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Janine Jansen - Prokofiev (2012)  Music

Posted by tirexiss at Oct. 26, 2016
Janine Jansen - Prokofiev (2012)

Janine Jansen - Prokofiev (2012)
MP3 (CBR 320 kbps) | Digital Booklet | 01:12:50 | 187 MB
Genre: Classical | Label: Decca

Dutch violinist Janine Jansen has made some unorthodox recordings (check out her Vivaldi Four Seasons sometime), but here, in a work in which proportion and technique are exquisitely balanced, she plays it straight with impressive results. Prokofiev's Violin Concerto No. 2, composed in 1935 just before his return to the Soviet Union from France, has always been a popular repertory item, but Jansen's reading, ably accompanied by the London Philharmonic Orchestra under Vladimir Jurowski, has a pearly quality throughout, a kind of bright ease, that comes only at the highest levels of technique.
Antonio Vivaldi - Janine Jansen - The Four Seasons (2004, Decca # 475 6907 DH) [RE-UP]

Antonio Vivaldi - Janine Jansen - The Four Seasons
EAC+LOG+CUE | FLAC: 190 MB | Full Artwork: 73 MB | 5% Recovery Info
Label/Cat#: Decca # 475 6907 DH | Country/Year: Germany 2004
Genre: Classical | Style: Baroque

Eschewing its usual heavy orchestral sound in favor of a more stripped-down instrumentation, Dutch violinist Janine Jansen's second album offers a fresh interpretation of one of the most performed classical works, Vivaldi's The Four Seasons. The 2005 follow-up to her Barry Wordsworth-conducted debut, the subtle but passionate renditions of the "La Primavera," "L'estate," "L'autunno," and "L'inverno" concertos are performed with a sparse, eight-piece ensemble including Lithuanian violinist Julian Rachlin, her cellist brother Maarten, and harpsichordist father Jan.

Nelson Freitas - Four (2016)  Music

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Nelson Freitas - Four (2016)

Nelson Freitas - Four (2016)
MP3 320 kbps CBR | 00:43:52 | 101 MB
Genre: Pop, World, Zouk | Label: NelsonFreitas Music

Nelson Freitas just released a new album called "Four" with a total of twelve tracks and the participation of Mayra Andrade, Mikkel Solnado, Loony Johnson and Richie Campbell. Four" the new album of Nelson Freitas one of the most anticipated works of the season arrives on 1 April. According to the artist page, with a deluxe production, the alignment of "Four" is a clear proof of the willingness to take risks and build a new story, while Nelson brings his music and achievements in the musical world. Besides "Miúda Linda", which exceeded 14 million views, and the most recent "Break of Dawn", which is already on radio, "Four" also includes other 9 unpublished leading the public for a very interesting place where are a mix of zouk, a kizomba, o r&b, o hip hop, the electronic music, soul and pop. This is the fourth work of the artist, are behind "Magic," "My Life" and the latest "Elevate", the song that made great success "Bô tem Mel" which filled the Lisbon Coliseum and MEO Arena with fans in Lisbon.

Cesaria Evora - Nha Sentimento (2009)  Music

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Cesaria Evora - Nha Sentimento (2009)

Cesaria Evora - Nha Sentimento
Sony Music | MP3 cbr 320 kbps | Total time: 55:32 | Size: 122.25 Mo
Genre: Jazz, Latin, Ethnic, Cape Verde

"This new opus is more coladera than morna. Recorded by Nando Andrade and produced by José da Silva, “Nha Sentimento” conveys a deep emotion that never detracts from apparently light-hearted, but often seriously-motivated songs, whose joie de vivre repeatedly proves stronger than their sorrow, regret and desire. When this is not the case, the words convey an insular resignation that is very much a part of Cesaria, since she has so clearly experienced the things she sings about - on Vento de Sueste, for instance, a morna that conjures up feelings that have never left her. Cesaria's singing is closely entwined with the record's production and the work of the musicians accompanying her. In fact, she has put more into the recording process than ever here, working in close partnership with Nando. She is at her emotional peak, recapturing all the intensity and quality of her finest years. Although Cesaria has tended towards the catchiest of songs on this album, she has by no means turned her back on the musical style for which she became famous. The three mornas on the album - Vento de Sueste, Sentimento and Mam'Bia E So Mi - are enhanced by Egyptian string arrangements from Fathy Salama, who conducted the Cairo Orchestra. This natural partnership underlines the Arab roots claimed for morna, via Arab-Andalusian music, by musicologist Vasco Martins and writer Manuel de Novas."

Cesaria Evora – Voz D'Amor  Music

Posted by joedow at June 10, 2005
Cesaria Evora - Voz D'Amor

Cape Verde is famous for its Afro-Portuguese-inlfluenced music genres: the haunting guitar-based morna and the percussive Cuba- and Brazil-influenced coladeras. Ever since her "discovery" in 1998, vocalist Cesaria Evora, the so-called "Barefoot Diva," has been her country's greatest musical ambassor. This recording features Evora interpreting old and new Cape Verdean and Brazilian songs. Under the expert leadership of her musical director, pianist Fernado Andrade, Evora's rich contralto is beautifully supported by guitars, the ukelele-like cavaquinho, mandolin, strings, clarinet, and percussion. The title track features Evora in pan-African fellowship with musicians from Cuba, Brazil, and Madagascar, showing that the music of her homeland has something for everyone.

1. Isolada
2. Velocidade
3. Amdjer de Nos Terra
4. Beijo Roubado
5. Djarmai Di Meu
6. Monte Cara
7. Ramboia
8. Jardim Prometido
9. Nha Coração Tchora
10. Saia Travada
11. Pomba
12. Mar de Canal
13. Milca Ti Lidia
14. Voz d'Amor