Lascaux, the prehistory of art (1995)  Video

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Lascaux, the prehistory of art (1995)

Lascaux, the prehistory of art (1995)
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Genre: Documentary

Lascaux is the most beautiful and the most lavish of all the adorned prehistoric caves . But is there really such a thing as prehistoric "art" ? Who were the painters of Lascaux ? How to explain the striking stylistic unity of certain clusters, or the contradictions between similar figures that may be painted in different periods? The images themselves can only astonish and provoke questions. Lascaux furnihes evidence of refined knowledge and skill, which reflect a much more capable and complex prehistoric civilisation that we have yet imagined. The technology put to use in this film - computer graphics and special effects - facilitates a deeper investigation of the images. While comparing several hypotheses and expounding on the latest theories, the film also provides an encounter with a mythical, unfathomable site that continues to fascinate us. An Alain Jaubert film

Lascaux, Paul - Heinrich Mueller 07 - Burgunderblut  eBooks & eLearning

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Lascaux, Paul - Heinrich Mueller 07 - Burgunderblut

Lascaux, Paul - Heinrich Mueller 07 - Burgunderblut
German | Gmeiner | 2014 | PDF/EPUB | Pages 107 | ISBN: 3839216028 | 9.97 Mb
Andreas Lommel, "Les merveilles des grandes civilisations - L'homme préhistorique et primitif"

Andreas Lommel, "Les merveilles des grandes civilisations - L'homme préhistorique et primitif"
Publisher: Crémille | 1969 | ISBN: N/A | French | PDF | 176 pages | 824.4/38.2 Mb

Collection "Les merveilles des grandes civilisations" - Volume 1 "L'homme préhistorique et primitif"…

Brian Eno - Nerve Net (1992) {Opal}  Music

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Brian Eno - Nerve Net (1992) {Opal}

Brian Eno - Nerve Net (1992) {Opal}
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Electronic / Avant-Garde / Experimental

For the record, Nerve Net was not Brian Eno's first attempt at rock & roll. Not counting his time with Roxy Music, he also made several solo albums in the 1970s that were clearly intended as approaches to pop music – they were sideways approaches, of course, shaped by the intellectual distance he has always kept between himself and the music that arises from the forces that he puts into motion, and they were far from unqualified successes. But this is his most rocking solo album in years, and also his funkiest.
(Fr3) Des racines et des ailes : Les couleurs du Périgord (2012)

(Fr3) Des racines et des ailes : Les couleurs du Périgord (2012)
TNT-Rip by Clo2 | French | 1h43min | 640 x 368 | 25.000 fps | Avi | MPEG-4 XviD @ 895 Kbps | MP3 @ 112 Kbps | 751 MB
Genre : Documentaire

Entre Aquitaine et Massif central, le Périgord dévoile un patrimoine exceptionnel au gré de ses couleurs emblématiques : vert, blanc, pourpre et noir ! De grottes préhistoriques en châteaux, de bastides séculaires en villages de caractère, le Périgord nous offre un étonnant voyage à travers le temps… C’est à cette région et ses nombreuses facettes que "Des Racines & des Ailes", présentée par Louis Laforge, consacre son prochain numéro.
Prehistoric Astronomers / Доисторические астрономы (2009)

Prehistoric Astronomers / Доисторические астрономы (2009)
English, Russian | 51:33 | 720 x 408 | 25fps | DivX | mp3 - 192 kb/s | 701 MB
Genre: Documentary

For the last 20 years, Chantal Jègues-Wolkiewiez, an independent astronomer and ethnologist, has lead a rigorous investigation to prove a theory about the origins of astronomy.
It is commonly known that 35,000 years ago, Man was brutish and primitive and his main activities were copulation, hunting and gathering. But what if this Prehistoric Man were clever enough to develop in depth scientific knowledge? In this film, she shares her stunning conclusions: Prehistoric men chose their caves according to the orientation of the sun, created measuring tools such as a lunar calendar, and their wall paintings were the first maps of the sky and stars.
Civilizatii - Patrimoniul Cultural Universal UNESCO. Colectille Cotidianut. 7  Vol.

Marco Cattaneo,Jasmina Trifoni, Civilizatii - Patrimoniul Cultural Universal UNESCO
Univers Publishing | ISBN: RARE BOOK | 2004 | PDF | 419 pages | 90.9 Mb

7 volume, 419 pagini scanate full color dupa original , in format PDF. || VERSION LIGHT|| ORIGINAL 1.12 GB

Una lectura fundamental de educación básica. Fascinantes testimonios de las grandes civilizaciones, desde las pinturas rupestres de Altamira y Lascaux, el misterioso sitio megalítico Stonehenge hasta los restos de la antigua fortaleza de la eterna y superbelor ciudades tragado por la lava, Pompeya y Herculano. 100 lugares a visitar en toda la vida.

A critical reading of basic education. Fascinating evidence of the great civilizations, from the cave paintings of Altamira and Lascaux, the mysterious Stonehenge megalithic site until the remains of the ancient fortress of eternal superbelor and cities swallowed by lava, Pompeii and Herculaneum. 100 places to see in a lifetime.

Die Kinder des Prometheus: Eine Geschichte der Menschheit vor der Erfindung der Schrift (repost)

Hermann Parzinger, "Die Kinder des Prometheus: Eine Geschichte der Menschheit vor der Erfindung der Schrift"
2015 | ISBN: 3406666574 | German | 848 pages | EPUB | 7 MB

Immersion Into Noise  eBooks & eLearning

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Immersion Into Noise

Immersion Into Noise by Joseph Nechvatal
English | Oct. 31, 2011 | ISBN: 1607852411 | 272 Pages | PDF | 3 MB

The noise factor is the ratio of signal to noise of an input signal to that of the output signal. Noise can block or interfere with the meaning of a message in both human and electronic communication. But in Information Theory, noise is still considered to be information.

Marco Bersanelli - Il grande spettacolo del cielo  eBooks & eLearning

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Marco Bersanelli - Il grande spettacolo del cielo

Marco Bersanelli - Il grande spettacolo del cielo
Italian | Sperling & Kupfer | 2016 | ISBN: 8820061066 | 286 pages | EPUB | 17 MB

Quando l'uomo ha cominciato a scrutare il cielo? Da sempre, a giudicare dai dipinti paleolitici che ricoprono le grotte di Lascaux e ritraggono, fra bisonti e cavalli selvaggi, gruppi di astri e fasi lunari. In ogni epoca, il fascino misterioso della notte stellata ha portato gli uomini a interrogarsi sulla forma dell'universo. E a indagarlo con ogni mezzo a disposizione. In questo libro un astrofisico ci guida attraverso otto successive rappresentazioni del cosmo, da quella concepita dagli ignoti costruttori di Stonehenge a quella del nostro secolo, ottenuta grazie ai raffinati strumenti dei telescopi e delle sonde spaziali. Nel racconto di Marco Bersanelli l'avventura cominciata ventimila anni fa di fronte allo spettacolo del cielo diventa un romanzo. Una storia emozionante che si sviluppa intorno alla perenne ricerca condotta dall'uomo per rispondere al mistero delle proprie origini.