Lords of Football (2013)  Games

Posted by Dizel_ at April 5, 2013
Lords of Football (2013)

Lords of Football (2013)
PC | Developer, Publisher: Geniaware | 2.5 Gb
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Genre: Sport

Lords of Football is a whole new sports lifestyle simulator, played in God Mode.The everyday routine of football is brought to life, simulating footballers' training to improve their skills and all the drama and real-life distractions that unfold during a normal season. With easy drag-and-drop navigation and by learning each footballer's personality, you must oversee all your footballers and resources to bring the team up to international competition level.

Football Manager Handheld 2010 - 1.4  Games

Posted by IrimiNage at Oct. 6, 2010
Football Manager Handheld 2010 - 1.4

Football Manager Handheld 2010 1.4 | iPhone, iPod touch | 43.83 MB

The World’s number 1 football management series comes to your iPhone and iPod touch! Developed by Sports Interactive, the masters of the genre of football management, Football Manager Handheld ™ 2010 brings unparalleled realism of the most critically acclaimed series, Football Manager ™ on your iPhone and iPod Touch.

Pure Football [XBOX360]  Games

Posted by Dizel_ at May 26, 2010
Pure Football [XBOX360]

Pure Football [XBOX360]
XBOX360 | English | Region Free | Developer: Ubisoft Vancouver | Publisher: Ubisoft | 6.92 GB
Genre: Sports

Pure Futbol is a unique vision of soccer video games, emphasizing the intense, physical and spectacular aspects of the sport. The over-the-shoulder camera and visceral audio dynamically react to the context of the match, placing the gamer in the heart of the five-a-side soccer action, as opposed to the feeling of watching a TV broadcast.

Football Manager Handheld 2010 [Multi5]  Games

Posted by mescale at May 22, 2010
Football Manager Handheld 2010 [Multi5]

Football Manager Handheld 2010 [Multi5]
PSP | CSO | 53 MB | Language: ENG / FRE / ESP / GER / ITA
Genre: Sport, Simulator

Real Football 2010 (Android)  Games

Posted by ric.rug at May 15, 2010
Real Football 2010 (Android)

Real Football 2010 (Android) | 2.89MB

Football Manager 2010 (v1.1)  Games

Posted by manduy at April 23, 2010
Football Manager 2010 (v1.1)

Football Manager 2010 (v1.1)
iPhone | iPod Touch | Sports Interactive | 22.53MB

Developed by Sports Interactive, the kings of the football management genre, Football Manager Handheld™ 2010 brings you the unrivalled realism of the best selling and critically acclaimed Football Manager™ series, designed specifically for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

Blitz Football v1.1  Games

Posted by agam3rs at Jan. 7, 2010
Blitz Football v1.1

Blitz Football v1.1 | Game | iPhone | 5MB

Blitz! Football is the most entertaining and action packed football game you can get for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Football Manager 2010 Update 10.2  Games

Posted by slice at Dec. 19, 2009
Football Manager 2010 Update 10.2

Football Manager 2010 Update 10.2 | 185.6 mb

Football Manager 2010 features a brand new User Interface, with a light and a dark skin to choose from as part of a vibrant new look and has undergone a complete navigational overhaul. The side bar navigation of previous years has been replaced by an intuitive tab system at the top of the screen, making Football Manager’s famed depth easier to navigate and will make the game more accessible to new players. A brand new Data Editor will allow the addition of new divisions to existing leagues and of entirely new leagues as well as making it easier than ever to keep the game up to date, and do so for free. The delivery of information to the manager has been refined with users now able to sign up to the News Centre, an in-game subscription based newspaper that lets you get the news that you want about the football world and filter out the stories that you do not need, making the football world as immersive as you want it to be.

Street Football II (2009)[NDS]  Games

Posted by mr.serano at Dec. 6, 2009
Street Football II (2009)[NDS]

Street Football II (2009)[NDS]
EUR version | English, French, Italian | 27MB
Genre : Soccer (Football)

Join the 5 heroes of the "Street Football" cartoon Tag, Brains, Eloïse, Tek and No as they try to realise their greatest dream : organize, in their city, the first Street Football World Cup - and win it ! They will face many obstacles that they will have to overcome, with friendship and passion.

Backyard Football 2009  Games

Posted by fbr at Aug. 13, 2009
Backyard Football 2009

Backyard Football 2009
PC Game | | 300MB