Keith Jarrett la Scala

Keith Jarrett - La Scala (1997)  Music

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Keith Jarrett - La Scala (1997)

Keith Jarrett - La Scala (1997)
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Piano Jazz, Contemporary Jazz | Label: ECM Records, ECM 1640 | 1997 | 01:18:38

For this live solo concert (recorded at the Teatro alla Scala in Milano, Italy and released in 1997), pianist Keith Jarrett performs two lengthy improvisations simply titled "La Scala, Parts I and II." Most of the music is quite lyrical and romantic. The first part (which lasted nearly 45 minutes) does have a section using a droning rhythm reminiscent of American Indian music before resolving back into a ballad.

Keith Jarrett : La Scala (1995)  Music

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Keith Jarrett : La Scala (1995)
Piano Jazz | MP3 Lame Insane 320 kbs | 176 Mb
If this isn't divine inspiration at work, I don't know what is

Keith Jarrett - A Multitude Of Angels (2016)  Music

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Keith Jarrett - A Multitude Of Angels (2016)

Keith Jarrett - A Multitude Of Angels (2016)
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Jazz | Label: ECM | Release Year: 2016

Keith Jarrett's numerous volumes of improvised solo piano recordings are all treasure troves of spontaneous music making. Documented since the 1970s, they reveal the opening of his music as it readily embraces classical and sacred music influences, filters out what is unnecessary in his technique, and encounters the depth and breadth of the jazz tradition and his own unique abilities as a composer. The four discs in A Multitude of Angels were recorded in as many Italian cities during the last week of October 1996 some 20 months after the concert captured on La Scala. These were his last concerts before being sidelined for two years from chronic fatigue syndrome. Jarrett is musician, producer, and engineer here.

Keith Jarrett - A Multitude of Angels (2016)  Music

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Keith Jarrett - A Multitude of Angels (2016)

Keith Jarrett - A Multitude of Angels (2016)
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Genre: Jazz | Label: ECM

'A Multitude of Angels' is a 4-CD set of recordings from a series of solo concerts in Italy in October 1996, documenting the conclusion of Keith Jarrett's experiments with long-form improvisation in performances from Modena, Ferrara, Turin, and Genoa.
Keith Jarrett - The Carnegie Hall Concert (2006) [2CD] {ECM 1989/90} [re-up]

Keith Jarrett - The Carnegie Hall Concert (2006) [2CD] {ECM 1989/90}
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© 2006 ECM Records | ECM 1989/90 / 985 6224
Jazz / Post Bop / Modern Creative / Piano

The new rules Keith Jarrett has made for himself in solo performance are firmly in play on the two-disc Carnegie Hall Concert, recorded in the Isaac Stern Auditorium in September of 2005. Those who found his earlier solo recordings – from Vienna and Köln to La Scala – to be compelling might be a bit disconcerted at first, because of the completely different approach Jarrett has taken to improvising. His concert is divided into shorter segments, or parts, and often changes direction numerous times in the course of a single piece. Indeed, the impression is given almost of composed songs where harmony, melody, and rhythm are pulled to the breaking point and reassembled along new lines.

Keith Jarrett - Radiance (2005) [2CD] {ECM 1960/61} [re-up]  Music

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Keith Jarrett - Radiance (2005) [2CD] {ECM 1960/61} [re-up]

Keith Jarrett - Radiance (2005) [2CD] {ECM 1960/61}
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© 2005 ECM Records | ECM 1960/61 / 986 9818
Jazz / Post Bop / Modern Creative / Piano

Keith Jarrett returned to performing and recording solo concerts in 1995 with La Scala (released in 1997) after recovering from an illness. That fine recording followed his manner of working that he had begun on Köln Concert in 1975: That is, completely improvised concerts from beginning to end that had melodic and "motivic" centers. The double-disc set that is Radiance, recorded in Japan in 2002, is a new fork in the road. The work has no conceptual center. Jarrett says he wanted to let some of the music "happen" to him while he sat at the piano, deep in thought. He states: "I wanted my hands (particularly the left hand) to tell me things." And happen it does. Each piece, after the first one, comes out of the work that immediately precedes it.

Keith Jarrett - Creation (2015) {ECM}  Music

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Keith Jarrett - Creation (2015) {ECM}

Keith Jarrett - Creation (2015) {ECM}
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© 2015 ECM Records | ECM 2450
Jazz / Avant-Garde Jazz / Straight-Ahead Jazz / Solo Piano

ECM celebrates the occasion of pianist Keith Jarrett's 70th birthday with two simultaneous releases. One is a classical date for its New Series on which he performs piano concertos by Béla Bartók and Samuel Barber with two different orchestras. The other is Creation, a solo piano offering. While Jarrett has made dozens of solo records, this is unlike any in his catalog. Rather than document the unfolding of his in-the-moment ideas through a single performance, this set features nine sections compiled from half-a-dozen performances in four cities and five venues (all notated in the sleeve) during 2014.
Keith Jarrett - J.S. Bach - Goldberg Variations + The French Suites [2CD] {ECM Records} [combined repost]

Keith Jarrett - J.S. Bach - Goldberg Variations + The French Suites [2CD] {ECM Records}
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Full Artwork @ 300 dpi (jpg) -> 71 Mb | 5% repair rar
© 1989, 1993 ECM Records | ECM New Series ECM 1395 / ECM 1513~14
Classical / Harpsichord

Wanda Landowska brought the Goldbergs out of hiding on the harpsichord in the '40s and Glenn Gould made them a bonafide hit on the piano in the '50s, opening the floodgates for keyboardists of all stripes. So, in one of his earlier recorded voyages into the classical world, Keith Jarrett is up against an imposing legacy as he tackles what has become the most famous set of variations in Western music. First, he chooses to play them on a double-manual harpsichord – which makes the task somewhat easier, avoiding the finger-tangling cross hand difficulties that can trip up a piano performance.

Keith Jarrett - Radiance (2005) [2CD]  Music

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Keith Jarrett - Radiance (2005) [2CD]

Keith Jarrett - Radiance (2005) [2CD]
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© 2005 ECM Records | ECM 1960/61
Jazz / Post Bop / Modern Creative / Piano

Keith Jarrett - Radiance (2005) [2CD]

Jarrett's wide range of influences is threaded throughout–strains of classical, jazz, pop, and world music are identifiable here and there. As with all his improvised work, there is a great feeling of exhilaration for the listener in discovering–along with his concert audience–where Jarrett will go next. In fact, RADIANCE feels even more open-ended than previous efforts in that it relies less on recurring themes and more on small bits of musical connective tissue, which lead the playing in ever-shifting directions. Yet Jarrett's skill and innate sense of balance and pacing are such that the music rarely feels disjointed, making RADIANCE a rich, thoroughly engaging listening.

Keith Jarrett - Sun Bear Concerts (1976/1989) [6CD Box Set]  Music

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Keith Jarrett - Sun Bear Concerts (1976/1989) [6CD Box Set]

Keith Jarrett - Sun Bear Concerts (1976/1989) [6CD Box Set]
Jazz | MP3 320 kbps CBR | 397 min | 921 MB
Label: ECM | Rel:1976/1989

This gargantuan package a ten-LP set now compressed into a chunky six-CD box once was derided as the ultimate ego trip, probably by many who didn't take the time to hear it all. You have to go back to Art Tatum's solo records for Norman Granz in the '50s to find another large single outpouring of solo jazz piano like this, all of it improvised on the wing before five Japanese audiences in Kyoto, Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo, and Sapporo…