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Stephen King's It (1990)  Video

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Stephen King's It (1990)

Stephen King's It (1990)
1080p BDRip | MKV | 1440x1080 | x264 @ 10000 Kbps | 3h 07mn | 14.9 GB
English DTS-HD MA (2 ch) | English DTS (2 ch) @ 447 Kbps
Sub: English, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, German, Dutch. French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Polish, Japanese, Thai
Genre: Drama | Fantasy | Horror | Mystery | Thriller

A malevolent force in a small New England town takes the shape of a clown, but he's not clowning around. Instead, he terrifies youngsters and brings some to their untimely doom - until some wily kids fight back. The evil resurfaces 30 years later: meaner, angrier, deadlier. And friends who vividly remember youthful terrors reunite to battle It.

Stephen King - End of Watch  eBooks & eLearning

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Stephen King - End of Watch

Stephen King - End of Watch
English | Scribner | 2016 | ASIN: B0167CNCFY | 429 pages | EPUB | 1 MB

THE #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER - The spectacular finale to the New York Times bestselling trilogy that began with Mr. Mercedes (winner of the Edgar Award) and Finders Keepers. In End of Watch, Stephen King brings the Hodges trilogy to a sublimely terrifying conclusion, combining the detective fiction of Mr. Mercedes and Finders Keepers with the heart-pounding, supernatural suspense that has been his bestselling trademark. The result is an unnerving look at human vulnerability and chilling suspense. No one does it better than King.

Stephen King's It (1990)  Video

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Stephen King's It (1990)

Stephen King's It (1990)
English | BRRip | MKV | 768x576 | AVC @ 2118 kb/s | 3.29 GB
Audio: AC-3 @ 192 kb/s | 2 channels | 03:07:25 minutes | Subs: English (embedded)
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror

In 1960, a group of social outcasts who are bullied by a gang of greasers led by Henry Bowers are also tormented by an evil demon who can shape-shift into a clown and feed on children's fears and kill them. After defeating the demonic clown as kids, it resurfaces 30 years later and they must finish it off as adults once again.

Stephen King - A Good Marriage  eBooks & eLearning

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Stephen King - A Good Marriage

Stephen King - A Good Marriage
English | Scribner | 2014 | ASIN: B00NJXK37U | 252 pages | EPUB | 1 MB

What happens when, on a superbly ordinary night, every one of the things you trusted in and underestimated are flipped around?
When her significant other of over 20 years is away on one of his business trips, Darcy Anderson searches for batteries in the carport. Her toe thumps up against a container under a worktable and she finds more to her husband than she knows and it's very disturbing. It's an alarming discovery, rendered with swarming force, and it completely ends a good marriage.

It by Stephen King  

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It by Stephen King

It Unabridged CD's by Stephen King
Publisher: Penguin Audio; Unabridged edition (May 13, 2010) | ISBN: 014242787X | Language English | Audio CD in MP3/64 kbps | 1.3 GB

For a book with such a tiny title, Stephen King's IT is one huge undertaking. Good thing actor Steven Weber is on board to perform it, all 45 hours of it…
Stephen King's Dark Tower - The Fall of Gilead #1-6 (of 06) Complete (2009) (Repost)

Stephen King's Dark Tower - The Fall of Gilead #1-6 (of 06) Complete (2009)
English | CBR | 6 Issues/Single Archive | 134.82 Mb

The Dark Tower: The Fall of Gilead is a six-issue comic book limited series published by Marvel Comics. It is the penultimate story arc of five based on Stephen King's The Dark Tower series of novels. It is plotted by Robin Furth, scripted by Peter David, and illustrated by Richard Isanove, with covers by Jae Lee. Stephen King is the Creative and…

Stephen King's It (1990)  

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Stephen King's It (1990)

Stephen King's It (1990, 2 parts)
DVDRip | English | avi | 544 x 304 | XviD @ part 1: 832 Kbps; part 2: 837 Kbps | Dolby AC3 @ 192 Kbps, 2Ch | 01:33:57 + 01:33:25 | 2 x 684 Mb
Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller

It (also referred to as Stephen King's It) is a 1990 horror television miniseries based on the novel of the same name. The story revolves around an evil entity who is able to adapt its appearance in order to exploit the fears and phobias of its victims.
It aired as a two-part television movie on November 18 and November 20, 1990 on ABC, and loosely follows the plot of the novel.

Stephen King - The Library Policeman  

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Stephen King - The Library Policeman

Stephen King, «The Library Policeman»
Audiobook | ISBN-10: 1598877496 | English | MP3 (24-96 kb/s) | 240 MB

Set in Junction City, Iowa, The Library Policeman is the story of Sam Peebles, a middle-aged businessman who happens to have some overdue books. It seems a minor offense—but not to Junction City’s malevolent monster of a librarian. What follows is spine-tingling suspense as only Stephen King can deliver it.

Stephen King - Rage  

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Stephen King - Rage

Stephen King, «Rage»
Audiobook | ISBN-10: 0451076451 | English | MP3 (32 Kbps) | 67 Mb

Rage (originally titled Getting It On) is the first novel by Stephen King published under the pseudonym Richard Bachman. Though he began writing it in 1966, before his first published novel, Carrie (1974), it wasn't published until 1977.

Stephen King - The Dead Zone  

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Stephen King - The Dead Zone

Stephen King, «The Dead Zone»
Audiobook | ISBN-10: 0451155750 | English | MP3 (56 kb/s) | 384 Mb

If any of King's novels exemplifies his skill at portraying the concerns of his generation, it's The Dead Zone (1979). Although it contains a horrific subplot about a serial killer, it isn't strictly a horror novel. It's the story of an unassuming high school teacher, an Everyman, who suffers a gap in time–like a Rip Van Winkle who blacks out during the years 1970-75–and thus becomes acutely conscious of the way that American society is rapidly changing. He wakes up as well with a gap in his brain, the "dead zone" of the title. The zone gives him crippling headaches, but also grants him second sight, a talent he doesn't want and is reluctant to use. The crux of the novel concerns whether he will use that talent to alter the course of history.