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Masquerade in Mexico (1945)  Video

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Masquerade in Mexico (1945)

Masquerade in Mexico (1945)
A Film by Mitchell Leisen
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Genre: Comedy

The Technicolor musical Masquerade in Mexico is Mitchell Leisen's remake of his own Midnight. Stranded in Mexico City without a dime, glamorous Angel O'Reilly (Dorothy Lamour) is rescued by wealthy Thomas Grant (Patric Knowles). But Grant's motivations are anything but altrustic. In order to get his wife Helen's (Ann Dvorak) mind off handsome bullfighter Manolo Segovia (Arturo de Cordova), Grant passes Angel off as a Contessa at a weekend party, reasoning that Segovia will switch his attentions to our heroine. Screenwriter Karl Tunberg has added a jewel-theft angle to the original Edwin Justis Mayer/Franz Spencer story, which improves things not at all. Masquerade in Mexico is admittedly a handsomer production than Midnight, but the remake lacks the sparkle of the original film's stars Claudette Colbert, Don Ameche, John Barrymore, Francis Lederer, Mary Astor et. al.

Marc Chagall (2004)  Video

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Marc Chagall (2004)

Marc Chagall (2004)
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Genre: Documentary

Braque followed his sense of order, Modigliani painted with his sensuality, Mir's subconsciousness guided his brush. Only Chagall painted explicitly with his heart:in the Age of Reason he passionately emphasized fantasy and emotions. From the ghetto of a Russian remote city he came to Paris, but remained true to his origin: In confrontations with Cubism, Expressionism and Surrealism he developed his own style and and kept a strong bond to his topics for many year: The way of life in a small Russian village, the loving in surreal sceneries, biblical episodes.
Kim Evans shows this great painter and man in this documentation. The film was made shortly after Chagall's death. It has become the last great testimonial of this great artist

Channel 4 - Picasso: The Full Story - Magic  Video

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Channel 4 - Picasso: The Full Story - Magic

Channel 4 - Picasso: The Full Story - Magic
English | 77 minutes | 672x368 | DivX | MP3 - 128kbps | 1146 MB

Presented by a friend of Picasso in his later years, John Richardson, Picasso: The Full Story is an accessible and comprehensive look at the life of the most important artist of the 20th Century, examining the influences and the secrets behind many of the masterpieces he created. Televised previously on Channel 4 as Picasso: Magic, Sex and Death, the programme is divided into three parts.

Part 1: Magic
Magic (77 mins) traces Picasso’s early influences back to his birth in Malaga in 1881 and early childhood in Barcelona, attempting to relate his artistic power with the influence of Southern Spanish Andalusian gypsy lore, comparing the “search for the sacred fire” in his painting with voodoo and shamanism, where women are seen as sacrificial offerings made for his art. This is intriguing and Richardson makes a good case, examining numerous works and tying this into the well-known influence of the powerful symbolism of tribal and prehistoric art on Picasso’s later work. There is undoubted power in Picasso’s work and it is worth examining what the secret of that force is, but calling it ‘magic’ feels somewhat sensationalist and is far from convincing. What the first part manages to do successfully however is draw a clear line between Picasso’s life and the various early periods of his artwork, making a good connection between the duality of sex and death in Picasso’s work up to 1916; the death of his friend Cassagenes in Paris in 1900 as the inspiration for his Blue Period; his affair with model “La Belle Fernande”, their visits to Gosol and the beginning of his Rose Period; and the development of cubism with Braque. Particular attention is given to his ground-breaking work on “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon”, examining the influences of tribal art, early Iberian art and El Greco on this key work.

Shalako (1968)  Video

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Shalako (1968)

Shalako (1968)
DVDRip | Xvid | 640x480 | fps 25 | MP3 128 Kbps | English | 687 MB | 107 min
Release Date: 6 November 1968 (USA) l Genre: Western

A fairly standard Louis Lamour western. Shalako, the hunter and tracker has to save a party of European hunters who are in danger from an Indian uprising.