Jason Born

Cutting Edge Cards and Coins with Jason Dean and John Born DVD 1 (2008)

Cutting Edge Cards and Coins with Jason Dean and John Born DVD 1 (2008)
DVD5 | English | AVI | DivX | 640x432 | 29.97 fps | MPEG Audio 112 kbps | 1h 38m 03s | 4.08 GB
Genre: Tricks and Illusions
Cutting Edge Cards and Coins with Jason Dean and John Born (3 DVDs) - This is a must for the serious card and coin worker. Dean and Born are two of the hottest young magicians in the Midwest. Their magic is fresh and original, and just a bit EXTREME!

Natural Born Pranksters (2016)  Video

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Natural Born Pranksters (2016)

Natural Born Pranksters (2016)
WEBRip | AVI / XviD@2366 kb/s | 720x400 | 1h 31mn | 1.64 GB | Italian: AC3, 192 kb/s (2 ch)
Genre: Comedy

I tre più famosi e oltraggiosi burloni del web si incontrano per la prima volta per scatenarsi negli scherzi più epici mai visti. Con cammei di alcune delle più grandi star di YouTube, Vitaly Zdorovetskyi, Roman Atwood e Dennis Roady prendono il coraggio a quattro mani e si lanciano nel più incredibile degli esperimenti sociali.

Born to Be Blue (2015)  Video

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Born to Be Blue (2015)

Born to Be Blue (2015)
BDRip | 720x384 | AVI/XviD @ 1553 Kbps, 23.976fps | 1h 37min | 1.37 GB
Audio: French AC3 448 Kbps, 6 ch | Subs: None
Genre: Biography, Drama, Music

Afin de lui rendre hommage, un producteur de Hollywood propose à Chet Baker, le légendaire trompettiste de jazz des années 1960, de tenir le premier rôle dans un long métrage consacré à sa vie. Pendant le tournage, Chet tombe éperdument amoureux de Jane, sa partenaire afro-américaine. Malheureusement, la production est arrêtée le jour où, sur un parking, Chet est passé à tabac.

Man Born Without Limbs (2015)  Video

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Man Born Without Limbs (2015)

Man Born Without Limbs (2015)
HDTV | 1920x1080 | .MKV/AVC @ 4593 Kbps | 42mn 57s | 1.42 GiB
Audio: English AAC 127 kbps, 2 channels | Subs: English
Genre: Documentary

Australian born Nick Vujicic was born without arms or legs, but that has not stopped him from leading a full life. Now, 32 and founder of the Los Angeles-based nonprofit Life Without Limbs and a motivational speaker, he gives hope to those born with disabilities. Married with a 2-year-old son, Vujicic is the subject of a short documentary, "Born Without Limbs", to be aired on TLC on June 17. He shares his inspirational story with NBC's Sudan Donaldson James.

A Star Is Born (1954)  Video

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A Star Is Born (1954)

A Star Is Born (1954)
English | BRRip | MKV | 1024x400 | AVC @ 1961 kb/s | 2.73 GB
Audio: AC-3 @ 256 kb/s | 6 channels | 02:55:55 minutes | Subs: English (embedded)
Genre: Drama, Musical, Romance

Norman Maine, a movie star whose career is on the wane, meets showgirl Esther Blodgett when he drunkenly stumbles into her act one night. A friendship develops, then blossoms into romance before tensions increase as Esther's career takes off while Norman's continues to plummet.

Born Free (1966)  Video

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Born Free (1966)

Born Free (1966)
BRRip 720p | MKV | 1280 x 720 | x264 @ 2560 Kbps | 1h 35mn | 2,01 Gb
Audio: English AC3 1.0 @ 160 Kbps + Commentary track | Subtitles: English (embedded)
Genre: Adventure, Drama | Directors: James Hill, Tom McGowan

At a national park in Kenya, English game warden George Adamson and his wife, Joy Adamson, care for three orphaned lion cubs. After the two larger lions are shipped off to a zoo in the Netherlands, the smallest of the three, Elsa, stays with the couple. When Elsa is blamed for causing an elephant stampede in the nearby village, head warden John Kendall demands the young lion either be trained to survive in the wilds of the Serengeti or be sent to a zoo.

First Born (2007)  Video

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First Born (2007)

First Born (2007)
English | DVDRip | AVI | 572x312 | XviD @ 869 kb/s | 701 MB
Audio: MP3 @ 128 kb/s | 2 channels | 01:37:28 minutes
Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery

Laura's expecting. Her husband, Steven's a loving guy but has little time for her. Her mom lives thousands of miles away. Forced to give up on her dreams, she's always been a bit edgy. A C-section drives her over the edge, making her see things in a different light. A creepy babysitter doesn't make things any better. She begins seeing things, trusts no one, as she goes into self-destruct mode.

Jason Bourne (2016)  Video

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Jason Bourne (2016)

Jason Bourne (2016)
A Film by Paul Greengrass
DVD9 | PAL | 2.35:1 | 16:9 | 720x576 | 01:58:09 | 5% recovery | 7.6 GB
Languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish Dolby Digital 5.1 @ 384 Kbps
Subtitles: Italian, English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese
Genre: Action, Thriller

Jason Bourne is again being hunted by the CIA. It begins when Nicky Parson a former CIA operative who helped Bourne who then went under and now works with a man who's a whistle blower and is out to expose the CIA's black ops. So Nicky hacks into the CIA and downloads everything on all their Black Ops including Treadstone which Bourne was a part of. And Heather Lee, a CIA agent discovers the hack and brings it to the attention of CIA Director Dewey, the man behind the Black Ops. He then orders Parsons be found and hopefully Bourne too.

Jason Bourne / Джейсон Борн (2016)  Video

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Jason Bourne / Джейсон Борн (2016)

Jason Bourne / Джейсон Борн (2016)
BDRip | MKV | AVC 1280x536, ~ 4.8 Mbps | 2hr 03mn | 5.28 GB
Russian \ Spanish \ Portuguese: AC3, 6 ch, 384 kbps
Subtitles: English; Subtitles(PGS): English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Estonian, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Slovenian, Thai, Ukrainian
Genre: Action, Thriller

The CIA's most dangerous former operative is drawn out of hiding to uncover more explosive truths about his past.

Jason Bourne (2016)  Video

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Jason Bourne (2016)

Jason Bourne (2016)
BDRip 1080p | MKV / HEVC@1560 kb/s | 1920x808 | 2h 3mn | 1.51 GB
English: AAC, 192 kb/s (6 ch) | Subtitles: English
Genre: Action | Thriller

The most dangerous former operative of the CIA is drawn out of hiding to uncover hidden truths about his past.