of earthly wickedness and corruption, decides to exterminate humanity by making it rain continuously for 40 days and 40 nights. He will spare only Noah, his family, and the animals of each species which He has ordered to be given shelter in the Ark. The subject is splendidly suited to dramatic treatment, and librettist Vincenzo Giattini and Falvetti take full advantage of this throughout the piece. The listener will long remember the tender duet between Noah and his wife Rad; rain overwhelms the desperate chorus, the final light of hope.