From BCCI to ISI: The Saga of Entrapment Continues  eBooks & eLearning

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From BCCI to ISI: The Saga of Entrapment Continues

Abid Ullah Jan, "From BCCI to ISI: The Saga of Entrapment Continues"
English | 2006 | ISBN: 0973368764 | PDF | pages: 221 | 4.2 mb

Isi & Disi, alto voltaje (2006)  Video

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Isi & Disi, alto voltaje (2006)

Isi & Disi, alto voltaje (2006)
DVDRip | MKV/AVC x264 ~1800 kbps avg | 1Hr 25Mins | 25 fps | 720x436 | 1.35 GB
Audio: Spanish | AC3 6 Ch 448 Kbps | Subtitles: English
Genre: Comedy | Director: Miguel Ángel Lamata

After a disastrous funeral of his father, a heavy metal rocker is fined for the damages and is in danger of losing all his inheritance. The only way out is to prove how good his rock band, DeadRatt, really is but there are still many problems in its way.
Alles ganz Isi: Isländische Lebenskunst für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene

Alva Gehrmann, "Alles ganz Isi: Isländische Lebenskunst für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene"
2011 | ISBN-10: 3423248742 | 256 pages | EPUB, PDF | 14 MB

Isi & Disi, alto voltaje (2006)  Video

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Isi & Disi, alto voltaje (2006)

Isi & Disi, alto voltaje (2006)
DVDRip | XviD 992 kbps | MP3 129 Kbps (VBR) | 608x256 | Spanish (English sub) | 1h26 | 699 MB
Spain 2006
director: Miguel Ángel Lamata

starring: Santiago Segura, Florentino Fernandez, El Gran Wyoming, Kira Miro, Miguel Angel Rodriguez, Ruth Zanon

si y Disi, los heavys más gamberros de Leganés vuelven a la carga. Esta vez Disi se enamora de la sexy Angie, ex-cantante de rock y novia de un pez gordo discográfico, Berdún. Tras ser reconocidos como la banda más brutal, en el no menos brutal concurso presentado por Angie, Disi no sólo tendrá que salvar a su grupo Ratamuerta, su amistad con Isi, y el templo del rock "La Kampana del Infierno", sino también rescatar a la noble Angie de las garras del maquiavélico Berdún. Una vez más, el rock triunfará sobre el mal...
heavies from the town of Leganes are back. Now, Disi falls in love with Angie, an ex-rock singer and Berdun's girlfriend, a big shot in the music production world. After being named the most brutal band in the no less brutal contest hosted by Angie, not only will Disi have to save his band "Deadrat", his friendship with Isi, and the temple of rock "Hell's Bells", but he'll have to rescue noble Angie from the hands of Machiavellian Berdun. Once more, rock triumphs over evil.

IsiDisi (2004)  

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IsiDisi (2004)

Isi/Disi - Amor a lo bestia (2004)
RIP+UP | Divx5 | [email protected] | 740x304 | Spanish (no sub) | 1h28 | 740 MB
Spain (2003)
Director Chema de la Peña

Actor:Ana Risueño, Miguel Ángel Rodriguez, Haydy Michel, Santiago Segura, Florentino Fernández.

Isi y Disi, que ni son hermanos ni se llaman así, nacieron y se criaron en Leganés. Sus alias vienen de su desbocada pasión por ACDC, que, según han oído siempre, en inglés se pronuncia isidisi. Aunque pasa ya de los treinta, Isi sigue viviendo con y de su padre, Eugenio, un veterano heavy que tiene un bar igual de heavy que él: La Campana del Infierno. La vida de Isi transcurre plácidamente entre echarle una mano a su viejo con los berberechos especialidad de la casa - y ensayar con su grupo, Ratamuerta, con Disi y con sus colegas El Pota y La Kuki. Hasta que un día, haciendo el reparto semanal de berberechos en el bar de la universidad de Leganés, su existencia sufre un cambio radical... ... al encontrar allí al amor de su vida. Vane es guapa, simpática y estudia Teleco: es la chica perfecta... ¡Isi se ha enamorado! Desde ese momento, su único objetivo será conquistar su corazón, derribando todos los obstáculos ¡y pretendientes!- que les separan, con la no siempre- inestimable ayuda del leal Disi. Sin embargo, la empresa no será nada fácil y los dos amigos se verán metidos en más de un lío. En su afán de conquistarla, Isi le asegura a Vane que es íntimo amigo de Joaquín Sabina, ídolo de la chica. Vane le asegura que haría cualquier cosa por conocerle... Al pobre Isi no le queda más remedio que renunciar a sus principios más jevis y conseguir que se haga realidad el sueño de su chica... a toda costa.

