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The Sixteen, La Grande Ecurie et la Chambre du Roy, Jean-Claude Malgoire - Campra: Tancrede (1992)

The Sixteen, La Grande Ecurie et la Chambre du Roy, Jean-Claude Malgoire - Campra: Tancrede (1992)
EAC | FLAC (image+.cue, log) | Covers Included | 02:02:40 | 578 MB
Genre: Classical, Opera | Label: Erato | Catalog: 2292450012

André Campra's "Tancrède" is something of a "missing link", connecting the 17th century stage works of Jean-Baptiste Lully and his frustrated rival Marc-Antoine Charpentier with the late baroque works of Jean-Philippe Rameau. "Tancrède" was given its premiere in 1702 and was repeated again and again on the Paris stage. Even in the 1760's, when Rameau's "Les Boréades" had to be abandoned because of the death of the composer, it was Campra's "Tancrède" that the directors of the Paris Opéra chose to put back on stage because of its popularity.

Jean Claude Petit - Cyrano De Bergerac OST (1990)  Music

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Jean Claude Petit - Cyrano De Bergerac OST (1990)

Jean-Claude Petit ‎- Cyrano De Bergerac
The Paris Opera Orchestra, Thierry Caens / Jean-Claude Petit, dir.
EAC+LOG+CUE | FLAC: 225 MB | Full Artwork | 5% Recovery Info
Label/Cat#: Colosseum CST # 34.8046 | Country/Year: Germany 1990
Genre: Classical, Stage & Screen | Style: Soundtrack, Neo Classical

Jean-Claude Petit is a French composer and arranger, born in Vaires-sur-Marne. After accompanying jazzmen in his childhood, Petit went to the Conservatoire de Paris, where he studied harmony and counterpoint. He did the string arrangements for Mink DeVille's Le Chat Bleu album, as well as orchestrating the backing parts to some French pop singles in the mid-to-late 1960s, including those of Erick Saint-Laurent and yé-yé girls Christine Pilzer and Monique Thubert…

Jean-Claude Izzo - Chourmo  eBooks & eLearning

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Jean-Claude Izzo - Chourmo

Jean-Claude Izzo - Chourmo
Genre: Krimi, Thriller | Time: 03:45:00 | Publisher: Jumbo Neue Medien | ISBN: 3833712007 | 25. Marz 2005
Language: Deutsch | Audiobook in MP3 / 128 kbps | 219.66 MB

Fabio Montale will nicht mehr länger Polizist sein. Und die Polizei von Marseille hält ihn auch nicht mehr für unverzichtbar. Er möchte lieber gut essen und trinken, mit seinen Freunden reden und mit seinem Boot die Küste entlangschippern. Aber seine Cousine Gélou, die aussieht wie Claudia Cardinale, ist verzweifelt: Ihr Sohn Guitou ist mit seiner arabischen Freundin verschwunden. Fabio soll ihn finden. Dass Guitou schon lange tot ist, dämmert Montale erst nach und nach.

Jean-Claude Lauzon - Léolo (1992)  Video

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Jean-Claude Lauzon - Léolo (1992)

Jean-Claude Lauzon - Léolo (1992)
| 730.2 MB | Runtime 1:46:49 | color |
Language : French
Optional subtitles : English / French / Chinese
Audio : mp3, 48000 Hz, 128 Kb/s, 2-ch
Video : XviD, 780 Kb/s, 23.97 frm/s, 528x288 (1.85:1)

Jean-Claude Lauzon - Léolo (1992)

Parce que moi, je rêve,
moi, je ne le suis pas…
(Because l dream,
that is not what l am.)
Réjean Ducharme - L'avalée des avalés

Welcome to the world of Leolo Lozone, a 12-year-old dreamer with a hilarious life-preserving ability to recreate the world according to his imagination. Whether dealing with his scatterbrained brother or plotting the murder of his grandfather, Leolo is an incorrigible misfit touched with a lovable streak of madness. From a wild romance with his sexy next door neighbor to incredible visits to the bottom of the sea, Leolo takes refuge in a fantasy world of poems and reams where he can triumph over even the strangest of tragedies. Bizarre, belligerent and totally outrageous! (-DVD cover)

Monteverdi - L'Orfeo (Jean-Claude Malgoire) [2005]  Music

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Monteverdi - L'Orfeo (Jean-Claude Malgoire) [2005]

Monteverdi - L'Orfeo (Jean-Claude Malgoire) [2005]
NTSC 16:9 (720x480) VBR, Auto Letterboxed | Italiano (LinearPCM, 2 ch), (Dolby AC3, 6 ch) | 7.02 Gb (DVD9)
Classical | Label: Dynamic | Sub: Italiano, English, Francais, Deutsch, Espanol, Chinese, Japanese | +3% Recovery | 130 min

This recording of Monteverdi's great tale of Orpheus in the underworld, the very first operatic masterpiece, was made live during the run of a production of Orfeo in the French city of Tourcoing in 2004. Orfeo is usually heard in studio recordings. A live performance using all of Monteverdi's unusual instruments of 1607 is difficult to put together; the work is large and expensive to produce, and it's hard to recoup those costs from audiences still generally unfamiliar with the music A studio performance will deliver the details of instrumentation that emerge from Monteverdi's giant orchestra in a way that a live recording cannot; the work followed directly in the tradition of the Florentine wedding spectaculars mounted by the Medici family, and Monteverdi had the resources to create all kinds of fabulous instrumental effects…