A Student's Guide to Economics (repost)  

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A Student's Guide to Economics (repost)

A Student's Guide to Economics (Isi Guides to the Major Disciplines) by Paul Heyne
Intercollegiate Studies Institute | December 1, 2000 | English | ISBN: 1882926447 | 64 pages | PDF | 347 KB

The ISI Guides to the Major Disciplines are reader-friendly introductions to the most important fields of knowledge in the liberal arts. Written by leading scholars for both students and the general public, they will be appreciated by anyone desiring a reliable and informative tour of important subject matter. Each title offers an historical overview of a particular discipline, explains the central ideas of each subject, and evaluates the works of thinkers whose ideas have shaped our world. They will aid students seeking to make better decisions about their course of study as well as general readers who wish to supplement their education. All who treasure the world of ideas and liberal learning will be motivated by these original and stimulating presentations.

A Student's Guide to Economics by Paul Heyne  eBooks & eLearning

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A Student's Guide to Economics by Paul Heyne

A Student's Guide to Economics (Isi Guides to the Major Disciplines) (Paperback) by Paul Heyne
Publisher: ISI Books (November 2000) | ISBN-10: 1882926447 | 64 pages | 256KB | PDF

If you are anything like me, you received very little economics education in school. Economics has always seemed like medieval alchemy to me, full of esoteric knowledge and arcana, obviously important for someone to understand –but not required by the average American. Time has taught me that I was wrong. I still have no great desire to be conversant with the jargon of economics. But I now believe that a basic understanding of economic theories should be mandatory for all citizens. Otherwise it is impossible to evaluate the policies of our politicians.

Insurance Risk and Ruin  

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Insurance Risk and Ruin

Insurance Risk and Ruin by David C. M. Dickson
Publisher: Cambridge University Press | 2005 | ISBN: 0521846404 | 242 pages | PDF | 1,46 MB

"This is a nice introduction to some basic aspects of risk theory, with special emphasis on utility theory, recursive methods and ruin theory. The book is written in a style which is close to what a presentation in a classroom might be: it is narrative and moves ahead from definitions to results in a flow of mathematical arguments and accompanying explanations…The book greatly benefits from numerical illustrations, numerous examples and many exercises and their solutions. What I appreciate most is the way in which the author explains the different topics dealt with in this book." ISI Short Book Reviews

Auswirkungen der virtuellen Mobilität by Walter Hell  

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Auswirkungen der virtuellen Mobilität by Walter Hell

Auswirkungen der virtuellen Mobilität by Walter Hell
German | 8 Jan. 2004 | ISBN: 3540202331 | 338 Pages | PDF | 3 MB

Wie wirkt sich das Internet mit seinen Möglichkeiten der virtuellen Mobilität auf die physische Mobilität aus? Das Institut für Mobilitätsforschung (ifmo) hat im Jahr 2000 das Fraunhofer-Institut für Systemtechnik und Innovationsforschung ISI, Karlsruhe, mit einer repräsentativen Befragung von deutschen Internetn- zern beauftragt.
Supramolecular Polymers/Polymeric Betains/Oligomers (Advances in Polymer Science) by Akihiro Abe [Repost]

Supramolecular Polymers/Polymeric Betains/Oligomers (Advances in Polymer Science) by Akihiro Abe
English | July 28, 2006 | ISBN: 3540319239 | 309 Pages | PDF | 9 MB

This volume represents the Highest Impact Factor of all journals ranked by ISI within Polymer Science. It contains short and concise reports on physics and chemistry of polymers, each written by the world renowned experts. The information remains valid and useful after five or ten years.