Bach - Matthäus-Passion (Jean-Claude Malgoire) (2010)  Music

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Bach - Matthäus-Passion (Jean-Claude Malgoire) (2010)

Bach - Matthaus-Passion (Jean-Claude Malgoire) (2010)
Classical | Eac. Flac, Img+Cue, Log | Covers | 636 MB
Label: Calliope | Catalog N.: CAL9431.2 | TT: 177 min

Johann Sebastian Bach's profound faith led him to construct a veritable cathedral in which the listener is overwhelmed with feeling. The Saint Matthew Passion is one of the greatest monuments of polychoral composition. The two ensembles respond to and complement one another, adding further emotional weight to the work. It must not be forgotten that throughout Bach's life, while he was writing compositions that corresponded to his professional obligations and his wish to glorify musical instruments, he had been carrying this Passion within himself, thinking about it - and with all his incredible humility - as his greatest work, written at the height of his maturity. It should also be remembered that it was Mendelssohn who resurrected this monumental work almost a century after it was written. Since then it has had an enormous impact throughout the world, including in countries such as Japan, which were not in principle receptive to its strong spiritual message.

Jean-Claude Izzo - Solea (Re-Upload)  eBooks & eLearning

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Jean-Claude Izzo - Solea (Re-Upload)

Jean-Claude Izzo - Solea
Time: 03:10:00 | Publisher: Jumbo Neue Medien | ISBN: 3833712015 | 1. Oktober 2005
Language: Deutsch | Audiobook in MP3 / 192-224 kbps | ~360 MB

Fabio Montale liebt die Stadt Marseille, für die er so lange gekämpft hat: die bunte Mischung ihrer Bewohner, das Meer, die Küche, ihr ganzes Leben. Doch die Ruhe des Ex-Polizisten ist bald vorbei. Babette, eine befreundete Journalistin, die über die südfranzösische Mafia recherchiert, wird von Killern verfolgt. In einem atemberaubenden Finale stößt Fabio an seine Grenzen und geht den Weg, der ihm schon so lange vorgezeichnet ist. "Solea" ist der letzte Teil von Izzos Marseille-Trilogie, die bereits zum Kult geworden ist.

Jean-Claude Izzo - Solea  eBooks & eLearning

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Jean-Claude Izzo - Solea

Jean-Claude Izzo - Solea
Genre: Krimi, Thriller | Time: 03:09:58 | Publisher: Jumbo Neue Medien | ISBN: 3833712015 | 1. Oktober 2005
Language: Deutsch | Audiobook in MP3 / 192 kbps | 369.26 MB

In "Total Cheops" kämpft Fabio Montale noch mit den Widersprüchen seiner Arbeit als Polizist, in "Chourmo" steigt er aus. In "Solea", dem dritten Band der Marseiller Trilogie, kommt er wider Willen einer befreundeten Journalistin zu Hilfe, die monatelang über die südfranzösische Mafia recherchiert hat und jetzt von Killern verfolgt wird. In einem atemberaubenden Finale stößt er an seine Grenzen und geht den Weg, der ihm schon so lange vorgezeichnet ist.

Jean-Claude Izzo - Aldebaran  eBooks & eLearning

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Jean-Claude Izzo - Aldebaran

Jean-Claude Izzo - Aldebaran
Genre: Roman | Time: 03:55:55 | Publisher: Jumbo Neue Medien | ISBN: 3833710594 | 1. April 2004
Language: Deutsch | Audiobook in MP3 / 128 kbps | 222.5 MB | FileServe, Filesonic

Im Hafen von Marseille steht die Zeit still. An der äußersten Mole liegt die Aldebaran fest. Ihr Reeder ist pleite. Drei Männer sind noch an Bord. Warum? - Sie wissen nicht wohin. Das gemeinsame Warten und Hoffen auf ein baldiges In-See-Stechen macht sie gesprächig: Sie erzählen von ihrem Leben, von Frauen, die sie verloren haben, von Ländern, die sie nicht vergessen können. Um sie herum pulsiert Marseille - Stadt des Exils, Schmelztiegel der Kulturen. Auf ihren Landgängen erforschen sie Marseilles vibrierendes Leben…
Handel - Orlando, HWV 31 (Jean-Claude Malgoire, Christophe Dumaux, Elena de la Merced) (2010)

Handel - Orlando, HWV 31 (Malgoire) (2010)
APE, IMG+CUE, LOG, Complete Artwork (jpg) => 847 MB | CD1:56’39; CD2:47’13; CD3:53’42
EAC Rip | Classical/Opera/Vocal | Label: K617 Records |

In his setting of Orlando (drawn from Tasso s Orlando furioso) Handel offers us a score of remarkable dramatic power, diversity and originality. Orlando s mad scene and his slumber aria are among the composer s most striking creations. Everything in the opera arouses admiration: the extremely varied scoring, the exuberant vocal writing, the rhythmic invention, and the supple melodies. Includes an essay on opera seria, or not so seria, by Baroque pioneer Jean-Claude Malgoire, himself.